Drunk-again… (Where’s my diamorphine for the tumours?)



Anarchic thought-forms from the pit of my normally rational slightly-drunk decency…

Any of you ever heard of a whacko ‘NWO‘ (Secret) ‘JWO’ of the Americo-EU yet…?

In high-Masonic circles that’s called the ‘JEW WORLD ORDER’ if you have enough real-world knowledge to trace the world power structure from Solomon, thru the Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Comacines, Normans, Pommies, (Harold & William) then Catholics in 1084 as well as the Templars, Crusaders, Inquisitions, Masons, Illuminati-bankers, Nazi-fascists, American fake-patriots, Australian & New Zealand fake ‘DECENT PEOPLE’ & then the “NEW AMERICAN (British Israelite) CENTURY” cause it’s now been in power ever since the days of old King Solomon, & it‘s rocking like a baby-Molech ritual death in a heavy New Orleans hurricane…

All it is, is Jews running round in circles fcuking the other Jews over, & it’s variously called the “ORDER OF THE AGES” or sometimes the “NWO” in some evolved-monkey circles, & also called the ANCIENT ORDER OF THE AGES” on the US Dollar Bill, & also on the US (Whitewater) “DOLLAR BILL CLINTON” (Astor descendent) thing too, & we all ‘LOVE’ our new masters just like we ‘LOVE’ our old masters, then don’t we all still care, cause that’s what us Jewish & Goyim serfs do, we all ‘LOVE’ to love our Zionist ‘NWO’ masters…

(Especially when they treat-us like shit until we all slowly die of it)

(The only thing better than that is dying a high-tech mass genocide)



It says I’ve gotta submit, & I-says all I-can do is literally euthanise…




ROBBY (Ben-Astor Via-Eichmann) (Nee-Hass) (Hess) DANIEL…

© ® 24/8/12




PS: “Stop the world… I-want to get off ‘Ju-Jew,’ you idiotic morons.”

“Heaven (sic) save-us from the iodiocy of our chosen dud-delusions.”

“This (Dead) god-guy of the Judeo-Christians is a real-hoot isn’t-he?”

“All of this idiocy would likely embarrass the-fcuk out of the Christ.”




About spacelizardlaw

Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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