What you never knew you never knew. (Part-two)



What you never knew you never knew. (Part-two)


An anonymous man who was a serving US Senator & who later became a real world US Defence Secretary under GW Bush once said to me in 1964, in reference to the Charlton Heston lookalike currently at the Bush Family compound pretending to be ex president GHW Bush, that “Everything he touches turns to shit because his basic premise is always a lie to cover the lies he already said”.

(Quote fcuking unquote fcuking verbatim)

The true story behind it is quite complicated in a post WW2 Nazi Jew US Fed financed WW2 financier & controlled escaped ‘SS’ stolen WW2 gold perspective, & too large to go into here in greater detail, yet that said, it only took me a few days to work out that what this anonymous ex US Army Ranger senator & later US Defence Secretary said regarding the secret Masonic Jew future US President lookalike “GHW Bush” applied to ‘ALL’ Jews no matter what they were & no matter who they were & no matter what they did & do. . . In 1964 a little Catholic girl called “Monika Cross” whom I’d personally known & for what it was worth loved, was shot stone cold dead in front of me by this fake ‘GHW Bush’ (Seriously, doubles are often used in CIA black ops) & I’d been grieving her pointless avoidable loss.

Yet when I’d asked the hard man ex Army Ranger about why, all he’d implied was that this dude that everyone in politics & media thinks is (Was) the original gay failed baseball player & US President GHW Bush was a clumsy idiotic lying Masonic Jew fool who’d ruin whatever he was involved in because of the lies he lived by. I’d seen the man shoot 11 y\o Catholic Monika right in the heart front of me not ten feet away, & had also know that Mr ex Army Ranger senator & future US Defence Secretary (***) was also bonking young 11 y\o Catholic Monika in what he didn’t know was cold hearted CIA & US Taxpayer funded filmed paedophilia & then she was dead, right in front of me.

Currently, in context, after decade + decade of the same Orwellian black op deal, the Masonic Jews in America are hiding over 80 yrs of their treasonous highly criminal behaviour since they financed the Nazis to rape Europe & steal their gold back in 1933, with the money they stole from America during the US Fed run asset stripping of the 1929 depression after the money bubble was previously created.

It was only a short hop skip & intellectual & spiritual jump back then in 1964 after Monika’s death in this long running Machiavellian US Taxpayer funded black op, to realise that what the future heavily blackmailed US Defence Secretary said about the man who shot young Monika dead in front of me applied to every single Jew I’d ever meet throughout my thus far miserable life. Thus, in context, “Everything the Jews touch turns to shit, because their basic premise is always a lie, to cover the lie they previously said” applies to everything the Masonic Jews now say to cover the shit they’ve said ever since they financed the Nazis to steal Europe’s gold & then (Illegally) borrowed it back in 1973 after falsely telling the world that it was China’s gold.

It couldn’t have been China’s gold tho, because the Jew shareholder’s of the British banks had financed the Japanese to steal all of China’s gold, at the point of gun & torture, waaay back in the 30’s a decade B4 the Nazis did the same damn thing to Europe. So that was “Everything the Jews touch turns to shit, because their basic premise is always a lie to hide the lie they previously said”. Their Masonic “Front Office” even has the brass to declare this is all a form of highly secret “Ancient Wisdom” in action. To me, it merely looks like what the historical dissenting (Jew) Christ said to the Jews, as in “Ye are of your father the devil. He was a liar thief & murderer from the beginning” was 100% true.

Christ was like that. Like Moses Elijah Isaiah & Baptist Stephen James & Peter, the Christ was one hell of a dissenting prophetical Jew. Those who oppose him, or them, without knowledge & understanding often turn “Everything they touch to shit” simply because “Their basic premise is always a lie to cover the lies they already said”.

There’s a bit of the Australian-Jew knowledge, Dcik!






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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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