A religion more dangerous than Christianity…



.(A short rant, just in case you’re a genuine dissenter)

Hi, after a quick scan of your comments page I’d noticed a few anti-religious comments, that’s all fine & good, just don’t make a religion out of it, right? (Ho-ho)

In that context there’s a dangerous new religion being sold as something else which is being heavily pushed thru many community levels using some big-dollar ‘NEW’ corporate corruption, which gives them heavy clout. In Australia, & no doubt other nations it’s already gained the quiet support of many corrupted politicians thru putting them into underage sex encounters & then blackmailing them.

It involves lots of metro-sexual butt sex, + the practice of tribbing for the women both old & young, which when it comes to watching the girlies do their pussy-rub thing I’ll confess to Jesus & Mohammed (sic) can be kind of fun to watch.

Yet the problem is they’re getting the kids way too young, secretly plying them with some of the new kinds of Viagra (Dosing them) + giving them the new MDMA derivatives like in the old rave parties, but the new stuff permanently changes their brain chemicals & almost hypnotizes the kids to always seek an existential (Physical) groin based high within their animus in a shared group environment.

Anyway, it’s not the old ‘KABALA’ as such but it’s heavily based on that, it’s 100% manipulative & is into creating real pyramid authority structures under the guise of sexual;y free bonding.

Granted old religion was (Is) corrupt & Satanically sucked badly, yet this new one, under the guise of free Pagan Tribal oneness is a total scam designed to dumb the kids down & control their hearts & minds. Take care, feel free to disagree or don’t respond at all, but it’s true anyway, far worse than the old religions, & they were bad. Not preaching here, merely informing you all, & especially you @Antifaith (YouTube post) cause as an ex soldiers you’re technically free to disagree with any fcuk you wish.

They’re constantly after the young & they’re now proselytizing more than rabid Charismaniac Christians & are often succeeding simply because no one is warning kids of the predatory intent & control.

It’s run under the Satanism umbrella but isn’t the old Satanism from 30 yrs ago, as in “Harm none & do what you will” cause this things chasing nothing but power control, control, control, subjugation, power then submission, the exact opposite of what true freedom is, the right to say ‘NO’ & be heard.


Robby Daniel…


PS: I-told god & Satan to both go fcuk themselves as a 7 y\o.

I’ve read the words of Christ & know full well why my Jewish ancestors killed him. He both understood the concept of freedom in a fascist world, & knew how to teach it. But then came Christianity, which was ‘NOT’ what he wanted because it opposes ‘EVERYTHING’ he taught.

BTW just so you know, Saul of Tarsus, or “Mr Baal-(Kabala)-Buttfcuk” as I’d often refer to him who everyone calls St Paul had himself substituted a form of this exact same cheap-sex occult thrill religion they’ve got so many of the young kids with, into the early church.

(Look what it did to the early church under Saul of Tarsus)

(It corrupted almost everything away from Christ’s mind)






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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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