Declaration of (Indie) Pendence.

The United States Declaration of Dependence.

(Unapproved, abridged, better short version)

We hold these truths to be self-irrelevant, that all men are created equal, but sure as salad turns into shit once you eat it, it won’t stay that way for long past the day of their very first circumcision, birthday, baptism, or butt-rape.

So let it be known to one & all that throughout all of these circumstances common to those who are best described as being extremely common, men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights which we’ll soon permanently alienate pretty damn quick.

Among these rights are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness by lawful means only if all are sought within the state supported delusion that men really are free to be free.

To secure these rights & lose them almost immediately to the same crooked political card sharps & shysters you pay to preserve them, all Governments are instituted among Men by deriving all of their just powers durectly from the consent of the governed they govern.

(At least that’s what they like to tell you)

Thus whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish 2\3 of their constitution in an attempt to make things fairer for the poor overpaid fools chosen to tell them ad-nauseum what they should think or do & when they should think or do them.

(The governed are there to be governed)

To institute new (Forms of) Government to better serve the old forms of Government, it may be necessary to invoke a false patriotism in the mind of the masses to better distract them from the probing erect penis in their ass.

In so doing it’s needful to make a really big fcuking act out of it, almist what you’d call a “PATRIOT ACT” of sorts, laying it’s foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect the Safety Security & overall Happiness of those who givern you every day.

(Basically fcuk-you sucker, live with it)

Things like Prudence, Honour, Good Faith, simple honesty, & a belief in your own soul’s value will likely considered to be the Satanic breeding ground of the kinds of thoughts that provoke excess in the weak minds of the kinds of dangerous trouble makers the Government has sworn to protect you from, especially if they wish to act in resistance to the greater obvious wisdom of their proven bettors.

Indeed it may be necessary for Government to dictate that all Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient reasons; such as acts of massive financial fraud, treason, & dark occultist arts at the cost of the meek, the weak, & the financially or politically disadvantaged, bothersome details best left to those who know better than you.

(Money talks, & bullshit walks, so it’s said)

Accordingly in all true experience of Ancient Wisdom the human species has gleaned from history the knowledge that those in charge are in charge cause they’re smarter than is the only basis for apportioning real power.

In this it hath often been shewn mankind are more disposed to suffer (Eat shit & die) while it’s evils are sufferable, rather than to right things themselves by abolishing the forms of oppression to which they are accustomed to accept, mostly because they’re told they’ll accept them because it’s customary to do so.

(Tradition demands it’s own acceptance)

But when a long train of stupid abuses and usurpations create an undue awareness of a fcuking huge con game, pursuing invariably the same aforementioned object evinces, whatever the fcuk that means, a design to reduce them under an absolute Despotism may just be the only choice you’re given.

(Thank you Mein Fuhrer, you’ve saved us)

Then if things get too bad, it is the right of all those who were born more equal than you to show you your error by telling you what to think, do, say, & feel as is their right, since it is the duty of all Government everywhere to seek to throw off all such resistance to all forms of Government that the Government itself rightly declares needs to be resisted, always in your best overall sovereign interests of course.

They’ll need lots of your money & everyone else’s to achieve that goal as they seek to provide New Guards for their future security irregardless of whether that in any possible way inconveniences the poor, the lame, the blind, the dumb, the deaf or the stupid who’ve been denied legal representation under the ‘NDAA’ for the sake of the safety & security of the American people & the free world.

(Be hanging from a gallows 250 years ago)

Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies as they’ve pursued their god given rights to liberty, equality, fraternity & cheap booze & drugs on the sly during prohibition secretly run by the very same people who seek to protect you from such evils, usually in cycles of pre-planned booms & busts.

These occured on average every 19 to 38 years, according to some, whenever their master plan called for such things, always proving that whatever those who know better than you shall feel in their heart of hearts is always going to be right, & right for the greater good of those who are good at being greater which surprise surprise is always those who govern you, meaning no choice & no true say is still the only choice you’re likely to get.

(Double Dutch, Double Belgium, + French)

(We’re not talking fcuking ice-cream, fool)

In the year 2012 & in the decade ahead, in pursuit of the greater good of humanity such confusion as all past lies have created must needs be placed upon the backs of those without the viable means to resist.

Anytime the remaining 1\3 of the constitution wrongly inspires you to believe anyone other than you gives a damn what you think, it will often create the necessity which constrains the governed peoples to alter their former Systems of Government, but in so doing you’ll be rightly labelled a total ass for seeking your own welfare & putting at risk the feelings, thoughts, & professional security of those who rightly make their living governing you.

Thus any time you little people create waves by asking waay too many questions about the charade of stupid evil decisions made in your name in the pursuit of your welfare, you are an enemy of the state, so understand we have ‘VAYS’ to deal with you stubborn types.

(We’ll smother you with love, till it hurts)


Prologue to the Dependence we all seek.

(Apologies to T. Jefferson & King George)

The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history which mirrors your past American political royalty, which is one of often repeated bad smells eminating from the breaking of undue amounts of wind, creating injuries and gross usurpations to the sensibilities of those who shall, perchance, enter the same room without just, righteous, & fair forwarning.

Thus when you’re actually having a direct interaction with the object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States seeks, you must be extremely careful entering any rooms unannounced without first excercising great care for your olfactory sensibilities.

To prove this, don’t ever dare believe that old lie that your shit doesn’t stink, it stinks as bad as their’s does but you’re used to it, so rather than treat them as one of the boys let all your politicians face the same severe scrutiny as your accountants, let your lawyers be kept on a short leash, watch your pocketbooks, & don’t forget to tug your forlock as you seek to hold your perspective on inconvenient truths some may label as mere Facts as they’re submitted in all honesty to a candid world.

(But only if you’ve got a real good lawyer & you’re in good with the Mafia & Republicans)

ROBBY (Wilsmore) DANIEL.


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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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