The devil’s circumcised kosher disciples…

Epilogue to a pointless life, the final Sarah O’Brien bit.
The Jewish god is the devil like the Christ once implied.
There’s a sad alternative ending to the real world “Sarah O’Brien” story in the previous blog, which in some ways is even worse than the original one which saw the Jews in Melbourne cook up that sweet young thing with a vague resemblance to her at the Dole Office in a ritual Molech sacrifice in front young Sarah just before I‘d met her & then use that to threaten Sarah into obedience with threats against her baby brother whom she greatly loved.

These lowlife Jewish devils who’ve run our evermore Satanic world thru their ever greater corruption of all truth & normalcy got control of Sarah by threatening to give her young brother the same ritual torture murder & cook up which they gave the young girl at the Dole Office I’d mentioned, after Sarah had innocently set the poor young thing up & groomed her for their cult, not knowing she‘d end up dead via a very horrible death.

In the alternative ending, which doesn’t see Sarah dead & doesn’t see her taken to Canada to become some look alike rock singer (sic) instead, Sarah was trafficked to Europe & used by the Satanic fascist Jew pigs who run both international finance, drug dealing, prostitution & anything else which destroys innocence & makes these loser leach-like offspring of WW2 Nazi Jews & their Jew masters feel like their omnipotent little god kings.

Used to groom other little girls & boys.

For prostitution or ritual Satanic murder.

You can assume there were 100’s of them.

The story of Sarah dying in a ritual murder was what the friendly local neighbourhood coppers ran with, maybe cause they thought I‘d be unable to deal with her real fate of basically being the human mask of evil Jews wear in the wider world. Or maybe it was out of the goodness of their hearts they’d lied, because ever since they covered up a Jew killing Azaria Chamberlain in a ritual murder in Fitzroy a week after her abduction they were no longer capable of functioning on any decent level.

So there you have it everyone, the real Jew story.

I‘d said I‘d say-it in parts & here‘s the final part.

Sweet young (Working girl) Sarah with the 200 ‘IQ’ has just spent over 20 years being sold for butt (sic) sex in Europe & when not prostituting, or playing ‘Queen Witch’ was used to befriend groom & entrap other young girls both for prostitution & also as bodies for the secret Satanic rituals Jews practice.

Just as often as you think you know the story within the sick psycho toilet world Jews have turned this world into ever since their man “ADOLF HITLER“ won WW2 for them on the sly by placing Tunguska nukes in London & New York & then Washington in 1965 thru Israeli Jews, the real story is otherwise, & ritual human sacrifices to the ‘REAL’ Jew god which is, was, & will be Lucifer all along were what young 200 ‘IQ‘ Sarah was used for.

Everything Jews touch always turns to shit.

You only ‘WISH’ I-was kidding now, right?

I’m not, the Jews are simply fcuking evil.
ROBBY (Annex the Sudatenland) DANIEL.

© ® 14/4/13

PS: So did Sarah claim she didn’t have a little baby-brother?

What about the son her bio-dad had from another woman?

Just stop the lying, you “FAMILY” are all bloody ridiculous.





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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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