The secret book of big-fat Jewish truths & even bigger lies.



Nobody is perfect, except for the Christ! Nobody is good, including the Christ!

The world is under the power of an evil god, the present Jewish Lord Almighty.

Christ’s uprightness was in his understanding, as expressed in his moral choices.

Seeing Christ is now a 1000 light-years away from here, what are you gonna-do?



For the mostly unlearned, who’ve never studied the anarchic trouble-making secret core within the words of the Christ’s teachings, nor ever had anyone articulately instruct them on the complex & quite fascinating lying Luciferin Zoroastrian dichotomy the Judeo Xtian religion is largely based on, which the Christ effectively opposed until said-same dichotomy under a Judeo Xtian religion Saul started suppressed all rights to question it’s idiotic dogma, those 4 lines above contain the sum total of truth & lies in modern Zionist Judeo Xtianity.

Again, for the Judeo Xtian or even pagan Satanist or atheist who’s never been taught the true role of Jewish dominated Masonry in either secret atheist occult or world religion in past days, nor ever been told the incredible series of outright big lies, demonic occultist deceptions &\or “Unknown Unknowns” (sic) which even in recent modern times the world still labours under, well that was the truthy Jewish bits above in 4 lines! (Snicker)



Now for the lying (Mostly political) bits all us Jews will always do so well.

I’ll try to just list them all without much good grammar or relevant comment.

My goal is to get you to ask questions. My alliteration of political-fact is true.

Here’s a few “Known Unknowns” for those of you who don’t know nada 🙂



 1/ Was the high tech physical ‘ET’ nature of Abram’s original deity & the eventual invisible occultist abomination that took it’s place mere ignorance or deliberate gross deception?

2/ Why was Abram going to sacrifice a living child to the god called Molech?

3/ What was the true social & political position of the Jews in Egypt? If they were all mere slaves, then how was their ‘GOD’ able to murder the firstborn of the locals in ritual murder & them not all be killed themselves? Plus, how were they were able to steal all of Egypt’s gold silver & jewellery & thus ruin their masters if the Egyptians were indeed their masters? Why were they were eventually kicked out of Egypt again? What’s the real story?

4/ Where did the so called “Fire of God” in the O\T came from & why the fcuk was it there in what amounts to a high tech ‘ET’ messing with a bunch of desert dwelling superstitious sheep fcukers? Plus, if we’re really only “His cattle & the sheep of his pasture” then do we all need to prepare ample stores of moisture sealed armour piercing reactive potassium cyanide x sodium amalgam rounds to convince the present Jewish god that we don’t wish to be cattle for ‘ET’ & his creepy buddies? Are the Jews lying to us still?

5/ What was the true fate of the mortal bodies of Moses, Elijah & the Christ?

6/ Who was really in charge of Assyria Babylon & Rome during the 3 big Diaspora & 2 big destructions of Jerusalem when offspring of Solomon’s 1200 offspring were on the throne of those countries & thus were in charge of their military & civilian population?

7/ Where did ‘MOST’ of the Diaspora people really go (Scandinavia) & how did they settle in new lands without leaving historical proof (Genocide) & why was that done? Did they then become a hidden political force in latter times which popped up in world changing events, like with the 900 year Norman Conquerors reign etc?

8/ What happened to the innocent children Solomon sacrificed to Molech & why? Are Jews still sacrificing children to Molech like their scripture records Abram intended & perhaps did actually do? Did some other innocent child (Son of a slave woman) from his tribe really die that day & are the Jews still doing this filthy practice in worshiping their devil-god?

9/ What happened to the secret of the gold from Solomon’s temple? Is it really only gold in the treasury of any country the Jews wish to conquer by stealth, like with Hitler stealing Europe’s gold after the US Fed financed him, then that gold defeating the US in 1973?

10/ When the Jewish scripture as well as the Talmud began to predict Goyim will be wiped from the earth as far back as 2,500+ years ago, does that imply an intention or a self fulfilling prophecy they intend to fulfil thru a high tech worldwide genocide of the Goyim? Further to that, does the 500 million descendants of Mid East Jews & European Jews & the 95% of Masons that trace lineage back to the Norman Conquerors, which number around 500 million world wide once the full tally is made, in any way correspond to the preferred 500 million humans which the ‘Bilderberger’ group imply is the desired number of people?

 11/ Were the many crusades pogroms & the “Templar wars” which the secretly Jewish establishment of the day claimed were run by Xtian kings merely radical fascist Judaism under another name & wearing a fascist mask, as indeed Nazi National Socialism was?

12/ Were the endless feudal wars of secretly Jewish (Norman) European kings up until the creation of the secretly Jewish Masons & then the endless wars of Europe after the Masons began to control everything, along with the beginnings of colonialism & the disasters that brought on South America & India & Africa & China & the Middle East as well as North America Asia & Australia, along with the accompanied mass genocide of all native Goyim people that followed, indicative of a psychotic mindset among the mind of the Jew with unchecked religious political occultist &\or financial power?

13/ Did the US Civil War have a pre-determined outcome like every single war since the beginning of Masonry, with ‘KKK’ Masons on both sides eventually committing high treason against their own country or side in the war no matter who really won?

14/ Was the $100 million in cash bearer bonds which Tammany House Masonic lodge head Boss Tweed stole from Civil War taxes on profiteers the seed money for the new arms cartels developing advanced weapons which eventually became the Tunguska explosion in 1907 + other secret advances? Despite denials, were they the source of nukes which Hess placed in London 2 weeks before the Scotland story & Musso placed in Manhattan 3 weeks before the Masonic Jew Truman came to the American throne, replacing the Masonic Jew Roosevelt, who’d knowingly allowed the Pearl Harbour attack to go ahead?

15/ Was the Manhattan project a phurphy to con the general American public?

16/ Did the Masonic-Jew Illuminati shareholders of the US Fed finance Jew Adolph Hitler to rape Europe & steal all of their gold with money they asset stripped from Wall St in the artificially engineered 1929 crash? Did the Jewish Masonic Illuminati owned British banks make a shitload of money from Europe in the same asset stripping move at the same time, then use that to finance the Japanese rape of China & the Japanese theft of China’s gold with the Japanese acting as their agents, even up to & including the Pearl Harbour attack?

Did the earlier money the Jewish owned British banks made from WW1 finance Karl Marx & Bolshevism & eventually did both sides of the Atlantic have the Illuminati-Jew Masons financing both sides of the cold war like in a fixed chess match?

17/ Is the entire Muslim terror lie an Illuminati-Jew Masonic world conspiracy?

18/ Are average Jews complicit & all seeking to benefit from their master’s evil?

19/ Did the world’s hidden Jewish Masons themselves do the entire 911 attacks?

20/ Are the Jews about to pull another 911 style attack by using a ‘NATO’ force?

21/ Is the Jewish god still a “Liar thief & murderer”  as the Christ stated?

21 a/ — “Is a healthy adult-whale’s ass usually totally waterproof?”



Mr Robby Daniel 😦





PS: Blow-me, Zion!





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