Random perspectives to get you up to speed.


This is written for those who don’t know diddly-squat.

If you know-it all, you feel free to correct me, wanker.


You might not see the connections between the various parts of this short rant, but in context you’re a scary country America, & me thinking about you having all of those WMD’s isn’t anything which will be likely to calm me down into Mister Sandman time tonight.

All things considered, it’s no wonder Christ got the fcuk out of here.

Bloody troublemaker he was, always asking questions & talking about truth, well if he showed up today he’d get a pat-down from the TSA & be on the ‘NO-FLY’ list quicker than you could say “Jewish Conspiracy.”





I’ve got something to say.

It’s about the ‘BIG’ deceptions.

Feel free to ignore it as abstract idiocy.

America & it’s Masonic masters, acting on behalf of the Illuminati, to whom I’m kind of distantly related to in more than one direction, reckon they’re a Christian country, which is a bit of a joke when 2\3 of Confederate landholders were of (Hidden) Euro Jewish descent, which was well masked behind attendance at various Christian churches & further covered up with attendance at the ruling Masonic Lodges.

Things like the “Order of the Golden Circle” or KKK were not widely known, yet according to some researchers every cabinet member of both the Nth & Sth in the Civil War were members except Lincoln & Seward & both of these were members of other lodges anyway.

We’re being scammed big time by fake religion + fake politics.


Smoke & mirrors was the way some Spiritualist fakes used to dig up their gods, but I’ve heard Sarah conceived Isaac by IVF & Sodom & Gomorrah were whacked with lasers, Moses befuddled Pharaoh with some (High tech) help from above, Elijah’s stone altar was kind of vaporised by like technology, & even the Christ’s conception was IVF & his resurrection if you believe that (I-do) was likely cloning?

You may ask what’s my point, & I’d answer the whole god thing now B4 us is a massive idiotic scam about to go into overdrive with the return of things that never left in the first place, we’re about to be conned as a species by false appearances, which in the past were covered by myths about blood hungry Dragons & Vampires we’re often secretly feared as the devils & worshipped as the gods, or rather the “Spirits or souls of deceased earthly priests or kings” (The root meaning of the 500 y\o Pagan word god) so it’s a big scam, & it has been since Solomon.


Again, getting to my point, or not, we’re not alone on earth & we never have been, we seem 2B little more than a ‘DEATH ROW’ prison for the criminals in this galaxy, but I’m still pretty certain that Abram was not all myth & really did run into Lucifer’s ‘ENLIL’ jailers & cut a deal, & the promises are true, but Solomon did a deal with the devil for power.

Anyway we’re all stuck here, orbiting a star with low hydrogen levels in it’s sunspots, according to Christ it’ll cook (Scorch) the surface of earth after it fulfils Isaiah 24 & goes totally dark, forcing all survivors to hide underground in the ‘HUGE’ shelters our leaders have been building with slave labour for the last 100 plus years in anticipation of it‘s fulfilment.

According to Christ & a few other OT prophets, we’re also facing another huge Pole Shift B4 that star goes ‘BANG’ & annihilates those Lucifer Anunnaki who actually created us, & us too unless the Christ reaches out across the ‘DEEP PIT’ of space from a few hundred light years away.

I‘m hoping I‘ll have chance, but I‘m not presuming.

Yet some damn fools speak of all this as an angry god?

Really why the fcuk are we letting hypocritical idiots who’ve done a deal with the devil for control continue to confuse our truths, & follow an ideology that makes an already complicated situation even worse.


This isn’t, & never was, a Muslim verses Christian or Jew verses Goyim thing, it’s those who’ve done the deal with the devil some may call Lucifer Anunnaki, a deal that Christ rejected, in exchange for their ever shorter time in control of this world’s governments.

These original fake-god beings, whether alive underground as the Book of the Jew called Jude says, or whether 400,000 y\o dead kings & priests who served them, whom we naively call by the all inclusive ‘GOD’ word, are already sentenced to extinction in the soon to come post supernova solar system wide ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ Christ prophesied.

So looking at all things in perspective & proportion.

We’re screwed without Christ, but not the magic-fairy one.

We’re facing a supernova according to the prophets Christ & Peter (2nd book 3rd Ch) & facing Pole Shift according to Isaiah Christ & others, but it can’t get any worse for the Lucifer Anunnaki themselves, so why are we letting their human servants run us round in circles & scam us?


Damn, I’m still missing my point.

Something to do with Romney & Obama.

Have you ever heard of a split-blastocyst twin?

I’m trying not to say too much, but is 2 Mitt’s one too many?

It was literally being done with big WW2 Cold War & Korea financier & arms manufacturer money in the early 60’s, human cloning was being successfully pursued in the mid 70’s, we’re almost up with the gods now (sic) when it comes to some of the lower technology except star travel, which no-one in this solar system has had since the ‘ENLIL’ father of Christ left with his resurrected spirit who spent 33 odd (Very odd) years in human flesh now wearing his very own cloned ‘ENLIL’ flesh.

(Far enough away so our supernova won’t bother them)

They’re long gone as Mr George Herbert Walker Felix the Cat once personally told me as a little boy in the 60’s, never to return in person, yet this ‘BIG MONEY’ & these old gods underground are about to wow us with some fake high tech ‘ET’ arrivals (sic) + some holograms to make Hollywood & Pixar Animated jealous, & those who rule us & are meant to serve us even have a few biological doubles ready to scam us as well.

Sounds pretty fcuking weird right?

Does humanity really need all these lies?

What will we gain by fooling ourselves anymore?


Some ppl have said the voice prints & the skin pore counts on digital photos from 2008 & 2010 don’t match, & while I’ve got no proof , it wouldn’t be that hard to find out either way, all I’m saying is what I’ve heard from thirty & forty years ago, plus what I’ve seen since then.

In that context watch out for ‘OBIWAN’ (sic) & ‘OBI-TWO’ because it‘s already happened & Prince William Eichmann versions one two & three are Operative & Speculative & in play (Number Two now) & check out the Pappa Eichmann photo opposite page 112 in Elli Weisenthal’s book “The murderers among us” to prove part of it, understand the mania for mindless idiotic deception we’re run by is now almost psychotic.

It’s gained a life of it’s own, destroying the decade ahead merely to hide the lies of the past 5 decades, & it doesn’t concern the devil (s) at all.

Their end will be eternal annihilation either way.

These old lying-gods of ours have nothing to lose.


Presuming you’re well read, you may be aware of Boss Tweed’s stolen money financing the Tunguska experiments, then the US Fed finance of the Nazis while the British banks financed the Japanese, if you’re in the Masonic Lodge you may even know about a supposedly dead Mussolini sailing a Tunguska nuke up the Manhattan River 3 weeks B4 Roosevelt kicked his bucket to Nantucket, after Rudolph Hess had himself done likewise 2 weeks B4 the Scotland Crash Landing cover story.

Sounds really weird right, but sadly it’s all true.

We’ve all been caught-up in a circle of lies since.

If we value anything & aren’t all total idiots we need to help out leaders get out of the devil’s trap they’re now in with a 100% Congressional Amnesty for acts of treason going back 5 decades, because they ‘ALL’ got caught in that post WW2 parallel reality, built around who really won WW2 (The financiers) & who they used behind the scenes to do it (Nazi Jews, some of whom I’m literally related to) cause otherwise what little time we have left on earth will soon become an Orwellian fascist hell where being victims of genocide will be better than staying alive.

Maybe the literal gods or devils (sic) who, depending on your point of view may be gracious wise or absolute fools, who really rule our world thru morally crippled & spiritually stunted pawns we erroneously call statesmen if they can retire without ever being charged for their crimes against humanity, don’t seem to really understand how dangerous this will get for ‘ANY’ living thing in 30 yrs time, or indeed even understand the monumental fcuk-up in the dead-soul paradise some naively call a heaven which is slowly building up.


So once again, this is pretty weird shit Huh?

Well don’t blame me, I’m just commenting.

The pressures our leaders were under due to the incredible build up of plot, counter plot, lie, deception, & cover-up ever since the corruption of the secret WW2 ending, meant stupidity & idiocy of almost any kind was promoted to higher up the Illuminati daisy-chain, so along with all of the political blackmail which maintained the cover-ups, there was also a dumb denial of the ever darker externalisation of the Satanic things which once weren’t known outside of the English Hellfire Clubs.

The torture murders of children & babies, the cannibalisation of human flesh in Baal & Molech worship, plus the weird kabala butt-sex religion has always been with us, as it was in the 17th & 18th centuries, in the 16th century martyr & witch burnings, in the days of the Templars, in Caesar’s time as well as Herod & Saul of Tarsus, it’s said Moses Elijah Isaiah Baptist Christ Stephen & Peter were all killed in like manner.

Ever heard that fact before?

Sadly dude it really ‘IS’ a fact.


Thing is, the levels of inbuilt insanity are rising far quicker than any of these so-called wise ‘LEADERS’ of ours who have done this shit at places like Bohemian Grove can grasp, they can’t quite see they’re ‘NOT’ in control like they think, the gods or devils ruling them aren’t real good in keeping humans psychically healthy, maybe that’s why they’re devils, maybe that’s why they’re doomed?

Thing us, our leaders could do better if we hot them out of the political blackmail trap, many of them were kids once, once upon a time they used to have normal hopes, some expired earlier than others.

They need a 100% Congressional Amnesty.

We need a 100% Congressional Amnesty.


It’s going to be a hell on earth whatever happens geologically speaking, but if the moral balance tips any further in the direction it’s headed, you could rightly expect rampaging mobs to be acting out like you’d see Zombies doing in a Hollywood B Movie, not even cooking the flesh first (Really) sooner than the 2045 which I’ve already predicted.

Our leaders are becoming the bent psychos they often warn us about far quicker than their own self consciousness warns them of, while the rest of us seem to be happily falling for every mindless amoral existential sop we’re offered, so along with the overall lowering of the moral fibre, the potential behind the impetus of a slide towards total anarchy insanity & degradation of humanity is far greater than they (And we) think.

These well meaning fools (sic) in government will go on to ever greater idiocies in their mania for deceiving us, simply because of the political blackmail operating behind the principal of negligently destroying the decade ahead because of their need to hide the 5 decades previous.

Have I-made my point yet at all?

Excuse my idiot-savant status.

I’m not talking revolution as such.

More like a solution to stop the slide.



A 100% Congressional Amnesty going back to JFK for anyone telling 100% of the truth, it’s that simple, let them (Us) at least have a chance of getting out of this idiotic blackmail cycle which the wisdom of those so called old-gods & new devils our religions either deify or despise have allowed to happen in their negligence.

Otherwise we’re screwed.

We’re screwed anyway mind you.

But more so without that 100% Amnesty.

Otherwise the lying will cripple all of what’s left.



ROBBY (Ben-Astor) (Via-Eichmann Nee-Hass) (Hess) DANIEL…

© ® 30/10/12




PS: Ever wondered why so-many religions were human sacrifice blood cults, ever wondered if there was a connection between the old Molech thing, & the Dragons munching virgins, & the Vampire myths, plus the Aztec & secret Egyptian blood rituals, cause it’s said some of those old things which the Jew Jude spoke of might get hungry enough to fulfil Revelation 19 verses 17 & 18 about the god’s having a big feed.

Some of our leaders have been trained to hand us over.

They’re planning to subdue us & hand us over.

A 100% Congressional Amnesty might help.

By simply being able to tell the truth after.

(If you think I’m kidding, you’re stupid)



PPS: Check out some of the previous YouTube comment collations.

They’re a heavy read, but a goldmine if you’re genuinely searching.




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