The American dream. (Nightmare on 33rd & Elm Street)



(Bite-me Larry Norman! You thieving little creep)




Last night I-had the same old dream, ejaculated deep.

It left me the impression that the Sandman was a creep.

We dreamed we was in concert, with Ozzy-Osborne loud.

John Wayne and Billy Graham being big-queer & so-proud.

Fell through the hole in congress, I left the Jew for good.

When I landed back on earth I was only a pauper-hood.



911 from Muslim Cessna-flyers that didn’t stand a chance.

Without the Air Force in Alaska doing NORAD in the dance.

Then the dollar began to crumble cause the US Fed was gay.

People in the other currencies, they gladly stayed away.

Suddenly the Chinese Yen floated in the breeze.

When the mighty  (Treasonous)  US Fed,

was brought down to it’s knees.



Soon Atlantis too was humbled & would never rise again.

Think it was something I-said or did? Maybe with a pen?

Great goose in the Whitehouse Press Core fell out of the sky.

Turns into Shirley Temple & makes all the press-boys cry.

And the communist Soitero, whom Shirley calls black red?

They sit there in their Oral Office, giving each-other head 😉



They had a marionette of Marx on hand.

Which they said was an inside-joke.

(These gay-libertarian socialists,

were why America was broke)

Said-it was all under control.

Within their master’s plan.

Something to do with Taliban,

And an Iraqi they call Stan.

Obeying old King Solomon.

Sure was a sight to see.

Wonder why gods of love.

Do all that shit to thee?



Suddenly the Marx spoke-up & said he was a clone.

Marx’s identical 1\2 brother on Obama’s Obama-phone.

As their master rang their bell with an awful fcuking din

The entire New York Trade Centre finally just gave in.

Marx-one he-went all wooden, snorting too much coke

So I-gave Marx-two impeachment,

and these were the words he spoke.



“With the economy adrift & the constitutional shift.

Will neutron bombs irradiate us, or will we burn?

Do you reap what you have sown? America alone?

Will we suck-on Zion till the end or can we learn?

That we pay for treason as we lose truthful reason.

Scamming the future with Zionist-Illuminati lies.

Their deficit bleeds your pride out at the seams.

Like 9 black babies dying in their screams.

They give their very lives for what it seems.

Is meant to be the democracy of dreams.

Out of a grave, who’s on winning teams?”



Up popped Lady Liberty,

Or so it sort of seemed.

Hypnotised or on good drugs,

I-must have really dreamed .

My butt (sic) sure got roasted.

She said she loved me true.

Watch-out suckers, watch-it.

She’ll do the same to you.



I said “I’m pleased to meet you“.

(Tho I’d like to see you damned)

“If I’m ever up in Canada,

I’ll never touch your land.

Heard you were a patriot.

You sure can never tell.

If I-see you in eternity.

I’ll be in the part called hell”.



She said “Ever thought of eating babies?

They taste best smoked like hams

Or sautéed in their mother’s milk.

With mushrooms & lots of yams.

They really taste quite yummy.

They give you a natural high.

After all their lonely screams.

You‘ll never wonder why”.



Then Liberty Lady disappeared.

And out stepped Fred Astaire.

He said I-was a Zionist Satan.

I-said I-was young Dan Dare.

Freddy claimed to be my daddy.

Gave my tight-ass a solid fcuk.

He invited me out dancing.

I-said “You’re out of luck”.

Then he ran off with Donny Rumsfeld.

Who said something about shooting Bobby.

Whacking other Senators was only just a hobby.



Donny pulled my leg back when.

The Donny sucked my dcik.

Said I-should do the same to him.

Like an obedient stupid hick.

Said I-had to learn to dance.

With some gay ambassador.

Even if it was only death.

I-was looking for the door.

Made some shitty sad excuse.

Which I’d found kind of lame.

A quickie 69 was now my only road to fame?


I-looked at him & coldly thought “No thank you“.

(May the Lord himself very-soundly spank you)




So shall the proud yet dying nation.

Be used for Zion’s final desecration?

It’s the decade of will, of Patriot Actors.

We’re all conceived in a SSilver SSpoon.

Yet we were bragging waaay too soon.

Hope of freedom a big-dcik in a Yankee hand.

We eat our children, ass-fcuk our wives.

We learnt to greet our prick’s with knives.

Congress swallows them in fours & fives.

Their lying-politics all mumbling jive.

Zion doesn’t live, it just conspires.

We sleep till we awake to all her lies.

Love is a corpse! We shot it dead! Oh pardon!

We ate her heart & buried the rest in the garden!


The strings snapped briskly then went slack, the marionette was Fred. While Hoover played with the motorcade, Lady Liberty’s ass just bled. The man who held the camera, he disappeared for 40 years. The hope of youth, fictitious truth, covered in blood sweat & tears. In walked Washington’s favourite-slave Billy-Jack Bobby-Ray Baby & sadly says ‘The master thinks the bitch got rabies!”  😦




Mr Robby Daniel.




© ® 17/1/71

© ® 17/1/1776

© ® 17/1/71 🙂


Take a hint America.

It was never a dream.

It’s a fcuking nightmare.





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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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