You’ve got ‘NOTHING’ to offer me, Zion ~


Comment on the fake Alex Jones “Prisonplanet x” sites ~

(It was to a comment  about world leaders nuking us while hiding in bunkers) ~



Don’t feel too much despair ~ Eventually, according to Isaiah, sooner or later during Pole Shift they’ll all be like “Kings imprisoned in a pit” and then as the Christ himself said, these ruling Zionists in world govt will end their days stark raving mad talking to the mountains and the rocks, in effect saying to them “Fall on us and hide us from him who is coming” which is a supernova as 2Pet Ch3 implies, after the words of the prophet St John the Divine regarding “Long running sores” all over their bodies comes to pass ~

Chill ~ Whatever you do, don’t think of them as the winners ~
They like to imply you win if you join them ~ Sure ~ (Duh) ~

We ‘ALL’ die eventually anyway ~ We ‘ALL’ go thru the coming solar system wide “Baptism (Lake) of Fire” eventually, as the Christ himself taught, alive or dead, in paradise or Hades ~ Thing is, we ‘DON’T” all cease to exist in the fire and we’re not all eternally damned later either ~ That only happens to the what scripture calls “Children of the Kingdom” (Govt) as the Christ called them, when they’re rescued from the fire by those high tech spiritually adept physical beings who rule the galaxy, bound hand and foot which in the old days was a way of saying they can never change their fate once it occurs, then thrown down the black hole event horizon at the centre of the galaxy ~ ‘THAT’ is the only true damnation ~ So chill ~ Eventually, we all die, we’re not all damned ~
These lying treasonous cnuts won’t escape their payback forever 😦
“Tho Israel be as the sand of the sea, only a few will be saved” ~
If they wind-up damned, be-they damned for arrogant hypocrisy 😦


About spacelizardlaw

Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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