Why does everyone pick on the poor Jews?



Part of the real Sarah O’Brien story.

(Or AKA ‘Ceres Woodbine’ maybe)

Kind of like “Little Red Riding Hood.”

(Only Jewish wolves ate little Sarah)


I’d been walking up the main street of Sth Melbourne one day in 1992 when I’d seen this very cute young thing give me a confidant smile. I’d tweaked straight off that she was ‘WORKING’ the street, & also noticed it was probably, yet not without a small amount of doubt, the same pretty young bright thing I’d been flirting with up at the local Social Security office back in Dec 1991 over at the suburb of Richmond, about four months before then, butt (sic) boy had she changed a lot.

Sadly the change most definitely wasn’t for the better either, because although she was still sparky, fiery & very self assured & easy on the eye, with a carefully torn hole in her dress allowing just a hint of young nipple to show through, presumably to catch punters like myself into spending some money, her innocence from four months back was pretty well completely gone, kaput.

That’s what first drew me to her at the local Social Security office those months before, it was her complete lack of false front, or bluster, bravado, just a really nice girl whose mom must have been one of life’s true saints.


Back then you could just see that 100% self love in her which someone had obviously encouraged, cultured & carefully nurtured, & this girl had that. Then four months later what she had was a hard edge no kid like her should ‘EVER’ have & few adult women should have to have.

Now by that I’m not implying anything other than saying since I’d first met her, she’d definitely been groomed, lied to, conned, used, abused, drugged, dominated, then given a ritual group ass-fcuk & then orally & vaginally raped by the local Jews running what was once called “THE FAMILY” (Cult) down in Australia.

That’s part of our hidden culture which CIA started in the 60‘s on behalf of their fascist Illuminati Jew masters thru using US Taxpayer & US Government resource.

It‘s a thoroughly Satanic evil abomination now, a cult with a long history of pedophilia & blackmail & other even more serious things drug dealing & Sarah’s enforced prostitution, as well as ritual child murder.

(Sarah was still a 15 y\o kid when I‘d met her the second time, Sarah was probably still 15 or just turned 16 when she was murdered within 3 to 5 months later, courtesy of Melbourne‘s faked out fcuked up Satanic Jew Pagans)


That day I’d met her in Sth Melbourne, I’d really only been flirting because she was spunky, very elfin & yet athletic. Gone was the quite confidant innocence of four months before, butt (sic) in it’s place was that sad tough resignation most street walkers pick up to survive, yet with a spark of intelligent defiance & in your face certainty as to how she thought she viewed things.

(She was later to prove a very classy intellect)

I’d grasped pretty quick that it wasn’t a chance meeting, I’d grasped that some Jew cnut in “THE FAMILY” (Cult) called “ERIC” who coincidentally was the same dog who ‘REALLY’ blew up Constable Angela Taylor & had confidently talked of the Tynan & Eyre murders before they occurred, was also the same leach who ran both sides of Melbourne’s underworld war by turning both sides against the other in a game of “You & them fight“ while he picked up all of the spoils.

(He‘d pointed her my way as part of his big plan)

However I’d been feeling a little flirty & a little sleazy & probably a little self centred & stupid that day. Sadly it was soon enough to prove fatal for young Sarah, as these mongrel Jew leaches running the whole cult scene in Melbourne had a plan to make themselves look strong by making me look weak, any way they could.

These fascist Jew creeps did that thru her ritual murder.

Still, that wasn’t for 3-5 months later, so I’ll continue.


Anyway, there I’d been, half fit & hormones pumping, edging out my brain chemicals & telling my common sense &\or decency (Selflessness) to take a hike, & this young sweetie was making a mess of my concentration with that little hole showing her tender young nipple.

We’d talked for a bit, she told me she was working the street, & I’d honestly cursed the gods of Melbourne for that to happen to her, tho it was some weeks later before I’d heard her whole story after she’d come to stay for three weeks, presumably in retrospect, just to give the sleazy Satanic Jews something to drive a hook into.

(Tho I’d like to think she was my friend when she left)

The sex was great, caring, passionate, & highly illegal as it turned out, because around 5 weeks later I’d later found out she’d lied about her age. She wasn’t 16 like she said, she was only 15, a fact I’d found out after when some lowlife detective tried to force her into (Falsely) accusing me of having underage butt-sex with her, which was not on my radar for young girls, then or now.


(She’d been working in a butt-sex brothel run by a very suss Pom in Sth Melbourne, yet I’d had no need to do that kind of thing to her within the short sanctuary of what became an almost pointless safety I‘d offered her for those 3 short weeks she had graced my life)


All good things end, so it seems.

After three weeks of the most stimulating intellectual interaction I’d ever had in my entire life, Sarah’s ‘IQ’ must have been full on Mensa 200+ level, she either grew tired of me, or, more likely, succumbed to the threats the “FAMILY” were making on her young baby brother whom she adored, & she was forced to move on.

Not long after I’d heard she got pack-raped by 5 coppers at the Sth Melbourne police station, & another copper got a bit too mouthy & confidant & let it slip that he thought he’d be able to get Sarah to accuse me of underage butt-sex, yet he was wasting his time there.

Young Sarah had waaay too much class for that.

It was short, it was very sweet, a little bit of love.


Later, some of Melbourne’s real coppers who hadn’t lost their humanity to metro sexual butt-sex bribery drugs blackmail & corruption told me of eventual her fate, yet it took me near 18 years to finally accept it.

At her passing, she was gang-raped (Again) at one of the Pagan Wicca covens the Jews running “THE FAMILY“ use as deniable cut-outs so that people don‘t grasp how evil they are, then she was ‘LITERALLY‘ tortured to death, cooked up & ‘LITERALLY’ eaten in a form of Satanic Molech worship human sacrifice. The finest mind I’d ever come across in my entire life bar none.

Now ask me why I’ve grown to hate the Jews.


A little bit of justice & compensation money, a lawyer, a few hard contacts worth their fucking salt & Sarah would still be around today & the world would be a far-far far better place for it in almost every possible way.

You don’t get-it yet, you lost her too, Australia.

However now the world’s Jews are getting to the vinegar stroke in their fascist Satanic treason on all countries since 911 my chances of justice, & thus real resource for my own safety & the safety of anyone I’d choose to love at any time in this ever darker fascist world future we face is much less now than it was back in 1992.

I’d lost another good friend in July 2009 too.

Now ask me why I’ve grown to hate Jews.

(I’m of Jewish descent & ashamed of it)




ROBBY (Annex the Sudatenland) DANIEL.

© ® 9/4/13




PS: A simple message to the Jews & their pawns.

Excuse-me for throwing another curve-ball here.


Do you want to hear the rest of the story that in-house deluded high level Pagans are told by their (Literal) fascist offspring Jew Masters who (Both) don’t really give a fuck about truth & thus can’t grasp the true bigger pictures within the massive head-fuck’s they’re sold?

It revolves around these Jews selling the idea that I’d genuinely thought the look-alike for that brilliant young prostitute was 100% certain to be the young girl at the Dole Office that so impressed me with her innocence & sweet non aggressive decency & whole heartedness.


First-up, just so you know how deep these multi-layered lies which Satanic Jews use to control everyone, I’d gone along with the big shill story the American Jew ’ERIC’ had spun because of tactical necessity, (The same Jew that whacked policewoman Angela Taylor & who claimed weeks before the media reported the Tynan & Eyre shootings that he was going to do it) & he’d even gone as far as to say that the Canadian singer Alanis Morrisette was that same prostitute called Sarah O’Brien or Ceres Woodbine as she claimed with a wry smile & a sneaky little laugh to herself, whom the decent Victorian coppers had sadly declared was dead, cooked, & eaten.


I‘d known all along that Morrisette wasn‘t her, even tho their looks & body shape & interests in guitar & long distance running were similar, simply because it was a black op all along, & when you got no resource, you play along until an advantage comes your way.

(Learned that as a very scared & angry little boy)

The thing was, there‘s a 98.98% chance either way that the death of the sweet young girl at the Dole Office in one of those evil Jewish controlled “FAMILY CULT” Pagan Satanist & Wicca killings was what was first used to put an unholy fear into the girl claiming to be Sarah, so that she‘d feel think do & say whatever she was told to stop her (Very real) little brother being given the same fcuking treatment by these evil Jew Pagan fascists.

(In other words, I’m implying she was a live witness)

If that sounds like I‘m totally confused, I‘m not in the least. It just needs to be said to remove the possibility of a successful Jew lie about the rest of this (Factual) story, as they try to keep convincing those in the inner circle of “THE FAMILY“ today about exactly how smart they are simply because they claim I‘m so fucking dumb.

The girl at the Dole Office was exactly what I‘d said.

(She was raised right & probably already dead herself in one of their Pagan Jew Satanic human sacrifices by the time I‘d run into young Sarah in Sth Melbourne, & young Sarah was indeed a Mensa level 200 ‘IQ‘ & the waste of both grieves me of all true hope for the Jewish soul + any future truth in this country I‘ve thus far been cursed to have been born in)


You pretend what you wish as you assimilate these facts.

Also think of 911 & how everyone believes the big lies.

One of these girls (At the Dole Office) was simply the kind of girl you take home to Mom & brag about, while Sarah was the type of girl who should have been head of a multi national corporation & would have easily made ten times the Prime Minister that Julia Gillard & Bob Hawke together would have made if Mengele had cloned both & fused their genes together, then placed them both around the same subservient suck-hole fascist heart.

In other words, fascist Jews think you’re stupid, Oz.

When it comes to America, they ‘KNOW’ they are.

Sure wish I’d had resource to protect both the girls.




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