A short rant on a YouTube video.

This is an intro to a vid entitled “Far-Kew you lying 911 Illuminati devils” & it’s on YouTube under the “Robby Daniel” site connected with the “MastereeeeDee@Gmail.com” account…



Just some perspective for those who already understand history, it’s ‘NOT’ & never was what your public media or your schools taught you. Straight from the horse’s mouth, or in GHW Bush’s case, the other end of the horse. (Really) I’ve created a short collage, butt my Movie Maker program won’t save it, so I’ll just load them individually.

In one of them you’ll hear explosions butt don’t be fooled. Explosions occurred & it wasn’t jet fuel or power transformers blowing up from a fire 700 ft above, yet the Towers were brought down by the same high-tech that melted car & truck engines 5 city blocks away & which you can document on the Dr Judy Wood ‘A-HA’ site.

There’s more to this story than mere treason or Muslim terror, but you need to broaden your mind & go right back to WW2 & beyond to find the fanatical financiers of treasonous fascist forces.

In this vid you get a quick 15 decade timeline back to the (Stolen) US $100 Million that funded the secret high tech overthrow of the old world Masonic order in the 1940’s which led to where we are now. (Fcuked)

Don’t forget Hoover’s stolen files allowing GHW Bush to blackmail congress to pass legislation enabling the S&L bubble leading to a $500 Billion dollar rort after the (Illegal) US Fed Chinese gold loan which floated it, Reaganomic scams & Wall Street junk-bond frauds + Bernie Madeoff & 401k rip offs + the $2.3 Trillion DOD heist.

Together these gave Illuminati Jews finance needed to arrange even more high-tech shit from ‘AREA-51’ like high energy anti-grav kinetic weapons + neutron bombs & “BLACK ROD” anti-grav delivery vehicles, as well as financial leverage needed to pull every form of political blackmail necessary to arrange 911 treason & it’s often treasonous media snowstorm, then a Patriot Act & ‘NDAA’ attacks on the US Constitution.

A Patriot (Act) protects you from the Muslims right?
Your leaders don’t think very much of you, do they.

A 100% Congressional Amnesty for 911 treason real quick, so everyone can try to tell truth about their personal involvement, or the next stop is another major Illuminati Jew\Nazi false flag which will see New York & London gone within that week.

The reason you need the 100% Full Congressional Amnesty for State Treason, simply in return for telling 100% of the truth about it, is that without the help of old “Black-Op” hands, few of you would ever have a clue what to do to delay the inevitable.

If they tried to help without an amnesty, either the ‘NDAA’ or the “Patriot Act” will finish them off with blackmail or straight out “SET-UPS” before they’d get anywhere, like those who tried to speak out post 911 already but ran out of time, fast.

Anyway, along with 2 Billion innocent souls world wide, another 200 Million killed in sick Satanic ritual sacrifice in the moral spiritual & Satanic religious confusion in the 1290 days afterwards, then within 5 bloody weeks after that the previous 2 Billion high tech deaths will be followed by the deaths of another 4.6 Million humans in what would amount to WW4 by which time only 200 Million ppl, all descended from Europe’s Norman Conqueror Jews or their descendants will be left alive to enjoy their very very kosher & Jewish “1000 Year Gold Age” (Reich) which won’t (Can’t) last another 20 years.

By that time “Pole Shift” will mess them up, shortly after that they’ll be forced into their (Secret) underground cities built with slave labor gleaned from Armenia WW1 WW2 & the (Fake) holocaust with it’s 5.6 Million (Doomed) Jewish ppl worked to near death underground then used as what’s best described as a food source. The same thing happened in Korea (Slave labor abductions under cover of a war) as well as in Vietnam woth Operation Phoenix & Cambodia, in Guatemala & Nicuragua, in Iraq & Iran in their war, it’s one of the worst kept secrets of (Hidden) Illuminati-Jew fascism.

Anyway, this retreat of the surviving Jews underground occurs after the prophesies of Isaiah about the sun ceasing to shine light in Chapter 24 & those of the Christ where he states the “Sun will cease to shine, the moon will become as blood, & the powers of the heavens shaken (Planet wobbles in further Pole Shift) & the star (Sun) begins to scorch the earth with great heat” which is also mirrored in Revelation begin to come true.

It gets even heavier & stupider for these all powerful all knowing all wise adherents to the “Synagogue of Satan” because then, their underground god (s) (sic) will get hungry for more human flesh, & the only ones left will be Jews, & these Jews will then have to fight for their lives, at the same time as “The Great Falling Away” occurs from paradise after it’s billions of new inhabitants don’t get any response from god (Lucifer) for some revenge on their murderers, & the “Grand Lodge in the Sky” eats it’s eternal lunch.

Hava Nagila, suckers.

Robby Daniel…





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