Colin Winchester? ~ You’re a damned faker, you fool ~


(The establishment’s big Masonic Col-Winchester lie)


When the so called Winchester murder went down, he’d long been busy helping bits of the elite world Illuminati movement source kids for ritual pedophilia as well as covering for them after in that plus ritual child sacrifice murders like the bible records King Solomon as doing, since the 60‘s ~ A ‘LOT’ of pedo cover ups + even more than a few ritual (Torture) child murders including the as yet not well known ‘TIMBERTOP’ murders all led back to him helping in both the sourcing of the kids and especially cover ups after ~ Thus he became a danger to Zion International as well as a long suffering servant = His death was faked ~

How do I know all this? ~ The simple answer is pretty simple ~ I was there on the day his death was faked out front of his house in an insane world Illuminati Zionist run circus of warped mirrors in a mindless loop of ludicrous old ancient wisdom pretense, trapped within that twisted circle of totally amoral cashed up stone cold ritual occult killers and perverts since my early childhood onwards ~

I’d quietly (Politically) gone to war on them (Literally) at the tender young age of 6 after they’d hurt my step mom a second time, deciding then and there I’d needed justice to ever be free of them, then sadly went totally feral on them with everything I’d ever been able to lay my hands on in any way shape or form, including a heart that was naturally gifted for occultist dark arts and dirty politics for 15 years between 1964 and 1979 after the murder of a very sweet 11 y\o Catholic girl ‘Monika Cross’ in front of me in 1964, meaning I’d collected and skillfully used info on them throughout every contact thereafter ~

In the context of the (Faked) Winchester murder, at the time I was only two ft away from the man in the car outside of Colin Winchester’s house that night as he was pointlessly pleading for his life (It was ‘NOT’ Winchester) along with a most probable German born Yankee Jew best called “Eric Weidenreich” who in addition to being Senator Ron Widen’s father’s illegitimate son, had worked as an all kinds of wet jobs (Murder) operative for CIA since, to my own personal knowledge, the chainsaw murder of that poor young girl who went missing up in Brisbane in 1981 ~ Weidenreich was standing two ft to the left of me ~

This CIA operative ‘Eric Weidenreich’ was the same one who’d told me of his intention to bomb a troublesome cop (Angela Taylor) over a week before the bombing on Russel Street, also telling me with some frustration that as she was getting better he was going to kill her in the hospital ~ He’s also the same man that put the knife into Sian Kingey in front of around 15+ chanting pagan fools after the Birney’s had tortured her for 10 mins, and one who put the 2nd (Kill) shot into the man in the car who looked a little like Colin Winchester ~

Once again, that was 100% definitely ‘NOT’ AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester, as his wife constantly bleated at the time to no avail as the Masonic Zionist controlled CIA black ops machine ponderously crushed all dissent via the Masons repetitively repeating their accepted story ~ He indeed had the same build, the same hair color and facial shape, and (Of course) was sitting in Winchester’s car out front of Winchester’s house when shot, yet the reality it just wasn’t him ~ Where ‘WAS’ Winchester at that moment? ~

Who cares ~ Seriously ~ Who gives an angelic rat’s ass in the bigger picture ~

The story of the man who really died in the car that night is both poignant and kind of sad ~ It was most definitely ‘NOT’ the AFP Ass Commish (sic) who died there that night and was rubber stamped by both copper and coroner, and the truth is ‘ALL’ of AFP Police Command (Any who personally knew him) would have known that on first sight as indeed I’d done myself, even taking into account I’d been very drugged on CIA’s best MK Ultra chemicals that night outside of his house ~ The determination to always stay true to the lie (sic) in Masonry ever since has crippled truth in our Australian nation, on top of the moment when Harold Holt defected to Red China in a Russian submarine ~

Seriously ~ That was the big Masonic lie to confuse people when they either ran or faked Harold Holt’s disappearance in the 60‘s ~ Now I’ll take some time in this just now to give you the most ‘EXACT’ recall of the words of the man who died in Colin Winchester’s place that night as I’m able to do 25+ yrs later, simply cause the dude died very very game ~ I owe him witness to that ~

########## ########## ##########


“Look ~ You know Winchester, you’ve met me ~ I know you hate him, yet you know I’m not him don’t you” said the man in the car, maybe hoping that the 2 or 3 (Uniformed) cops and 2 dudes in suits milling around the car 20+ feet away would somehow intervene for him ~ He got no response from them or from the glazed eye of the man holding the gun at that time (Me) either ~ There was no chance of him getting one, as responding to reason is ‘NOT’ what the entire effect of the MK Ultra conditioning mindset creates in it’s targets ~

“I’m sorry what I did to you” he then stated, possibly referring to some mildly brutal drugged sexual assault on me he’d taken part in a few nights before under the overall control of the Weidenreich CIA operative, after buddying up to me for two or three weeks before under Weidenreich’s people ~ He was wasting his time as I’d cared zero for excuses like he’d only been trying to protect his young daughter by fcuking ‘ME’ over when told to, as if my losses and the losses to any I’d loved which followed on from that were inconsequential, yet even tho heavily drugged, I’d been storing the memories ‘DEEP’ into my inner heart and subconscious mind, a technique I’d literally developed as a very young highly intelligent victim of the CIA’s drug based hypnosis since childhood in a fairly successful attempt to keep my own perspective in CIA’s long running abuse ~

I’d wanted his rave to go on cause it was in my favor to gather in as much of the info for use later as perspective to work thru it, yet Weidenreich grew impatient and said “Shoot him you fcuk” or words to that effect ~ I’d then hesitated some more, wanting the guy to talk more or fight or do something, yet instead of that he just said in a resigned way “I’ve screwed myself ~ I’m a dead man ~ I’ve put my daughter in danger and I’ve done this to myself” and then squared his jaw a little and said something like “I’m not gonna die scared ~ I’m ‘NOT’ scared” and then he said, looking straight up at me almost as an afterthought and in what he hoped was a humble enough tone to be truly heard, “Please, they’ve got my daughter ~ I’ve wronged you, but she hasn’t ~ Help her if you can ~ Please” and even tho heavily drugged, I’d judged he was dead serious about the daughter ~

He’d mentioned it while fcuking me over some time the previous week too ~
I’ve seen a few people die over the years ~ This one sure died mildly game ~

“Shoot him, dammit” said Weidenreich to the drugged MK Ultra pawn two feet to his right (Me) and then, ‘BANG’ ~ Again, even tho drugged it occurred to me such a loud bang should have drawn the neighbors, or even (By then) the single uniformed cop still 20-40 feet away ~ Nope ~ He was gone as I’d looked and the other two suits (Probably CIA most likely or AFP slobs) looked bored and impatient for the (CIA) operation to move onto it’s next phase ~

Weidenreich then took the gun off the shooter (Me) who was standing there in fully drugged MK Ultra hypnotic mode and put a second bullet into the head of the dude in the car already slumped to the side a bit ~ The Weidenreich dude responded with “He’s an idiot ~ He didn’r shoot where I told him” leading me to later think this dude was kind of playing them ~ Later one of the suits said in what appeared a mixed Aussie American mild mid west accent “They’ll just kill his daughter ~ These guys don’t leave loose ends to make complaints” and the other suit nodded looking sad, pretty bored, yet more bored than sad ~

########## ########## ##########


That’s an ‘EYEWITNESS’ account of a killing of a man outside the house of AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester ~ It was not the killing of the assistant commissioner himself ~ With 100% certainty it wasn’t him and that’s literally something that the fake Masonic Jew god and devil as well as the real Jews Moses, Christ, Stephen, St Peter, James and John would (Will) be able to bear witness to when (If) the mythical great day of judgment ever occurs ~

I’d known Winchester casually off and on since I’d been 5 or 6 ~ My step dad Clem had bought a totally crap oil painting off him up at the pub in the 70‘s for around $30 once, which at the time was equivalent to what buys a $450 bottle of really top shelf port, only this painting of his was not top shelf, it was below $2 water damaged bargain shop standard ~ It must have been a bribe of sorts ~

Winchester was a totally corrupt piece of lowlife pedophile-shit scum ~

He must’ve been shaking my dad down over me being involved with several other mildly well known deaths which CIA had been involving me in ever since the one where ‘BUSH’ (GHW) had pulled a stunt similar to the above, with the daughter of Masonic tyre retailer Bob Jane, and Bush standing there giving me specific instructions over and over (Pull the trigger ~ Pull the trigger) after two other guys held my left hand and a gun was placed in it ~ Bob never accepted his beautiful daughter was the horribly mangled corpse he was given after a supposedly fatal auto accident, and, truth be told, he was (Dead) right~

The front of her head was blown right off with a huge .44 Magnum pistol ~
I was there too ~ The gun was in my hand ~ Motive? ~ Pure CIA black op ~
The body was then butchered for cooking by future BBC director Peter Day ~

Again, why was Winchester’s death faked? ~ An answer is to my own personal knowledge he’d been doing the bidding of the worst Zionist criminals on the planet since that day in late 62 or early 63 when he’d tossed those two child cadavers a good 4 or 5 feet down to the right hand side of me ~ There was also the Beaumont murder suppression and Holt’s abduction (Murder) by US Navy frogmen (Really) along with the Timbertop ritual murder thing later, as well as putting like minded corrupt seedy nasty lowlife pedophile murdering mother fcukers like him in positions of authority underneath him ~ Yet most of all, it was surely a trail of pointless child deaths like those the two little innocent 6 year old’s mentioned in my autobiography that led back to him, and through him placed others in danger of the exposure of their evil pedo empire ~

########## ########## ##########


Anyone who wishes to inquire into the legality of my admission above that I’d put a bullet into a Winchester lookalike out front of his house while under the influence of genuine CIA drugs, with a mad German Jew born Yank CIA man who was Senator Ron Widen’s biological half brother standing right next to me telling me to shoot, also with a uniformed AFP copper standing 20 30 feet away just before that, needs to bear one small statement and two questions in mind ~

The statement is, with 100% certainty, that was ‘NOT’ AFP Ass Commissioner Winchester in the first place ~ The first question I’d ponder for both the average fool and the political heavyweight is that under those CIA real world hypnotic drugs, would I have eventually shot anyone at all they’d told me too including, literally, Colin Winchester himself anyway? ~ That’s what those drugs do ~

Would I have pulled the trigger if it was Winchester? ~ That’s the point I’ve just made you silly ~ There’s 100% certainty it wasn’t Winchester, yet, however, the reality is indeed I’d have pulled the trigger ~ These are the same drugs CIA has used to create Muslim suicide bombers since the 70‘s who’ll obey the hypnotic command long after the drugs wear off ~ These drugs hadn’t even worn off and I’d still been high as a kite on quality US Govt chemical ~ These were also the same type of drug country and western singer John Cash was on when he ass raped two 6 y\o’s next to me in 62 or 63 ~ My second question is what the hell was the AFP doing helping CIA fake an Assistant Commissioner’s murder? ~

Weidenreich was the man who delivered the second shot which was the kill shot and also fairly well known CIA pawn operative holding illegal gas centrifuge plutonium refining shares on behalf of ex CIA who were, at the time, holding the second highest office in the land, as well as two others later to become a VP and a US defense secretary, and was one who’d already literally killed constable Angela Taylor, or at least he claimed both the bombing and her death in hospital to me before each, as well as murdered little Sian Kingey in front of me and ran Jaiden Leske’s murder in front of me in Canberra 6 weeks after the boy was kidnapped from Moe ~ These are all things (Facts) the coroner runs from ~

Why were the other AFP coppers there beforehand? ~ It can rightly be assumed they were there as a form of crowd control ~ Three were in uniform and one of the uniforms was there just before I’d pulled the trigger ~ He was probably still near there when Weidenreich took the gun from my drug fcuked hand and put the fatal second bullet into the dude ~ So what’s going on? ~ Was ‘THIS’ level of corruption what eventually led to Jaiden Leske being abducted under the CIA German Jew Eric Weidenreich, with Weidenreich then pimping him as he was being screwed by John Howard during the 6 weeks after his abduction? ~

Was this ever increasing level of pedophile corruption since the days of those two great pedophiles Menzies and Hamer in the 60‘s why John Howard turned up at the Leske death house in Canberra an hour after the boy’s murder there (Saw him) which was set up by Weidenreich as Howard was looking for a bit of underage boy flesh for an underage root what our country has now become? ~

Sheet ~ That’s more than two questions isn’t it ~
May be more than one statement there too Huh? ~
(That’ll confuse the fcuking Twitter generation) ~

########## ########## ##########


Here is a copy of part of an autobiographical blog I’ve chosen to expand on for the sake of perspective on the stuff above ~ This will eventually be done in the form of a legal statuary declaration which I’ll swear out in all true truth and full sincerity (And accuracy) as if I’d been staring right into my own step dad’s old WW2 veteran sergeant’s ex Justice of the Peace’s eyes ~ He was an extremely hard man dad, one I’d have never dared lie to ~ My step dad would’ve verbally kicked my ass with such ferocity and months of contempt after that no lie would ever have been worth it, so none of this is a lie ~ Pure pride will also ensure that not one jot or tittle is out of place, misinterpreted imagined exaggerated or otherwise embellished in any way shape or form ~ It’ll simply be true ~

It’s an autobiographical blog on site called, funnily enough, “SAID THE CHOIRBOY TO THE BISHOP” and it’s about my time in the 60‘s and 70‘s in a pedo snuff-movie political blackmail ring operated in Oz by the CIA and their fascist secretly WW2 financier Zionist masters ~ It’s pretty heavy shit yet sadly, heavy evil shit is all I’ve ever seen of secretly Zionist and secretly Masonic men descended from biological Jews who’ve been hiding their antecedents ever since the formation of today’s Masonry 400 years ago ~

########## ########## ##########
The first time I’d been anally raped was at age four ~ Within a few months it was happening 1 to 3 times a month on average, with me soon being passed around to others in their CIA run pedophile circle ~ Early on, I’d heard ‘ALL’ these encounters were filmed for the purpose of blackmailing participants into cooperating with the ‘New World Order’ as the post WW2 fascism best called international Zionism was later to become known near the end of Butch’s run as head of the largest British owned corporation in America, the US Government ~

The first time another child was raped next to me and I wasn’t, was in 1963 when 2 little 6 y\o’s (Same age as me) were both (Ass) raped right next to me by a man I’m loath to name outright yet can give you a hint ~ He was obviously high on drugs which the glazed look in his eyes clearly gave away ~ He was really rough on both, on both the girl whom he raped first and then, from the look of them and the way the two were so tightly bonded, her twin brother ~

In the house at that time with those running this little child brothel were Butch, as well as Otto, along with two future high ranking Aussie coppers ~ One was future South Australian Chief Superintendent Paul Schramm who’d been busy entertaining (sic) the two in a separate room while wearing a bright royal blue clown suit (Really) along with future AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester who seemed to just be watching ~ The drugged Yank country and western singer raping the kids (Johnny Cash) must have been really wound up because he was being downright brutal as he went about it, rough and very sexually violent ~ Matter of fact, the little boy was crying all of the way through, yet the girl, fire in her eyes, was quietly comforting him during his abuse, telling him in a quiet voice “Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon“ ~

It was too ~ 20 minutes from that moment in another room both were given a quick death blow with a large knife by Otto (Musso) in front of me with Bush watching, then one was decapitated and the other literally fully eviscerated like lambs to the slaughter ~ As an extra touch of terror both were washed, clothed, then thrown next to me by Winchester with the comment “That’s ‘HIS’ fault (Referring to me) right?” as he gestured towards me while looking at Bush ~

(I was in the control of some really fascist Zionist Masonic Jew crazies) ~

The country and western singer must have got some time off for good behavior from his “Folsom Prison Blues” then fell into a (Pedophile) “Ring of Fire” and, from what I’d been able to gather, was heavily influenced by MK Ultra drugs at the time with the glazed eyes and vacant look as well as the dude who brought him into the room giving him verbal instructions, while the anger in his eyes and his vicious manner gave him the look of someone who’d really been given the full MK Ultra treatment leading up to it ~ I saw him after he’d seen what had happened to both kids (Their bodies) and he was totally shell shocked ~

########## ########## ##########


Why the singer Johnny Cash set up in their pedo blackmail sting? ~ Beats me, as apart from controlling sections of the American music industry and thus parts of the American heartland thru him in the post WW2 black op mentality of Zion I’ve no fcuking idea, yet Johnny Cash it was, and that was also the man most think of as ex American president GHW Bush in the room as the children were laid on a table, dispatched with a single blow, then both skillfully butchered ~

He’s the one with that name who now lives at his huge Connecticut compound and was the one with Otto (Musso) as he first gave each child a death blow in front of me, then butchered each with skill and efficiency ~ However, in all full truth, he’s ‘NOT’ the son of Prescott Bush who was elected to the Texas state legislature, yet ‘IS’ the one who flew planes in WW2 in the Pacific ~ Go fish ~

It’s also 100% certain that it was future AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester who’d literally thrown their bodies next to me after, and it was also 100% certain that that was future South Australian Chief Superintendent Paul Schramm who was wearing a bright royal blue clown suit, who appeared out of a doorway to a room after the two little (Doomed) 6 y\o’s came out looking very sad and scared indeed ~ I’d remembered thinking at the time (Kids) that he must be a pretty lousy clown too, cause neither of those two kids were laughing ~

Seriously ~ That’s what I’d thought ~ Doesn’t the ‘CLOWN’ = Laughter? ~

########## ########## ##########

Now I’ll put the whole thing online as a stat-dec as soon as I care too ~
(Mr) Robby Daniel ~ ©





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