Here’s a whole ‘MESS’ of Youtube comments, in random order, mostly on subjects to do with atheism, fake religion, & world politics. Some of them are funny, others topical, yet others might well cause you to actually ‘THINK’ rather than just meekly conform to all of the latest big-picture lies from Illuminati Mason lords of Washington Whitehall & Windsor…

(That’d be the Killuminati-Jewish lords of our servile suck-hole world)

It’s a pity I’ve got no-one to edit them for me, cause I’m starting not to care too much, but it certainly would have been better to be able to read the comments or know vids I’d commented on for the sake of context, but it’s a tin whistle effort, I’m merely seeking to place constructive thought-thorns in the undies of the swine who won’t let me go…







Postulated AE theory, maybe.
I’m not backing a CT trip tho.
I’ve studied history from an unusually advantageous position, Illuminati in-laws drip fed me info on which lies were said by whom & why, so all I’d implied was random mutation of ape DNA leading to fake Apollo shots + a plan to cull excess ppl via neutron bombs & Armageddon isn’t atheist evolution, it’s devolution.
Omnipotent cosmic magi are another Illuminati lie, so how will we get to the stars as mere genocidal ape-brain fruitcakes?

These giant skeletons even had a name for those needing to know.
They were called ‘LUCIFER ANUNNAKI’ & were supposedly stranded here on earth as a kind of Prison Planet © ® (Eck) while waiting to either learn or die, & it seems they died instead of learning, but B4 they died & became our gods, they combined their DNA with apes & then Neanderthal to create an obedient little fcuking hobbit who was a good slave & a tasty bit of flesh during full moons.
Of-course I’m jesting, always (Just) jesting.

Imagine the size of the stool whoever built that would leave behind when they took a crap, which was probably partially why ‘LUCIFER ANUNNAKI’ mixed their DNA with apes & Neanderthals, cause in addition to us tasting more than a little like long white pig during the rough months after a lean harvest, we all got to clean up Lucifer’s massive god-crap after he took a dump, & we’re still doing it too.
Hey Zeus, Jupiter, put down those thunderbolts.
I’ve already told you I’m ‘ONLY’ kidding you guys.

The hobbit-human slaves were encouraged to shat Baal’s Lucifer Anunnaki Alien ‘ET’ semen into the minute crevices cut by the copper chisels to weaken the rock, & over a few 1000’s yrs that stuff is so alkaline it would even eat straight thru the US Fed deficit.
At-least that’s what my Masonic bio-dad never told me.
Of-course he never told me lots of things, which makes me an expert on every one of them, cause my theories have never been challenged.

To quote some rationale & irrefutable logic from the atheist bible, you haven’t yet even provided any ‘PROOF’ about your assertion that you’re human yet, you’ve merely stated a belief your parents or your creator taught you, or a are mouthing (Typing) a theory that assumes you are without scientifically proving it to the rest of the human race in a lab.
You might have escaped from ‘AREA-51’ & gone to hide in Texas.
There’s probably a whole community of you hybrid-fcukers in Austin.

Within days of America’s next major false-flag black-op on US soil 2 out of 7 ppl alive today will face the acid test of a god existing, & whether he’s an angry omnipotent cosmic magician with a split personality or whether he was only a long since dead “LUCY’ (Fer) ‘ANUNNAKI’ in drag wearing pink tights & quoting the Quran & the Pentateuch & posing as the angel Moroni, & within 4 yrs of that 9 out of 10 remaining will also face the high tech genocidal acid test on the existence of a psycho god.

“Thou wast a liar & a thief & a murderer from the beginning.” (Christ)
Of course then the ‘GOD OF THIS WORLD’ financed both sides of WW2 & pulled the Korean War to snuff the Pearl Harbour story, then whacked the Kennedy’s & Luther King & faked the Apollo landings, so if this ‘GOD’ of the Masons says the world won’t end in 2012 I’m certainly not going to argue with him, maybe the insane bastard will change his mind & if he really was an omnipotent cosmic magi we’d all be screwed?
Yeah NASA, sure.

Worship an all-powerful all-knowing angry Great Clitoris in the Sky God?
Well maybe you guys should become a little better educated, cause it’s already all been done B4 with the ‘ASHTAR’ thing in the Middle East, quite a few 1000 yrs ago, but was then subjugated to the Great White Brotherhood secret societies, & as they were a brotherhood & not a sisterhood, the Great Penis in the Sky God won the day.
Here’s hoping Ur now a little more enlightened.
(That Great Clitoris in the Sky God sounds rad)

I’m not a theist so get over it, I’d grown up in Illuminati circles & I’d soon enough learned the concept as a 6 y\o that the ‘GOD’ everyone was bowing down to was really Lucifer all along, & the whole thing is a sham, Lucifer is ‘GOD OF THIS WORLD’ & it’s just the way it is.
The Illuminati claim he (They) were stranded here to await termination by ‘ENLIL’ beings that rule the galaxy & aren’t cosmic magicians, & died 400,000 yrs ago in a failed high tech escape attempt.
(So stop lying & grow-up)

You just can’t grasp the fact that Lucifer & ‘GOD’ are the same being?
Can’t understand every bitch you make about him\them is all too true?
But can you not understand ‘LUCY’ (Fer) once physically existed on this planet, isn’t a cosmic magician & neither were the ‘ENLIL’ who stranded him (Them) here, & after creating human hobbits as intelligent slaves & dumb food tried to escape his (Their) gaol & died in the attempt, with only a few of their ‘ET’ offspring left alive underground?

Heaven forbid you atheists have been snared in the Pharisee (Theist) Sadducee (Atheist) snare so completely that you can’t see you’re both wrong?

I’m now feeling prophetical enough 2B predicting that the very first ones to be cleansed from the brave new world our society is destined 2 become B4 the long promised & much touted new “Golden Age” is upon us, will be those with a sense of humour who find it impossible not to laugh at, & ‘YE-VERILY’ (Snicker) occasionally even openly mock the boring intellectual retardation both theists & atheists work so very hard to foster among the proles.
(In other words you’re all a bunch of damned idiots)

When we’re done dumping on omnipotent cosmic magicians that don’t even exist, lets start a net talkback show to debate democracy, after all that doesn’t really exist either, then we’ll man up & ‘GET’ Santa Claus & the Lone Ranger too, then Audey Murphy & the ‘PHANTOM’ & move right onto ‘BATMAN & SUPERMAN’ & then onto, “What’s that you’re saying magic sky-fairy? Batman & Santa Claus were both real?”. Does anyone else know yet?
(This imaginary conversation was not authorised under the Patriot Act)

If you went to university & passed enough subjects to gain a degree rather than just pass the time, you’d understand that both politics & to a far lesser degree mere psychology are both considered a ‘SCIENCE’ so bearing that in mind, when the Christ in his time in human flesh called the god of this world Lucifer a “LIAR THIEF & MURDERER” then from a scientific point he’s been proved to have been very accurate with his truth.
(Lies? Everywhere! Theft? Everywhere! Murder? Everywhere!)

In the 70’s Russia tested high energy impact weapons, consisting of 20 ft 10 inch 4 or 5 ton titanium steel projectiles travelling at 9 klms per sec using supposedly non existent anti grav tech no one has as one ‘HELL’ of a bunker busting weapon, in the 80’s the US refined it so they could be useful when used on civilians, decreasing the size to a mere 70 kg nickel iron slug but using the same technology to get it up to 18 klms per sec, which made 2012 suspiciously like a cover story in advance.

Along with dinosaurs, do you think the Smithsonian Institute has other ‘PROOF’ the Masons were lying when they sold that 6000 yr story to their Xtian serfs, cause if the Masons tell you anything whether secretly or thru their control of other groups like the church, shouldn’t we all just believe them?
After all they’re the ‘BUILDERS’ of society’s political & spiritual mind, & they’ve got that ‘ANCIENT WISDOM’ stuff like alchemy & the kabala.

Here’s a laugh, what if omnipotent omnipresent omniscient cosmic magicians most of the Pagans know as ‘GOD’ & the more enlightened (Snicker) of the Xtians know as the big angry ‘SKY-DADDY’ didn’t really exist after all, but the devil, Lucifer, or Satan, depending on his mood at the time really did exist, as do the high tech galactic rulers who stranded him here, & us humans are complicit in our own enslavement to illusion cause that’s the best we can expect from redundant monkey genes?

Where’s the tunnel to ‘AREA-51’ & where’s the little-guy’s ray-gun?
Maybe it was a test to A: See if we’re stupid & B: See if we’re killer monkeys still & maybe perhaps C: See if we’re still stupid killer monkeys, so it looks like we passed, or failed, the test depending on who (Or what) was conducting it.
IE: If the Patriotic Republicans were running it we passed = We’re stupid.
EG: If Alien Democrats ran it we failed = We’re still stupid killer monkeys.

Well be that as it may, but even if they’re stranded in a post supernova solar system wide ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ which Christ predicted & Peter implied, they may still get a bit of a chuckle laughing at you if you were one of those who were only waiting for an angry cosmic magician with a habit of arranging his own murder to get you out of there.
Reductio Ad-Absurdium = Someone else being deceived doesn’t mean you’re not, so get real & oppose ‘ALL’ of the illusions while you can.

Umm, you forgot Satanists, Pagan Wicca, GOP, & the Democrats too.
Each one of them is quite religious in their own way, & has a big shill they go with to the exclusion of other opposing views like maybe giant pre-human hominids that don’t fit the evolution story, & apart from Satanists the whackiest ones usually do their big sell every 4th November round about now, where you’re all expected to ‘BELIEVE’ stuff you already had ‘PROOF’ is a total lying scam, designed to keep you dumb & subservient.

So atheists don’t hate god, I-think maybe Ashley said.
Fcuk-god, after all some theists don’t like him anyway.
(Lets just cut some cows pigeons sheep doves & bullocks up, collect the blood, & throw that at the altar & god will be appeased will he?)
What was Moses trying to hint at there, god is a psycho?
Nah-seriously, might he have been hinting at something?
Freemasons once wrote Lucifer is their god, so seriously, do you understand all the deeper issues here, Christ rocks, & god is a total cnut.

Will anyone break out of the god-deception long enough to see the big scam, connect some dots, & realise Christ’s high-tech ‘ENLIL’ father isn’t the angry omnipotent Lord Fraud Almighty & cosmic magi Lucifer pretends 2B as ‘GOD OF THIS WORLD’ & learn they aren’t the same being, cause if you can’t, me saying god is a cnut, & Saul of Tarsus was a lying prick, & Jews like Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, & especially Christ were big dissenters & had bowling balls hanging between their legs will mean nothing.

I’m concerned about the Pole Shift thing, a few people who knew the dirty-dirty low down back in the 70’s gave me the big picture, so why isn’t the US preparing mechanical fuel injectors & air starters for it’s diesels, & magnetos & charcoal burners etc for petrol vehicles, but as 4 the ‘NIBIRU’ thing, it was a cover story for the day after, planted on the internet & elsewhere to cover the (Mis) use (sic) of America & Russia’s secret high energy 70 kg 18 klm per sec impact weapons, they’re real.

“It’s the Pole Shift, stupid.”  –  (President Walker, the ghost who talks)

Road transport & thus fuel & food, electricity & most water supplies, refineries, any world ‘GOVERNMENT’ (sic) that was doing more than planning to hide in underground bunkers & leave the world to go to hell in a hand basket would gear up for Pole Shift now, & as a result of preparing a ‘WAR ON STUPIDITY’ (sic) by going onto a real war footing to manufacture mechanical backup systems they’d save the economy. (Stupid)

It’s said a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, & yours ‘IS’ pretty little BB.
I’m not into the Planet Nibiru doing a close cruise by of earth thing, even tho I’ve been pretty well assured by some Illuminati cowboys that such a thing exists in a 3600 year elliptical orbit, an old iron rich red dwarf star like Nibiru orbits ‘COULD’ however cause our earth’s magnetic iron core to flip, even if it was only cruising near our outer solar system & looking smaller than Mars on a clear day, so wake-up.

If one of the sun’s regular magnetic pole shifts occurred at the same time earth’s core reacted to the red dwarf star Nibiru orbits, that might make for a particularly nasty Pole Shift, & when that magnetic iron acts like a compass needle & breaks free from the outer mantle like a tectonic plate will stick until the force is too great, then that would, & will, cause the rest of the earth to then also move as the core points to another direction, which happened in a milder way in Joshua‘s day.

Just so you know, it doesn’t have to stop, merely keep rotating but change the vector it’s axis spins on, then the star might appear like our sun does in the arctic & Antarctic, where it doesn’t go down for around 3 months, keep your mind open BB & think of the path of rotation you stand on curving.
Keep in mind the Christ’s prophesies on the earth’s geology, ‘AND’ it’s star too, because it’s no joke, really he was a very intelligent man.

Anyone with scientific knowledge will do just that, except if they work for NASA or Langley most likely, but even then there’s still some ppl that like to take a little responsibility for the future & ‘NOT’ preparing mechanical fuel pumps & compressed air starters for tractors & road transport when the EMP pulses fry their computer chips, ‘NOT’ fitting refineries out with redundant mechanical backup systems, & ‘NOT’ putting big diesel power into water pumping stations now is criminally negligent.

You’re only here cause mommy let daddy skip the condom one night.
The phrase “Evidence for their claims” is straight from an atheist Troll’s hand book, so if you want evidence, go look it up yourself you lazy sod, I’ve spent a little under 4 decades researching the stuff, besides ‘EVIDENCE’ in 500 chars?
Look it up yourself, both for & against, & perhaps start with the magnetic direction of iron in places like campfire coals from 25,000 yrs ago.
Yes Nigel, or Nimrod, the ‘EVIDENCE’ is out there.

It’s true earth’s rotation gives it an incredible amount of inertia, so much so that after a wobble shift or complete flip of earth’s iron core thru the influence of ‘SOMETHING’ on it’s core, whether that be our iron rich star’s magnetic field doing something unknown, or the star ‘NIBIRU’ orbits affecting it, or a magnetic wave thru the galaxy centre we haven’t tracked, or all three, earth’s inertia tends to settle it back eventually, after the EMP pulses, + the big wobble flattening everything.

Will the planet ‘NIBIRU’ still crash into Uranus like the Masons privately claim, or will it miss Uranus & hit us all right in the ‘CNUT’ after ricocheting off of the mass of Higgs Bosen particles currently being inexplicably drawn into orbit around the gravity of the US Fed deficit, & will life survive as we know it (Jim) or will a quantum leap in the cosmic piece of string thing that keeps earth spinning around the latest Masonic lie finally snap like the suspenders on an old hooker’s bra?

I’d quote the old Scottish guy from the Pommy comedy ‘DAD’S ARMY’ where he says something like “We’re doomed I-tell you, doomed, doomed” but I’m kind of doubting any comedy show would catch the flavour of the moment poignantly enough, unless I’d written it.
We’re facing another US false-flag black-op leading to the initial high tech deaths of 2 billion ppl masked as a massive meteorite strike, then another 4.5 billion from neutron bombs within 4 yrs of that, but ‘STILL’ face the Pole Shift too.

So what’s the difference? One uses a condom & the other doesn’t?
Aren’t both financed & ultimately controlled by Illuminati Jew bankers anyway, & while one (Socialist) favours giving it to you in the arse, the other (Crony capitalist) one only wants to get Jiggy with it when they can skull-fcuk you after eating the flesh from your dead corpse?
Bloody Americans are the most politically deluded people on earth.

Again, this caller wasn’t preaching no ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ snake-oil thing, he was merely trying to raise an intellectual point on a piece of disputed archaeology, & I’m finding it both bemusing as a closet intellectual, & very bloody scary as a man in the fascist sense, cause I’m one who refuses to conform to group-think, group-speak, or especially group-idiocy, no matter what the group is or which favourite topic they’re bitching on, it’s gone too far when closet-Pagan atheists try to control things.

You’re petrified, & wonder if all of the things you heard are true?
Does your teacher secretly molest you, yet still vote Republican?
Or does he promise you the world, but only give you Obamacare?
Does he distract you with prayer in school & lying stories of hellfire?
Choose wisely little Butterfly, you ‘ll certainly get screwed either way big time, but at least you’ll have health care if you’ll just vote Democrat.
(Bought to you by ‘OBAMA LOVES YOUR ASS’ for the Democrats)

That’s a pretty broad compliment you gave yourself there young man.
When you write cheques like that on your own heart mind & soul, you’d want to have a little more credit than the US Fed to cash them.
Read what Masons Eliphaz Levi & Pike said about Lucifer being god.
Then either get out of the Masons, or join the Mormons or something.
The god trip makes Xtians look almost as sills as Satanists & Masons.
Even so, the historical Christ understood the lie, & rocked their socks.

If only the president would come-out (Snicker) & say straight (Snicker) out (Snicker) “My fellow Americans, there’s no such thing as a giant conspiracy (Snicker) to hide the Smithsonian hiding giant skeletons from the public” (Snicker) then we could all go back to watching the Simpson’s (Snicker) & stop snickering about stuff we know nothing about, especially giant conspiracies to hide skeletons that don’t exist.
(Personally I’m thinking Bernie Madeoff is in on it there somewhere)

Some people like “Molly & Scolder” (sic) of the 60’s CIA X-Files, think they’re still doing it too, but now it all goes on in underground cities.
To me it’s a pity both atheists & theists are as intellectually retarded as each other as they circle the wagons to defend the pumpkin patch.
Heaven forbid they each learn shite that made them both look stupid.
(Please don’t Troll anyone else, I’m merely being deliberately vague)

Me stupid? Nah, I’m not stupid in the dictionary meaning of the word.
I’ve got a redundant monkey-gene that kicks in every time I’m near a keyboard & see other evolved monkeys make comments like yours.
These commentators at AAC speak for all you atheists everywhere, much like the pope speaks for all paedophile priests everywhere.
The atheist-pope at the Austin Atheist Community declare ‘YOU’ to be an idiot for believing stuff you can’t provide ‘EVIDENCE’ for.
Giant Lucifer-god’s now dawg? Really?

I’ll like to add a bit of encouragement, by saying it’s good to see you try to kick the evolved monkey-gene habit off your back.

It’s never good for your heart to allow other monkey-dawg’s to herd you like sheep with either their beliefs or political opinions.

But exactly how far will you go in Ur free thinking?

Myself, I’m thinking armour-piercing reactive-cyanide bullets might give any hungry Anunnaki more than a little bit of fatal Anarchy.

(But I’ve only got a stupid monkey-gene, right?)

What if the mythical ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ & his omnipotent cosmic-magi father came back to earth, saw what we’d done with it, then quietly left again that same night saying something to each other like “I-DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE GUYS” or even more likely, what if the real soul of the historical Christ came back in a cloned body travelling in a high tech Eternal City 1600 miles across, & he also looked at what we’ve done & said “I-DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE GUYS” then soon left to avoid the immanent supernova?

Well have you heard about ‘OUR’ new religion, sucker.
It’s called the New American Century & it’s gonna rule.
You just chant ‘US-FED DEFICIT OM-911’ till you die.
Cause we don’t have an afterlife in our religion, & even if we did you wouldn’t be invited unless you were in our lodge & knew all the right people.
Remember all you’ve gotta do is chant that ‘US-FED OM-911’ till you go blue in the face & we’ll take care of everything else, even your 401-k’s.

Speaking from a peculiar & way too-informed perspective, god is a total cnut, but you’re right about Christ, he was a hard (Bad) man but all heart balls & brains, & not at all ‘MEAN’ as you say, he didn’t come to kill steal & destroy, that’s Lucifer’s job & he’s good at it, & covers his arse pretending to be the Lord Fraud Almighty.

Christ offers a real rescue from a post supernova ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ while the evil god of this world only offers you magic god-blood doctrine.

(Careful how you hear me)

I’m basically an animist & dabbled in Shamanism as a pastime since my early years, & am not completely dismissive of spiritualist beliefs so long as no-one tries to shares their beliefs with me to convert me.
I’ve counted at least 3 separate souls all claiming to be the mythical “JEEZE-ARSE” in the soul realm & obviously two of them have to be lying but the 3rd is pretty suss too, so there’s snake-oil salesmen out there.
If you naively ‘BELIEVE’ in Santa Claus still, will he be invoked as well?

Righto, first we’ll just pretend that the cosmic magician even exists.
We’ll pretend all that ‘KILL-KILL & LOTS OF BLOOD’ stuff was only personal excess & prejudice by those who conned him to let them speak in his name after Christ & Peter went into Molech’s crock-pot for a slow simmer with shallots mushrooms & garlic + onions white wine olive oil salt & paprika.
Then we’ll ignore the earthquakes & extreme heat from the sun which Christ predicted, along with the immanent supernova Peter implied.

If you like predictions, try Peter’s prophecy in 2-Pet Ch3 where he clearly states that “The very elements (Molecules) themselves will melt with fervent heat” & later predicts that the “Planetary bodies will disappear with a shrill (Loud) noise” which sounds suspiciously like a supernova which would create the “LAKE OF FIRE’ the Christ also predicted.
But in the meantime our governments are still doing nothing to prepare most ppl for Pole Shift apart from high tech stuff needed to kill us all.

“The world will end in 1896, 1914, the pope, 1920, 1975, three aces, a pair of kings, lucky seven, lucky number seven, 13 red, Gin again.”
(Jehovah’s Witness founder Charles Taze Russel at his weekly ‘Gambler’s Anonymous’ meeting at his local Masonic Lodge on Tuesday nights)

They’re all Masons, as are most religious leaders & elders…
But that doesn’t mean ‘ALL’ Masons are cuckoo, only some…
Why does Christ often get all the blame for Illuminati chess…
(The Masons are played by their own leaders just as much)

They took over the Republican Party, & called themselves Americans?
(All bloody shape-shifting reptilian god-bastard ‘ET’ alien communists)
Thank-god (Snicker) the Masons in the US government & congress were there all along to help us not think about it all too much, otherwise we might be held responsible for the stupid decisions made in our name.
If it wasn’t the terrorists who did 911, then it was aliens wasn’t it?
(Yes America, take 2 aspirin & call Ur psychiatrist in the morning)

Stick to motorcycle maintenance & beer you arrogant Troll twit.

Adults are making valid points which seem to go over your head.

No-one said anything about the earth’s rotation stopping, but the axis ‘WILL’ tilt the geological ‘PROOF’ of that is there if you exercise an inquiring mind & not just an atheist Troll opinion, & the earth’s core already powers ‘TESLA’ generators in more (Secret) govt facilities than you’ll ever learn of,.

(In the meantime I’m glad I’m amusing you while others learn)

Do atheists ‘BELIEVE’ in giant, oh-sorry, I’d meant to say are atheists allowed 2 accept giant skeletons might, oh that’s wrong too isn’t it.

Are atheists allowed 2 accept such things may exist if they can’t get 2 Peru 2 ‘PROVE’ 2 themselves Cone Head skulls are in the museum ?

Maybe atheists aren’t allowed 2 think the Smithsonian keeps such things as giant skeletons hidden cause it can’t be proven, & 2 think otherwise would mean they’re ‘CT’ nuts, which is against their religion isn’t it?

So my comment about these 9 & 1200 ton foundation stones either being a landing-pad for real world anti-grav ‘ET’ craft, (Quite plausible) so they didn’t ground out their energy or just sink into the mud, or it only being a resting place for the fat arses of cosmic magi like Zues Baal & Lucifer, who were only bastard offspring of ‘YHWH’ according to the kookier Jews, got voted down for being in poor taste?

Well fcuk-me, oh, hang-on, their followers already did. (Wankers)

“The economy will-not end in 2012 – Proof from NASA.” (Yada-Yada)

(Ladies & gentleman, fasten your seat belts & extinguish your cigarettes, if you have any joints or other drugs, feel free to imbibe, you’re really going to need them)

Anywaaaay, back in the real world, there’ll probably be some politicians preachers & other Masonic Nimrods keen to tell you everything will be ‘OK’ if you’ll only submit while ‘NOTHING’ is done to prepare for Pole Shift, so submit until your heart is irrelevant.

Presumably you’re an angel’s advocate mouthing US Govt assurances.

Well me-fine feathered friend (Daffy Dcuk) if you’ll do the mantra of an illiterate Osama Bin-Vanstone speaking from a lonely cave in Afghanistan as he coordinates a surprise attack attack on the world’s greatest superpower, I’d feel so much more reassured, but as you can’t without first placing your dcik in your hand, I’m concerned us average ppl are all screwed.

(Only because we are tho, all thru treason & criminal negligence)

Obviously those ‘CONE HEAD’ skulls with a brain capacity possibly easily twice the size of our own weren’t suited to ‘EVOLVE’ further into the future like us small brained hobbits, which is why we killed them all, so remember to try not to get too smart, cause nature has natural laws, & one of those laws is that nature doesn’t like smart-arses, even if they’re bloody big ones with huge brains.

(Now is some small-brained atheist hobbit going to ask me if I-can prove that?)

Yeah evidence is good but they still couldn’t convict ‘OJ’ could they.

I’m specifically impressed by the scientific ‘EVIDENCE’ about random DNA mutations progressively causing survivable changes in species, from pond slime, onto amoeba, jellyfish, fish, amphibians, lizards, mammals, apes, Neanderthals, all the way up to things like US Congressional monkeys & Wall Street lizards, so I’m also convinced us evolved apes built those foundation stones all on our own, as the ‘EVIDENCE’ is overpowering.

I’m still a little scared of the mindless insanity behind deliberate Trolling.

The real & present danger is an EMP pulse caused by earth’s magnetic iron core rotating due to a solar influence such as the star, or Nibiru’s red Dwarf sun, or both, acting like the geological dynamo it always was (Tesla-tech) then sending that EMP pulse arcing out thru our world as the core rotates, at first independently of the outer mantle, & shorts out everything susceptible to such things.

(You Trolls are scary)

Maybe the god of ‘TRUTH’ (sic) built those foundations (sic) but now the god of ‘LIES’ gets all of his pawns to disseminate over who how what & why?
(That explanation makes as much sense as cavemen & bronze chisels)
Perhaps our evolved-ape ancestors knew they’d need to quarry such massive stones so that one day in the distant future Romans could jack-off on it?
(That explanation makes as much sense as cavemen & bronze chisels)

The 1000’s of US 70 kg high-energy impact weapons, travelling at 18 kms per second, which Russia 1st tested in the 70’s with 18 ft 4 ton 14″ wide tungsten steel bunker buster projectiles travelling at only 9 kms per second are also a real & present danger, but the fruitcakes you serve may or may not (sic) use them or their neutron bombs, so we may or may not (sic) escape or delay that depending on their insanity at the time, but Pole Shift is unavoidable & to not prepare is criminally negligent.

I’d probably be mostly at ease shooting-shit with peeps in a spiritualist church, just as long as they accepted my animist, slightly Shamanic, position on all forms of existential realities, & no head spiritualist tried to impose his views onto me, cause round then I’d be remembering both what I’m aware of & know, & what I’m not aware of & don’t know, which is heaps, but usually when I’m in that frame of mind my ‘BS’ detector kicks into overdrive & not a lot gets past my kooky little true heart.

While I’m on a roll, what if the Great White Brotherhood Molech worshippers who had Joseph of Arimathea ask Pilate for Christ’s body so they could cook it up in their ritual manner, had kept what was left of his butchered corpse, & now the big money Luciferin Illuminati Masons take some of the skin cells or whatever, & clone that to create their antichrist, just to teach that upstart Jew Christ a thing or two, & again, tho the technology exists, of course I’m only jesting a little, kinda, maybe.

“In the beginning was the word, & the word was the US Fed deficit.”
(My real apologies to the apostle John, but it kinda fits the moment)
Politics, religion, & prostitution, all rely on money to fcuk with you.
Maybe “81tystacks’ is an old Mason looking to connect the ‘GAOTU’ in his mind to the ‘GMOTU’ in your butt, yet maybe not, he may only be trying to get people to think outside a ‘BOX’ that shapes the evolved magic monkey-sand in their mind?
(That’s Great Mathematician Of The Universe above)

The 500 y\o Pagan root-word ‘GOD’ means “Spirit or soul of a deceased priest or king” & originally held no meaning associated with an angry cosmic magician who was so psycho he became himself, only so he could make us humans murder him, so he could forgive us for being such lecherous murderous shits.
The whole thing is indeed the language of Loonies, but why aren’t atheists debating the real issues, & why their anti ‘ET’ or Ancient Astronaut stance, cause the random mutation thing is also nuts.

You been talking to my mother or my 1\2 sisters?

How else could you possibly know I’m ignorant?

As for me being a fool, well, the one who told you that must have been the bastard that impregnated a poor simple working girl like Mom.

Intelligent evolutionists claim random DNA mutations were what caused changes that led to subtle bio-morphs which itself led to the fittest of those surviving to become new species, & tho I-don’t believe-it myself, obviously it’s only cause I’m an ignorant fool dude.

I’d always thought Popeye’s girl Olive Oil was every sailor’s sweetie.

All those lonely-lonely nights at sea, a very funny piece of Jew humor.

Of course there ‘WERE’ Jewish sailors, so they were wankers & butt-banger’s as well, only ‘THEY’ were practicing the Jewish ‘KABALA’ doing it.

As for whether there were any Masonic sailors, well of course not.

Otherwise they’d be screwing Olive Oil & practicing the kabala too.

(Everybody knows Masons aren’t wankers nor butt-banger’s either)

Putting the best possible spin on, at 2.30 the man is acting as the devil’s advocate by lying, cause Pole Shift was recorded in the Book of Joshua around 3600 yrs ago as the sun stayed up for a day or so, & the moon stood still, & the consequences for the earth will be a little bit like Tom Cruise’s Independence Day movie, with massive lightning & EMP pulses burning out anything not shielded, so computer chips in road transport, electricity, & refineries will fail & need real mechanical backup.

So the witch doctor performed a humour-ectomy on you?

(1) Atheism, the belief that all must confirm to your belief.

(Joe Stalin, A Hitler, & B Mussolini were big on that once)

(2) We agree, seriously, we seriously agree on that point.

(Theism is truly ridiculous, but atheism is catching up fast)

(3) You’re saying that Lucifer actually wear’s pink tights?

(Lots of fascists wore pink tights, & Lucy is just a fascist)

(4) Run 4 congress, no-one else there knows they idiots.

To paraphrase an idiot, I-see we still “Got no (Funny) bananas” today.
The majority of non-believers in Xtianity includes their Masonic masters + Jews, Muslims, Sihks, Buddhists, Shinto, Daoists & G Carlin.
So according to your (Lack-of) all rational true logic.
(1) The atheist & theist God is just a big sore-loser.
(2) Even if he did exist, no-one rational really cares.
(3) No-one even cares if it’s Lucy (Fer) in pink tights.
(4) There’s no fourth point, obviously, you’re an idiot.

If I’d been as evil as some Americans were told I’d been, & had enough money today, I’d clone old Adolph Eichmann.
Then split the blastocyst & stick one embryo into Princess Di & an identical embryo into another womb, & after whacking Di’s William & eating him in a Molech worship feast, I’d be able to secretly wheel out the other to replace the one with the cool heart Princess Di raised, & I’d have come really close to creating a real antichrist.
Of-course I-jest (sic) but the technology exists.

Christ was given a cloned ‘ENLIL’ body of his ‘ENLIL’ father’s flesh.
Seeing as his human flesh was cooked up in a Molech feast, just like Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Baptist, Stephen, & Peter, how else could it have been?
Expect the devil to have humans copy that ‘MIRACLE’ because it’s often a case of monkey see in the Catholic Holy See, & then monkey-do too.
(Give up the omnipotent cosmic magician deception)
(Whether you’re an atheist or a theist, just give it up)

Seriously atheists ‘AND’ theists step outside of a mental straight-jacket.
This little game you play of ‘US’ verses ‘THEM’ was exactly the same dynamic played in Christ’s day, with the Pharisees (Theists) opposing the Sadducees (Atheists) keeping both of them dumb, & today both of you miss what’s really going down in the real world.
Take my comment underneath about Prince William as mere satire.
(But then have a ‘REAL’ good think about what you don’t yet know)

Are you saying our ‘POND-SLIME’ ancestors were placed in a Petri-dish, then subjected to poisonous toxins & things to make them evolve?

Then not only have you proved creationism by not very intelligent design, you’ve also proved that ‘GOD’ is a real A-Grade cnut haven’t you?

Jeeze-aaaah paleeza your Pagan-atheist overlords will pay you well.

Well isn’t it possible some (Physically existing) ‘GOD’ (sic) evolved in one of 10 billion x 100’s of millions of planets a few billion yrs ago, & then consider if this old physically existing ‘GOD’ (sic) wasn’t a cosmic magician but ‘WAS’ a high-tech ‘ET’ then maybe either he or ‘THEY’ (sic) may have intervened at various times in earth’s fairly short evolutionary history, or aren’t you allowed to laterally think outside of what your system of religious & political control says for some reason?

That damn monkey-gene is certainly pretty fcuking redundant isn’t it.
Obviously the Christian evolutionists all avoid the fact that whoever their ‘GOD’ is, he’s got one ‘HELL’ of a heavy sense of humour by getting us evolved monkeys to always keep taking ourselves so seriously in the first place.

How did life originate? You mean B4 ‘ET’ used earth as a vegi-garden?
Do you mean how did us humans originate as semi-intelligent cattle (Food) & slaves to serve the physical ‘GODS’ (sic) who built Baalbek?
Do you mean how did amoeba occur? How did ‘ET’ originate? Or were you asking a much deeper question like did life exist elsewhere B4 matter fell down a black hole in another universe creating this one by due process & big sky physics, + sweet happenstance & chance, cause I’ve no fcuking idea.

But according to all of you atheists, apes are part of the primordial pond slime family, & matter of fact every time televangelists or US Congressmen get on the TV for a few laughs, or a few minutes (Either) I’m almost convinced human DNA randomly mutated from slime.
Anyway don’t have an intelligently designed cow man.
But seriously, are you arguing for intelligent design now?
Who do you seem to be all over the place with your points?

So let me get this right, if you say we ‘KNOW’ that we all evolved from single cell life, you don’t mean to preach a belief system do you, you’re merely proposing what amounts to a theory with little scientific ‘PROOF’ in the lab, unlike it is with religion proposing a theory of beliefs with little scientific ‘PROOF’ in a lab.
You’re saying all of the components for ‘OUR’ single cell beginnings are abundant thru the universe then?
So we evolved out there, & were brought here by aliens were we?

But then you go on to state that ‘WE KNOW’ we derived from single cell life forms which I’m not disputing, yet also implying this has been proven to have been a random chance event, & that a progression of random chances from pond slime to amoeba to jellyfish, then onto Wall Street, Washington, & WMD’s for Saddam Hussein is just the way things are, it just sounds way too much like a ‘BELIEF’ to me.
(But WTF dude, I’m neither theist nor atheist)
(Why did you imply I’m into invisible daddy’s?)

So now you want a message do you, well I’ll just go back to your original comment & try to lead you into the light Luke. (sic)
I’m saying that god & Satan ‘MUST’ exist, cause they’ve made atheists & theists into humourless anti-intellectual morons.
I’m also saying that ever since 911 a sad psychological knee jerk response has developed world wide, even in atheism & theism, where ppl herd together like cattle to defend their group beliefs or common assumptions & they’ve lost their funny doing it.

Masonry controls 99+% of all Xtianity today, & if you’re good with the research you can easily trace it back to the Templars, then the Norman Conquerors who conquered the Vatican in 1084 & then on back to the Comacines of the 4th century (Cathedral & palace builders) then back to GW Brotherhood adepts like Clement of Rome, Saul of Tarsus, even right back to Solomon, & you can do this from the books Masonry itself published.
So really, isn’t it Masonry that turns grown men into helpless children?

What kind of world would it be, if Peter had beaten Saul of Tarsus to death & then that stupid lying Judas prick had never had a chance to replace Christ’s words with his own magic god-blood Pauline waffle.
Instead men like Stephen just waited to be stoned to death, & cooked up in Molech worship & eaten by Saul in ritual human cannibalism.
Of course that’s pretty freaky but it’s what really happened to Christ’s human flesh too, so look to some high-tech cloning for his resurrection.
(It’s saner)

According to atheists, there’s no evolution without abiogenesis 1st.
You’ll have to excuse my occasional spurts of humour too, I’ve just evolved that way randomly because one of my grand-daddy apes was into eating magic mushrooms & marijuana whenever the old banana supply ran out.
Anyway get a grip, the phrase ‘RANDOM MUTATION’ is central to what you try to propose yet you duck the issue, you naughty little monkey you.
It’s supposedly random mutation & only ‘THEN’ survival of the fittest.

Please ring Matt up & convert him to your viewpoints.
He claims atheism is something that demands you can’t accept ‘ET’ exists unless you can first ‘PROVE’ that they exist, yet you’re allowing yourself the privilege of holding a series of scientifically unproven beliefs with no way of gaining scientific proof either, so ring Matt up & let him slice you & dice you.
Personally I-think most atheists are idiots, & theists are even more so, & as for invisible magic sky daddies, Jeeza-paleezea dude.

Which planet are you on, & which solar-system is it in, & does your galaxy exist in ‘OUR’ universe, or an atheist one?
For the 10,000th time, I-don’t believe in an Xtian Jewish Muslim Masonic atheist cosmic magi, I’m not sure I-ever did.
Prattle-on as prats do, but why comment to me about shite I’m not a believer in, it’s pretty accurate logic you’re trying to piss on fool, science can do virgin births now, & I’d suggest science created the Christ’s conception.
(But not Ur evolved-ape science)

This man wasn’t pushing religion, all he was trying to do was challenge the status quo of the bog standard archaeological crap we’re all sold.
Archaeology isn’t all crap, neither is economics or all of politics either.
But there sure are one hell of a lot of dumps taken in the name of each.
Matter of fact, atheism has now become a big intellectual toilet of sorts.
But like Carlin says, when it comes to ‘BS’ you gotta hand it to religion.

WTF has that got to do with random chemicals randomly forming into cells of pond-slime & then randomly mutating into ameoba, jellyfish, fish, amphibians, lizards, mammals, apes, Neanderthals, humans, & then whacking a president & faking an Apollo moon shot dude?
Oh I-get it, you’re building to the intellectual equivalent of the US Fed deficit, you’ll keep using the Fibonacci sequence till you make sense?
Damn Trolls, ‘SOMEBODY’ must’ve showed them a Fibonacci sequence.

Well seriously, please point to a website which has published valid real world checkable scientific ‘PROOF’ of a laboratory experiment ‘PROVING’ that random chemical actions created a reproducing reaction within a sealed membrane (Abiogenesis) then random mutations of the accidental DNA leading from primordial pond slime onto higher life forms like jellyfish, television preachers, & even US congressmen, via apes.
(See the monkey-gene on religious TV & Washington chat shows)

For the intellectually challenged, the 500 y\o Pagan root word ‘GOD’ only refers to the “Spirit or soul of a deceased earthly priest or king” & has no possible meaning that could ever refer to a cosmic magician.
I’m aware the meanings of words change, things like ‘PATRIOT’ now become little more than an act, & ‘DEMOCRACY’ now means who has the most WMD’s, money, military, & in the Northern hemisphere at least, either who has the biggest dciks, or sometimes who ‘ARE’ the biggest dciks?

Then obviously my comments weren’t meant to enlighten you & went way over your head, which wasn’t hard to do all things being equal.
It was stuck so far up your arse I’d only needed to aim low, but there we go whether a Yank or merely a wank, spirituality in a politically fascist world full of stupid people who were the Troll equivalent is something Christ endured too.
Maybe tube-comment should be whittled down to 180 characters?
That might stop them dern terrorists & those flaky god-extremists?

But hey Nimrod, maybe I’m unaware of that part of the high-atheists evolved creed that claims that random mutations in DNA caused sentient human life on earth to evolve from a mud puddle via an ape, but has also recently scientifically proven that such a reality couldn’t have happened elsewhere in the galaxy billions of years ago, so if that’s the case, again first you point to scientific ‘PROOF’ that random DNA mutations caused intelligent life, but then also ‘PROVE’ it didn’t happen elsewhere.

My Aussie half-brother Mark “Jacko” Jackson once did a rather amusing music vid called “I’m an individual, you can’t fool me” & that pretty well defines me for what I’ve always been, a bloody individual, not prone to following pope, priest, politician, or Grand Masonic Poobar.
I’m also very-very-very unlikely to follow a Pagan-tribe cult thing.
Basically I’m tagged as a “Troublemaker” by your establishment.
But fcuk-em, I’ve never started a war yet, & they’ve started plenty.

Of course they have, the mere fact that apes evolved by natural selection after random DNA mutation pretty well proves your whole point.
How could evolved monkeys do that with plants unless random DNA mutations brought them up from amoeba, to jellyfish, to amphibians, lizards, mammals, monkeys, apes, Neanderthals, & then humans?
If there was no random mutation of the ape’s DNA then no-one could fcuk with the plants, to make them naturally select.
(Wanna buy some shares in the Brooklyn Bridge?)

For the record, I’m not a Christian, or a Pagan, just a self-taught animist.
Even if I-was, an angry omnipotent cosmic magician thing is ridiculous.
Once again for the Trolls, I’m neither an atheist nor a theist, & as I’m fairly well aware of exactly what I’m aware of & know, & aren’t waiting for further cosmic enlightenment, (sic) I’m not even a card carrying agnostic.
I-just think atheists are weird, & Christians even weirder.
(Don’t go all postal on me just because I’m an unbeliever)

Unless you got great legs, & tits carved by Michelangelo, & I’m paying you $450 per hour, why the hell in Hades are you calling me ‘SIR’ sir?
Like you still can’t point to one single published laboratory report which ‘PROVES’ random mutation caused the obvious changes in DNA from species to species, only relying on spin, shtick, shlemiel & shill to sell the survival of the fittest part, so really Watson, where’s the logic?

Indeed the 5o% was my educated assessment of the big contradiction.
But surely anyone who wants to bet for 13-black (Pagan Satanist) or bet against 13-red (Theist) just because they want to please a cosmic magician & avoid his wrath, or wish to go with the odds & bet on his Satanic (Adversarial) opposite, is a dill, a wanker, & an idiotic pinhead?
Whatever your question was about moral values, who gives a toss?

Indeed the 50% was my educated assessment of the big contradiction.
Anyone who bets 13-black (Pagan Satanist?) to please Satan, or bets 7-red (Xtian theist?) cause they want to please an angry cosmic magician, or goes with the odds & bets each way hoping Lucifer & his other god-half are nice guys (Pagan-atheist) is a total dill, a wanker, & an idiotic bigoted pinhead?
Whatever your question was about moral values, who gives a toss?
Aren’t I-immune to priests, politicians, Masons, Mormons, & manics?

Everyone in America got politicised, even atheists who don’t ‘BELIEVE’ (sic) in what they know are crap decisive ‘NLP’ socio-political shell games, a little bit like ‘US’ (Atheists) verses ‘THEM’ (Theists) & even tho atheists lost the plot under a big Pagan post 911 stay on message push, most of them still retain more logic than theists, yet both remind me of the old ‘TWEEDLE-DUMB’ or ‘TWEEDLE-DEE’ choice which the Pharisees (Theists) & Sadducees (Atheists) gave normal people in Christ’s time.

Whether it’s bingo, roulette, or whatever, you just hit the old jackpot.
At-lease according to you, 1\2 of the atheists are hypocritical bigots.
Because that’s pretty close to the number of practicing Pagans involved in the whole atheist charade online, much like the Masons infest things like the Kiwanis or Rotary or Lions clubs as it’s a good place to scout for more new members & check them out before.
That 50% atheist-bigot thing is pretty much the same as Xtians, too.

God & Jeeze-arse are just like the village bicycle, everyone rides them.
Atheists ride them downhill cause they (Rightly) don’t believe in them, theists ride them to the top of the mountain, but then coast back downhill to the deepest part of a choirboy’s anus, but won’t it be a hell of a shock for theists & atheists to discover Lucifer made the bike out of old occultist GWB R-Souls.
The moment both realise Christ’s heart was wrongly ignored tho he had a mind like a steel bear-trap, what then?

Don’t forget cavemen in the Ice Age, they’re contenders too aren’t they?
Hands-up anyone who doesn’t smell a huge historical rat somewhere?
If you don’t yet smell a rat I’ve got top shelf first class junk bond shares in the Brooklyn Bridge, personally counter-signed by some Yankee bloke called “B-Madeoff” (With your 401k’s) & I’m prepared to let you steal these 100% legit shares, allowing you to place a poll tax on every male New Yorker with a car who forgot their dcik was next to their arse.

Oh, the big science verses religion thing?
That’s like string-theory, random DNA mutation, or alchemy once upon a time in the west, when the same secret societies ruled both religion ‘AND’ science, just like they do today, but our science is definitely, Umm, scientific, in an intellectually retarded, evolved monkey kind of way.
(Well wink-wink, nudge-nudge, blind horse)
Has anyone seen my poor old blind horse?
Maybe the damn theists have stolen him?

.snrecnoc ruoy dnatsrednu I & tnemnrevog yM.
.evitcejbo niam ruo si elpoep eht fo eraflew ehT
.stsirorret & ‘TE’ morf lla uoy tcetorp syawla eW
(What’s so damn hard to understand, Nimrod?)

You probably don’t understand the economy (Stupid) relied on loans you didn’t need since the 70’s that now have your US nuts in a vice, & you probably don’t even understand the big slide your moral & intellectual honesty took ever since the Patriot Act came in to protect you from itself, so really all I’m saying is the more things change, the more they stay the same (As in religion & politics) or like ‘THE WHO’ once said “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” whether atheist or theist.

Christ probably didn’t mean with your pants down, like some priests do.
How many atheists ‘OR’ theists have read the part in Mathew 18:6 where Christ implies anyone who sexually abuses kids would be better off with a boat anchor around their neck & to be thrown into the sea, so “Come unto to him” as a little ‘Child’ indeed, but have some caring uncles around you, ready to play their part by drowning any human leach that attaches to you as you do so.
(Christ has born 2000 yrs of leaches already)

Originally the word religion meant to ‘BIND’ something, whether that be the heart, mind, spirit, or the soul, or perhaps all four of these things.
The 500 y\o Pagan root-word ‘GOD’ only meant “Spirit or soul of a deceased earthly priest or king” & thus held no reference to omnipotent cosmic magicians with anger management problems, money problems, (Benny Hinn) & a split personality (Jessie Duplantis &\or Kenny Copeland) so to really discuss any of these issues, rational peeps define the subject.

If you were an omnipotent being, like maybe the ‘BAPHOMET’ of Masons, you’d have 12 dciks, 13 R-Souls, & one vagina cause you were gay, & liked getting ‘JIGGY’ with it in a kabala-occult daisy-chain stretching back to King Solomon in antiquity.
If you were an omnipotent atheist-being, & were straight (As-if) you’d have 2 dciks & 13 vaginas cause you’d be ‘THE MAN’ in all situations.
If you were a fake-scientist deity, secretly created by ‘ET’ you’d be an Avatar who found refuge amongst atheists.

Damn, either god or Satan must have given you atheists a humour-ectomy.
You’re all taking yourselves almost as seriously as the altar-boy takes the priest, & probably in the same place too, tho I’m pretty sure most of you are sane & have no real issues with mental health.
But I’m more than concerned about your state of intellectual health, & having either a priest or a coven leader remove your ‘SOH’ to keep you on message with regard to theist or atheist dogma is way too post-911 for me.

You from Texas ‘AND’ Canada too, Huh?
Is that still depressing you now, or what?
I’d accept there’s no atheist god, but did you know they got a saint.
His Latin name is “St Stupido Reductio Ad-Absurdium Pious” the 3rd.
Anyway, if atheism just means you don’t accept theist claims like the angry psycho omnipotent cosmic magician as true, well that’s all fine & good, but if you also can not sanely accept atheist claims of random mutations in DNA making moon landings out of monkeys what then Watson?

Well I’m curious why at least 1\2 of all atheists are closet Pagans, & they are too, so either you don’t know shite, or you’re just lying.
Seeing that Paganism is a bonafide religion, someone is lying big time.
Please don’t confuse my sarcasm, & my sense of humour with Trolling, cause as far as I’m aware a Troll just makes stupid comments to get a reaction, whereas I’m trying to hit them right in the funny bone, cause that’s where their ‘GOD’ expects it least.
(Tee-Hee) (Snicker) (sic)

The US Fed deficit is very similar to the ‘EU’ debt crisis, but American.
I’m glad you’re not a conspiracy theorist either, they give those of us who actually know who did what & why in history a really bad name.
Maybe you’re German & Mr “Smarty-Pants Science man” translates into German as “My Lederhosen are strangling my balls” & if that’s the case then I’m sincerely amused, maybe enough to trace your Net Address & call you an ambulance.
(Maybe not either, it’d be one less German with no humour)

Well I’m ‘STILL’ curious why at least 1\2 of all atheists are closet Pagans, & they are too, so either you ‘STILL’ don’t know shite, or you’re just lying.
If an atheist goes to a Pagan coven, & worships whatever delusion they choose, then comes to atheist school (Snicker) bright & early Moon-day morning (sic) & starts bitching about ignorant dumb Xtian bigots, don’t you feel there’s a little bit of a hole in your overall logic about ‘GODS’ whether they be psycho cosmic magic or Luciferin devils?

Yeah, but first I’ll search my bedroom for 5’10” blondes with little pointy tits, fine athletic thighs, & an insatiable lustful desire to clean my flat.
(Either buck-naked or in their bra & panties)
If I-can’t find one of them, I’ll go look on Google for ‘EVIDENCE’ from a scientific lab experiment which once & for all ‘PROVES’ beyond doubt the irrefutable cause-priori for the changes in DNA was random mutation, & if I’m unable to find either I’ll just look for a pope & an altar boy then shall-I?

You can see the Fibonacci sequence in the US Fed deficit, & as it’s way too obvious someone created the deficit, it “Didn’t just create itself” like our hillbilly cousins are so fond of pointing out, then who created them, try & answer that Mr smarty-pants science man.
Who created whoever created them, & who created them B4 that (?) so on & on it goes til you finally get back to the Masons & the Illuminati.
(All the Fibonacci sequence proves is some cnut fiddled the books)

I’m questioning the relevance of a pope to the historical man Christ more & more every day now, & I’d been told by well connected Jews that apart from that historical Christ the entire Judeo-Christian ‘GOD’ was nothing more than a triune “Baal Hermes Molech” thing ever since Solomon anyway, & that all 3 of these were of the “GIANT” Lucifer Anunnaki breed of old earth hominid, so I’m even questioning the relevance of Pagan Satanists & their Lucifer & wondering when they’ll wake up & get the joke?

If I-was an atheist, I’d say recessive monkey-genes cover it.

If I-was a smart-arse Troll making fun of anyone who Trolls & can’t at least be either funny or interesting, I’d say us apes should evolve enough to create a real time machine to go back in time & kill that cheeky little ape that kept sticking ape DNA into evolving atheist Neanderthal cnuts, as it’s caused us nothing but grief.

BWTF, why does the US block knowledge of Pole Shift.

Is it that recessive old monkey-gene kicking in again?

Look Nigel or Nimrod, whatever your name is, Trolls stick out a mile off cause they talk shit & don’t understand what they’re saying, so when you say to me “You’re just throwing in some scientific terminology to try and sound knowledgeable” my reply is I’m betting that’s what your mommy said to your daddy the night he took the condom off & you were conceived, so toddle back to the sandbox & play with yourself.

Us adults are discussing serious big things.

(Bloody withdrawal method, fcuk the pope)

Giant skeletons, giant stones at Baalbek, giant US Fed def


Ah yes, it’s all falling into place now, it’s all a giant conspiracy…

So Al Greenspan & Benobo-Benanki were students of Fibonacci then.
It looks like that Fibonacci Sequence has been running the US Deficit.
Every number was merely the 2 numbers before them added together.

Was-it Jeeze-arse that turned the US constitution into mush?
Him being an irresistible schizo omnipresent cosmic magi?
It must be him, where’d the devil get all the power to do it?
Bloody Jeeze-arse, he’s ruined the constitution, wrecked the economy, & turned the banks into beggars too, but at least made the state of the union strong, cause if the prez said so, then it must be so, & he said so, unless he turned the prez turn into a liar?
Jeeze-arse was D-Evil all along & old Satan got a bum rap?

You can prove a relationship of apes to Neanderthals onto humans, true.
But every time you talk scientific ‘PROOF’ of evolution, nothing but straight out double Dutch horse-shit logic comes from your atheist pie holes, much like theists & their cosmic magician, simply because you’ve achieved ‘ZERO’ level of experiment in the lab which can even begin to show that random mutation was the cause priori, & you kind of know that deep down but can’t quite find the balls to admit it.

Fcuk-it high-energy impact weapons, fcuk-it neutron-bombs fcuk-it big space lasers, fuck-it phased plasma weapons, fcuk-it bio-warfare, fcuk-it robot drones, fcuk-it plain old fcuking nukes, fcuk-it Pole Shift & fcuk an angry god’s Armageddon’s gonna be a real fcuking blast.
Is-that enough fcuking swearing 4-U @cshook123 or should I-just add fcuk god & fcuk Satan too, & the Christ had big fcuking balls?
Hey @1littigerate, fcuk the cosmic magician?
(It was only ever Lucifer in pink tights anyway)

Most right thinking atheists are sick & tired of being told by wrong thinking theists about how evil they are, so why doesn’t an atheist god come down & punch the fcuk out of a theist god & at least make it look like the govt of some kind of god is doing something practical for humanity?
Personally I’m having a little bit of trouble believing in either of them.
But at least we know both atheists & theists exist, unlike their gods.

Most right thinking atheists are sick & tired of being told by wrong thinking theists about how wrong they are, so why doesn’t an atheist god come down & punch the fcuk out of a theist god, & at least make it look like some kind of god does something practical for the greater humanity?
Personally I’m having a little bit of trouble believing in either of them.
But at least we know both atheists & theists exist, unlike their gods.
Hey how about the god of evolution coming here & proving himself?

Speaking of whack-job ‘CT’ archaeology & govt lying to you, what do you think the Nazis didn’t find in Greenland, & no one told you about yet?
Some say it’s where the reality behind the original ‘TOWER OF BABEL’ myth crashed after it’s occupants got sick from radiation poisoning created by high energy ion particles in deep space which the earth’s gravitational field protects us from, while you’re told Northern Lights only come from ‘OUR’ solar particles, but there’s more to it.
(Mock all you wish)

The moment science can get Jiggy with the DNA thing & describe in highly accurate terms exactly which specific genes randomly mutated to get from an amoeba to a jellyfish & onto higher life forms like US Senator Ron Paul, obviously via a fcuking over sexed Masonic ape, they’ll have also quite accidentally proven a hypothesis of intelligent creation at the same time, which hopefully drives both atheists & cosmic magician addicts into a spin. & leads to more than a few scientists going ape.

Something tells-me you’re gonna vote GOP or Republican in Nov.
Allow me to Troll & phish here just a little, are you one of those goofy Jew guys who writes the Southpark scripts, or are you one of those retrenched from the Simpsons Masonic screenwriter’s guild after their jobs were exported to Japan cause them smart Jap’s wrote a computer program to do it, or were you just messing with Mommy’s gluepot again, you little rascal?
Just talk biology or psychology dude, although perhaps you were?

Presuming you’re an offended atheist I’ll need to see some of your professional work relating to your very unprofessional use of the word ‘BELIEF’ before I’m able to comment on what you believe & why you believe it, & if you’re a theist who’s been righteously offended by my contempt for your intellect, then I’ll need to know if you understand the dictionary meaning of ‘APATHY’ as well as ‘AGNOSTIC’ before I’m able to really know why you threw such a curve ball for me to knock out of the park.

Matt overstepped the mark in this debate, after all it’s only meant to be the Austin Atheist Community, not the official American (Ir) Rational Sceptics Public Debating Teamsters Union, so a knee jerk response over a subject like a giant skeleton sequitur is more than a little wrong.
It’s a valid subject if either it’s promotion or suppression are being done by the same kinds of establishment money powers that have all been scientifically proved to have never conspired to fool us over religion.

Well I’m pretty sure that in the Hollywood ‘MIB’ movie they hinted that it was a grossly ugly (By human standards) cosmic magician who likes playing marbles with entire universes who created the ‘ET’ aliens, & that makes about as much sense as Pauline Christianity does, or even the reactionary anti intellectual drivel of most tho not all atheists, as they seek to control all debate within their pet mode of fake rationale.
Maybe X-Tians were right & god is a seriously disturbed cosmic magi?

Although it might not seem too obvious, I’m in an idiot-free zone.
Meaning in America I’d refuse to vote for either GOP or Democrat.
In Australia I’ll no-longer vote for Labor Liberal or Green, in England I’d refuse to vote for Labour Tory or New Democrat, but that also means that back in the Holy Land (sic) in the days of the Crusades I’d likely be killed by Jews Muslims or X-Tians or all three, then all of the atheists would come along, & piss on my rotting corpse, just to let me know who won.

Around 500 yrs ago there was no letter ‘J’ in the Engrish language, so both atheists & theists would have had a ‘HELL’ of a time arguing the existence of the mythical ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ simply cause it was impossible to either write or pronounce the personal pronoun, but that’s not all, as even a 500 y\o Pagan root word ‘GOD’ was not in use outside of Pagans, & to them it only meant “Spirit or soul of a deceased earthly priest or king” which would make arguing over the cosmic magician head-fcuk silly.

Isn’t the Mason George Soros a 33rd cousin to the god Horus?
Doesn’t that explain why the sun is still shining in Aquarius now?
Can we learn synchronicity before reality breaks down our doors?

Nah-dude, that wasn’t ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ that touched you.
That was just a Freemason using the priest as his condom.
(Some twit obviously painted a kabala-god on your backside)

So you’re saying the cosmic-magician is real then right?
But the atheists won’t even admit that the Christ existed & was whacked by the Roman & Jewish fascists of the day, so could you theists please define in 500 chars or less, exactly what you mean by the 500 y\o Pagan root word ‘GOD’ cause originally it only meant the “Spirit or soul of a deceased (Earthly) priest or king” but now you’re implying it means a cosmic magician?
I’m confused, because both you theists & atheists sound like idiots.

If I-was the Queen of England called Elizabeth Regina, I-wouldn’t have a dcik myself, but what I’d have instead of that was the dcik of every Freemason on the planet in a vice, which is a little bit like having 33 million dciks in one crotch, so one way of looking at things is that the Queen of England is dcikless, but another way of looking at things is that she’s got more dciks than a Bombay brothel.
Obviously I-jest, & I’m jesting as-if I-was an immortal.
Maybe I’m only an immortal dick perhaps, perchance.

If that were true then all of life is a circle, in 33 million yrs time you’ll be infesting the planet Bizarro in the constellation of Bizarrros, pretending to be cosmic magicians, & every 3600 yrs or thereabouts when the planet goes thru a Pole Shift, you’ll come up from the underground for a bit of a feast on some evolved monkey flesh, then skulk away to the underground until the star explodes, & wipes you & the evolved monkey out of existence if they turned down the Christ’s offer of a rescue.

Back in those days, B4 Chevron, Exxon, Enron, Bernie Madeoff, & junk bonds, one of the biggest lurks for the average philanthropist corporate punter was to dilute ‘SALT’ with finely grained white sand with some real salt placed at the top of the bag, & the further down you went, the more almost indistinguishable white sand\salt mix you ran into, & just like junk bonds, democracy, & the GOP verses Democrat farce, there was always ‘SOMEONE’ who bought it but then onsold it to all the little peeps.

Well hey dude, if I’m literally dead does it mean I’m unable to watch it?
Doesn’t a cosmic magician at least have the internet or a DVD player?
Why can’t the same angry sky-daddy dude who magically created protons neutrons neutrinos & the Higgs Bosen particle, create an internet connection for dead people, & why doesn’t heaven hell paradise Hades & Valhalla have DVD players?
I’m confused, is he ‘REALLY’ Jeeze-arse Christ the superstar?
Does he sound more than an average roadie in the real world?

Supposedly random DNA changes were recently ‘PROVED’ by science in a lab, as distinct from the survival of the fittest which is still yet to face the acid test of our high tech human genocide on humans.
So we’ll soon enough see whether the fittest survive, or merely those fated to wait out earth’s last pre-supernova moments in total delusion, illusion, self deception, & desperation, as they sacrifice normalcy & decency to keep their belief structures afloat in a sea of pure self-willed insanity.

If you read Solsenitsen in Gulag Archipelago speaking in almost journalistic terms on the impact of socialist (Communist) fascism, you can easily see what amounts to an underlying language of the spiritually absurd, an intellectual comment on the amoral foibles of the hardcore socialist fascism he was in, & if you read the words of Christ in Mathew & John, understand he also walked among fascists, with both Romans & Jews having ‘GODS’ coming out of their arses, if you can see the bigger picture.

So no-one replies, so-what, (?) that either means I’m not on the net, or the fluoride in the water is doing what science intended it to.
In the meantime Matt using a ‘CT’ put-down on a simple but not stupid man who was trying to broaden a discussion was pure ‘NLP’ or what’s known in the psy-ops head-fcuk trade as “Neuro Linguistics Programming” where using that short phrase triggers a response to shut down all further intellectual consideration which 4 decades ago would have taken 4000 words.

An Australian leftist wrote a book on conspiracy once in the 70’s, not long B4 Masons used their world influence in media, religion, & education, to pervert the word, & he wrote “Conspiracies are an everyday fact of life, politicians conspire to win elections by fair means or foul, business leaders conspire to maximise profits & avoid gaol doing so” (Paraphrased) & all I’d done was point out Matt’s “Anti CT insult” was so intellectually retarded you could sail a super tanker thru the hole in it.

Yeah, Christ hinted at that, but maybe the devil does arithmetic too?
Does anyone get the joke in the first ‘MIB’ movie, where at the end it pans from a world in a locker in Grand Central Station, out to another world, then the galaxy, & then a universe, & then there was maybe another universe or two, & then the universes were mere marbles & something non human out of one of those kids cartoon shows was playing marbles with the various universes, it was certainly an Academy Award bit of humour.

Hell no fool, I’m of Jewish descent, via WW2 Nazis straight back to the US Astor clan (Tribe) & to cover your other comment at the same time, I’ve learnt the hidden occult & the false, lying, often Masonic fake Judeo-Christian philosophy that masks it with fake good intentions from the age of four yrs old, & when it comes to naming my sources & telling ‘YOU’ where to check for ‘YOU’ to either awaken or console ‘YOU’ in ‘YOUR’ delusions, I’m presuming you don’t yet understand I’ve ceased to care?

Tee-Hee, “Quick Emily” (Alien snake-god ‘ET’ says to consort) “The human atheist food is revolting” (She replies) “Get them to think they’re rational” & her other half waves his Hydra tentacles across the solar system (Fugitively) & says something like “Curse the damn ‘ENLIL’ gaolers for using Christ to teach evolved monkeys to think” at which time a Swat team raids the premises, Mulder & Scully in tow, & the US President appears & says “My fellow Americans, the state of the Union is strong.” (sic)

Take a course in advanced humour Mike, but if you’re not Jewish, you’ll most likely never get the joke, because you ‘ARE’ the joke.
I’m still waiting for a US scientist who was denied tenure at Yale because of his (Or her) rabid hetero-sexuality to just come out of the closet (sic) & bust the whole Apollo scam along with the ‘ET’ creator thing, & finally take the pressure off of all you Pagan atheist Trolls who are tired of the constant demands placed on you to make the sun orbit our flat earth.

Did somebody amputate your sense of humour “Swag” cause if they did, surely a god called “Jeeze-arse” can just make it grow back again?
I’m thinking (Still) that if “Jeeze-arse” could restore amputated limbs, then he could also restore the moral & spiritual credibility of X-Tian Masons “Hinn, Duplantis, & Copeland” & if he won’t (Or can’t) do that, then somebody is selling snake oil in big 44 gallon drums, & saying we have to maintain the war against (Muslim) terror to protect America democracy.

Oh-yeah, one of the non-conspiratorial ‘MAGIC’ bullets hit the target, went through the president’s throat, proceeded to break the senator’s back & his wrist, bounce off of the car door, then ricocheted back to the president & blew the top of his skull off, only to then fall out of the mortally wounded president’s head onto the ambulance gurney in pristine condition, thus proving there was no damn conspiracy.
No damn conspiracy, get-it, (?) no-damn conspiracy, got-it, (?) good!

I’ll not claim random selection via DNA mutation created a plethora of species, nor claim ‘ET’ did it, all I’ll openly claim is a cosmic magician Masons maintain is not a Masonic ‘GAOTU’ deception didn’t do it, & claim theist & atheist are both intellectually retarded & slaughtered within the same illogical dynamic of proving a group belief or unbelief structure, & that if such a thing as a Stargate existed, I’d do anything short of selling my soul to get away from ‘BOTH’ sets of wank psychos.

I’ll not claim random selection via DNA mutation created a plethora of species, nor claim ‘ET’ did it, all I’ll openly claim is a cosmic-magician Masons maintain is not a Masonic ‘GAOTU’ deception didn’t do it, & claim both theist & atheist alike are intellectually retarded & slaughtered within the same illogical dynamic proving group belief or unbelief structure, & if such a thing as a Stargate existed I’ll do anything short of selling my soul to get away from ‘BOTH’ these sets of wank psychos.

Oh you foolish atheists, stop believing in Shriner’s, Mason’s, & atheism, or the next US presidential election, don’t believe or disbelieve magic bullet theories either, just believe in Mom & Mom’s apple pie + the US constitution via a Patriot Act, never again believe in any political delusion even if Mom baked it his-self, just believe in CNN, ABC, the GOP, Democrats, Socialists, or Abolitionists, & just stop believing in shite you can’t ever prove without some big Crystal Meth in your Bloods.

Hell’s Bells, I-didn’t even get to vote on that one.
I-wonder what my giant skeletons say about it?
Maybe if we can’t ever prove or disprove the idiocy of the big Masonic lie controlling both camps, we’re forever doomed as an evolved-monkey species to argue whether a chicken or an egg fcuked with our monkey-gene & made a Neanderthal, & then whether the Neanderthal had butt-sex with ‘ET’ to create us human hobbits, so I’m left wondering what Bugs Bunny would say & whether Daffy Duck would concur?

So if atheists won’t admit they were partially wrong, & cosmic-magi theists won’t admit they were completely wrong, then the rest of us dumb-arse proles are all sentenced to either an eternity of collective stupidity, or the rest of our biological lives, supporting the very same atheist delusion that will eventually kill most of us & claim that some ‘GOD’ mystically connected to the ‘MAGIC’ body & blood of an angry psycho deity did it? Well seriously, does anyone know the way to get out of here?

Why do most people still blindly obey the Masonic moral spiritual & intellectual idiots who demonstrably control our evolving society if we’re supposedly still evolving from Neanderthals who evolved from the monkeys, & the answer is A: “The economy” (Stupid) or B: “The terrorists” (Stupid) or C: “The economic terrorists” (Stupid) so once again, the answer is fcuk telling the truth, who’s gonna massage our Pagan Christian kabala, when the whole god-damn illogical adversarial delusion falls apart?

Okaaaay, obviously the main thing wrong with that question is magic bullets & lone gunmen firing 3 rounds from 250 yrds in 6 seconds from an old bolt action rifle, the missing 6 seconds of the Zapruder film turning up in at least 3 different versions on the net with one of them appearing to show the driver turning round & firing several times, & the big yellow steak down the back of many, tho not all, Yankee Doodles.
Oh-yeah, & the ‘MAGIC’ giant skeletons that aren’t at the Smithsonian MM.

Everything I’ve ever seen of the Judeo-Christian god is a total sham.
But then once I’d learned it was only Lucifer in drag that made sense.
So sometimes the Pagans pretending they’ve got anything better to offer is almost as absurd as a Benny Hinn kabala love-in for the lord where Lucifer is only faking out the living as the cosmic magician because he’s a bloody fake like ‘ALL’ his followers.
I’m working on getting away from ‘ALL’ of them, forever, they’re wack-jobs.
(Yet Christ still rocks)

Dude, the Wallabies are a Rugby Team that’s won the occasional World Cup when playing against the pansy Pommies & French, & even tho you might score a queer used condom from 2 or 3 of them out of 20 or 30 by the law of 10% averages, the chances are the others would beat you to death for implying they were both gay, & disease ridden at that, which is a hell of a price to pay just for a bit of butt sex.
Perhaps you should try asking the Mormons in Utah or something?

Anyone feel like turning some crappy lead into gold?
(I’ve got a secret society scientific book on alchemy)
All we’ll need is some bat’s blood, eye of newt plus a toad’s scrotum, some hairs freshly plucked from a virgin Unicorn’s anus, tail feathers from a Dodo bird, & of course the magic ingredient known only to me as the head alchemist & Grand Poobar of our local alchemist’s lodge.
I’ve heard Benobo Benanki actually made this work.
(The trick is put it in the water of whoever you scam)

Take a real good look at what you’re doing, as a species we haven’t even begun to sort out the magic-bullet Apollo moon landing mess, let alone the Muslim terror 911 & 2012 shams, now you’re implying there’s things that are set-up like in what amounts to nothing less than a gross ‘GOD CONSPIRACY’ by the Masons & the Illuminati & the pope & the world bankers we may as well presume too?
Not to mention the Austin Atheist Community conspiracy.
Egads there Watson, you may be right after all old chap.

Jeeze-arse turned my pussycat Horrible into a Dandelion.
Get-it…? A Dandelion, a Dandelion, come-on, a Dandy-Lion.
Oh-well, he gave me a helplessly childish sense of humour.
(Now if-only he’ll heal-me I’ll be-able to join you normal folks)

Noooo, I’m saying Yoooo should share a condom with Ron Paul.
As for Jeeze-arse verses giant skeletons, it seems the entire angry cosmic magician in the sky thing which metro-sexual Masonic Christian kabala butt-sex masters like Ron Paul run, where you pay the priests of Jeeze-arse to dispense magic blood to protect you from a big-bad boss-psycho god, I’m far more interested in the words of the historical Christ, & understanding why those fcuked up fakes of the day felt they needed to murder him?

So please excuse my sarcasm here, but I’m just a little bit sarcastic.
You implying the angry-god would cause you to be damned as an adulterer even if you were only a wanker who’d never even had sex in their lives?
Then isn’t it just as well the angry-god was a psycho who became his own son self so he could murder himself to forgive you adulterous wankers?
Again excuse my sarcasm, but I’m pretty sure Christ was real.
He based his opinions on ‘TRUE’ respect for your fellow human.

It almost breaks my heart that both X-Tians & atheists, & even Pagans, all seem to still want to blame Christ for X-Tianity, when the truth is they almost completely ignore his teaching & prophecy & give his commands a miss too, to the point where memorising Christ’s words like the Mohammedans do for Mohamed (PBUHN) is never pursued.
Really they should all be blaming Saul of Tarsus for this mess.
X-Tianity is based on ‘HIS’ words & not the words of the Christ.

Please don’t show this video to Vince McMahon at the WWE cause he already thinks he’s 3rd in line after Hank & his immaculate conception of Karl.
According to unnamed sources Vince already has the money to clone himself as the next NWO Hank, all he’s waiting for is to find a virgin at the WWE to be his mother, then he’ll take the whole world over, after a quick pit-stop at Jerusalem Rome & Mecca to short shit out & take care of business.

If anyone has ever heard of ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ restoring someone’s leg after it was amputated at the neck during the French revolution, & can document that with medical records plus a high quality B4 & after DVD then I’m gonna give up my rational belief in the spiritual political & intellectual qualities of the truth of Christ words in Mathew & John, then have my own legs amputated at my frontal lobes, & go & join “lacktypswag” at the feet of healer Tim Fischer, & Tim can have all of my money too.

Maybe ‘ET’ is really-really ‘BAD’ but not in the Michael Jackson sense.
Anyone or indeed any ‘THING’ that keeps humans as cattle like the OT implies a few times might not be all that interested in coexisting & sharing levels of space, they may just prove to be more interested in dominance & total control, both now & after death too, with their hearts like most Americans when they dine on the hoof at a McDonalds restaurant?
But hey-hey-hey, politics & religion in your free media still loves-ya baby.

My monkey’s name is Bob, does that mean atheists claim Bob is my uncle?
(I’m only trying to understand their rational evaluation of empirical evidence)
By the way, if there really was a ‘GOD’ in the sense both atheists deny & theists claim, then he’s thoroughly incompetent, so please, both sides argue whether the cosmic-magician side of things is true, & stop trying to deconstruct the Masonic theology of X-Tianity because it will soon deconstruct ‘ITSELF’ the moment you revert to 100% truth.

Hey Matt, can you scientifically prove there’s no conspiracy?
Because really dude, if there’s no conspiracy, then the only other excuse Yanks have for the last 5 decades is the old monkey-gene kicking in isn’t it?
I’m not trying to pick on you, but really, the quest to maintain ‘ANY’ form of status quo is one that will always doom itself by the very same intellectually fascist short cuts it takes to ensure it’s own victory, & that’s something both atheists & theists can thank a monkey-gene for?

Magic god-blood doctrine was from Saul of Tarsus, but I-digress.
I’m thinking Ron Paul needs someone with your talents in his run for the White House, & you could probably keep him company during all of those lonely nights he’ll spend in purgatory once Joe Sixpack wakes up to the fact he was only a Ralph Nader candidate.
Back to the video at hand, if you’re going to Troll, become skilled in Engrish & try to bounce off of the actual vid subject occasionally.
Like is Ron Paul an alien maybe?

Dude, are you deaf, dumb, blind, dead, or just plain stupid?
Apart from the words of Christ in Mathew & John, the bible is only a reference book enabling me to scan the minds of intellectual & spiritual giants from a time when holding opinions outside of what state religion (s) approved was fatal, & I’m 55 yrs old & not just ‘5’ like your level of linguistic skill implies, so please ‘COUGH-COUGH’ concern yourself with your own education, which seems to be lacking, & leave me to mine.

Tee-Hee, what a god-damn Moroni as funny New Yorkers used to say.
I’ve no problems with your bitterness over my opinion, or even your belief in your magic sky-daddy who healed you, tho if you’re suggesting that Tom Fischer or anyone else ‘HEALED’ someone’s ‘HEAL’ after they’d already had their leg amputated at the knees, then I’d be saying fer fcuk’s sake, whatever fairy dust you’re on, try to work out it’s chemical composition & see if it can be used as a replacement for Crystal Meth.

Watch-it clown, if I’d been born in America or merely knew someone who could fake a live birth certificate, I’d be voting either GOP or Democrat by now, going to church on Sundays & Masonic Lodge on Tuesdays & Fridays, & even running for president of the United States, so remember me & the boys would know exactly where you live, what colour car you drive, & when you last gave your boss a blowjob on company time.
Does Langley pass out free toothbrushes & condoms to newbies like-U?

I-used to be a stand-up Democrat comedian, then joined the Tea Party & had to sit down when all of the red-blooded patriotism rushed to my head all at once & made me go dizzy. It was better than sex & drugs & rock & roll, & if Benny Hinn himself could make anyone feel that good he’d be called ‘CHANTELLE’ & would make more than he makes now, for much the same thing really.
Will anyone ever wake-up to God simply being Lucifer in drag?
Why in hell do clowns imagine guys like Hinn get away with it?

Fcuk Tom Fisher, the guy is merely Simon Magus in drag.
Better start believing in yourself after memorising Christ’s words in Mathew & John boy, cause if you get busy & get to it right now, you might just halfway succeed B4 your govt kills you for doing it on behalf of the NWO or just kills you cause you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
If you follow anyone other than Christ’s heart & mind you’ll just fail badly.
(The best place to find those is in Mathew & John, so fcuk Tom Fischer)

Such things as healing are indeed possible if ‘YOU’ believe it to be.
The human spirit heart & mind are miraculous in & of themselves, & if memory serves me correct, were the Christ present he’d say something relevant & self empowering like ‘YOUR FAITH HAS HEALED YOU’ but now I’ve said that I’ll need to pray to Jeeze-arse to loan me his big cosmic magician shtick, to beat back any atheists who may wish to Troll me back to the stone age, where I’d be forced to acknowledge mere monkey logic again.

You saying she hasn’t understood what Popeye & his girl Olive Oil had going as in convergence & synchronicity, a little bit like X-Tianity & the Masons, or like the priest & the altar boy, or Knights of Malta & their secret ruling Satanist role, or Pagan Wicca with the atheist thing, or perhaps a more accurate analogy would be the US Constitution & the Patriot Act maybe, them bloody X-Tians is all stupid, Ay?
Just don’t understand when someone is fcuking with them now do they?

Does that mean you were normal once, then Jeeze-arse did some of his scary cosmic magician stuff & turned you into a ‘HEAL’ or were you already a ‘HEAL’ in the real world & he ‘HEALED-YOU’ of that, or was you just being a kooky atheist or theist & making with the big funnies?
Hang-on, before you reply, I’ll open that secret file on my computer which I’ve entitled “Shite that doesn’t really matter & never will either” & I’ll put you right up there with Benny Hinn, Jessie Duplantis, & Daffy Duck.

Have any of ‘YOU-GUYS’ ever met any atheist X-Tian Masonic politicians at the local Pagan-coven lately, cause I’m pretty-sure you’ll find Ron Paul in drag there on some nights, but first you’ll have to know which naked guy wearing a black cassock & hiding under a full hood to bow & curtsey too in that centuries old feudal Pagan ritual of acknowledging superiors within the regimented pecking order they run.
(It’ll probably be the little-guy with the big-boner for the constitution)

Yeah-right, so Hitler & all of the Illuminati-Jew financiers who financed his Nazi war build-up, as well as all of the Masons who secretly supported him & the popes who were obliged to cover things up, from Clement of Rome down to Jo-Jo, + Martin Luther, Vlad the Impaler, Napoleon, Jaques De-Molay, Saladin, Nero, Caligular, Saul of Tarsus, Bugs Bunny, & anyone else not on your list of fave religious fascists are all burning in hell in a massive GWB NWO daisy chain in the sky, but now what dude?

Go to Sth America, to the Peruvian museum & see these ‘CONE HEAD’ skulls in the flesh, then ask yourselves why you ague against stuff you don’t fully understand simply because an atheist belief structure now requires you to mock anything outside of your group’s approved mantras.
It’s almost as embarrassing as hearing someone claim ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ touched them, when at best it was merely some poor earthbound deceased soul, who can’t get over being dead, & now attaches to the living to seek relevance.

Chuckie Bush ran right over the US constitution in a supercharged Ford 4×4 & nobody arrested him with one of those citizen’s arrest things.
Then Obi-Two Obama managed to get an Army Humvee to bypass Posse Comittatas & do big bloody wheeelspins over it’s bleeding carcase.
Yet still no citizen’s arrest made by anyone.
Are you a wanker ‘YANK’ or just a German?

In America, surely the TSA would arrest that fcuker for vehicular terrorism, or invite him to run for congress on a ticket of creating an Amendment to the Patriot Act requiring hillbilly 4×4 addicts to give up their guns, but continue committing vehicular homicide once it’s all been officially approved by head office in Virginia.

Asexual reproduction & evolution outside of shite that doesn’t matter?
Is that when one of those Commie Pinko-Left Socialist Democrat US Presidents gets a US constitution pregnant by fcuking with a Patriot Act, or when evolved Pondslime asexually reproduces at Bohemian Grove, then whacks JFK & fakes an Apollo moon cause we need to further evolve as a species?
Interested in some shares in the Brooklyn Bridge?
(I’ve got great Junkbonds officially signed by Bernie)

I’m not saying anything much, I’m mocking you, & it’s not a message, it’s a comment on your comment, something about the insane hypocrisy of US politics & religion bleeding off into the reality of everyday atheist minds etc.
You think all theists are ridiculous, & thus atheists are sane?
Well maybe they’re both Grade-A dildos in a spiritual sense?
I’ve often seen just as much dogmatic mindless doctrinal idiocy in the overall intellectual position of theists as I’ve seen in the atheists like you.

Well ‘OK’ then, I-completely forgive-you my son, & if I-was a Catholic priest & you were an adult Mick, I’d tell you to say 666 Hail Mary’s.
If you were underage I’d say “Ben-Dover” & if you were just gay I’d say “Give-us a blowjob thru this little hole I’ll poke in the wall of the confessional & god will forgive you my son” but as I’m neither Catholic, gay, nor even a priest, I’ll plead the 5th amendment & the 2nd amendment & claim Jim Carrey was channelling a higher Pagan atheist mind thru me.

Aaaah, ‘OMNISCIENT’ says Homer Simpson in a special ‘EYES-ONLY’ security cleared black-op vid entitled “America orbits Uranus with planet Nibiru about to puncture your virginity” which you can get online by posting a cheque to the Benny Hinn special religious relics clearance house, @ PO Box 666 Anaheim California. Act fast, & we’ll give you the special “Jesus Christ in a chicken basket” coupon & “Your Saviour on a necklace” pendant.”
(Not sold separately) (No refunds, no guarantees)

I’d personally met George HW Bush more than a few times in the 60’s & 70’s when I’d been just a kid & then an idealistic young adolescent, & I’d made about as much sense out of him as you’ll get out of me, yet he sure did give me a ‘HELL’ of a lot of what he may call ‘Uniquely Irrelevant” information tho, but as this is meant to be a biology vid, & not just “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” I’ll only add that I-was a virgin once, & now I’m not, & will likely never be that way again, Yeah, you’re done.

When religion is finally banished, & logical atheism prevails, will it be be morosely celebrated over the decaying corpse of all irreligious humour?
Will all of the people who mock both sides of this delusion be crucified under the new, as yet un-revealed sections of the “Patriot Act” which forbid you poking fun at anything that either side will take offence on?
(Come-on guys, let a ‘SOH’ evolve past the kabala-banana stage)
(Either a great monkey-god in the sky will forgive-you, or he won’t)

Please don’t reply, just look-up the ‘CONE-HEAD’ skulls on the internet, accept the 12,000 y\o Puma Punku sites, & think of the “Baalbek” foundation stones for the Roman temple of Jupiter, then try real hard to think outside of the box merely when it comes to several small parts of the timeline & archaeological history you’ve been sold about the last 10,000 + years since the Ice Age cavemen were sitting in a cave working out how to shift 1200 ton stones, then exercise your incredulity a little.

For “Reservoir Dogs” you dress-up in back-tie, black slacks, black shirt, & you borrow John Travolta’s smelly old sock that he used to stuff in his cashmere jockstrap just to give him that laid back “New York” look in his pants?
But really, unless you’re a Scientologist, what’s it got to do with reality?

It’s said Charley Darwin, (Whom I’d never met) believed in the ‘GAOTU’ tho you’d have to do research to prove that point, & prove it you will, if you can hit the right spots, but consider the following ad-lib Quote from Charley-D.
“In my most extreme fluctuations I have never been an Atheist in the sense of denying the existence of a God” – Letters of Charles Darwin.
Now just tell-me Charley was a lying twisted occult-minded Secret society fraud, & I’ll go to my nihilism in pieces. Funny pieces.

An evolved monkey-god built a bridge from ‘BAALBEK’ to ‘PUMA PUNKU’ & supposedly onto the Great Pyramid of Cheops, but then forget how he did-it cause really, at heart, he’s (They) just a dumb fcuk idiot savant ape with a short memory?
Well that works for me, taking a good long look at the last 15 decades, & especially the last 7 decades since WW2 & specifically the last 5 decades since WW2 & JFK then if you ask me, (No-one did) someone lobotomised the monkey.
Poor monkey, & he was ‘SOOOO’ evolved too.

To anyone who study’s science, E = MC-Squared all day long, therefore if you make random mutations to the DNA of a monkey it stands to reason at least once every 25,000,000,000 monkeys you run the risk of accidentally seeing a US Congressman who supports the constitution actually evolve.
Or else you might even hit a sweet spot of evolved humanity & see a human who reacts well to lawful constitutional democracies, & who has a 1 in a trillion need for such a thing to randomly exist.

Maybe you should give-up on the angry omnipotent cosmic magician thing, cause not only does it not exist, it was tacked onto the teachings of Christ by Saul of Tarsus who was a very evil ‘GWB’ Illuminati equivalent occultist in his day, always into butt sex with unwilling R-Souls (Baal worship) & also ritual Cannibalism (Molech worship) & not at all what you’d think from the spin the establishment runs on it.

I-don’t think scaring people was what Christ was doing, he was offering rescue to those who can live life above a fascist pig eat dog eat dog level according to his rules, which you’d have to agree were pretty selfless, but maybe if you’d never read those words in your own time you wouldn’t know?

The 1st person to point out that’s not what the church lives & teaches by it’s actions gets a big cigar from the political Slick Willy’s of the world, but guess where they’ll eventually try to stick it.

The Christ’s conception can only now be mimicked by modern science, taking an egg from a virgin, fertilising it outside of the womb using IVF, then inserting it into the womb using keyhole micro-surgery, which was how ‘HIS’ conception was achieved, obviously not by human hands though, more like performed by the real high-tech galactic bosses, & it’s 99.98% certain his resurrection was into a cloned ‘ENLIL’ body of his heavenly father’s flesh, with no angry cosmic magician anywhere within sight.

Not understanding your question in relation to my sarcastic form of socio political comment, I’ll simply note that if scientists can duplicate their theories in a lab, then you accept the plausible possibility of the hypothesis, whether that be abiogenesis (sic) or a gradual if unlikely random mutational change from species to species, but when medical science can now create an immaculate conception & a virgin birth, it becomes a plausible hypothesis as to the conception of the Christ child.

Again if scientists duplicate their theories in a lab, you accept a plausible possibility of the hypothesis, whether it be abiogenesis or a gradual if unlikely random DNA mutation from species to species, so when medical science can now create an immaculate conception & a virgin birth via IVF tech, then science has already scientifically proved a plausible hypothesis as to the conception of the Christ child having it’s basic cause via science itself, so ‘WHO’S’ science then becomes the question.

I’m occasionally amazed at the idiocy of ‘ALL’ religious people.
In the 80’s Satanists called me Christian, Christians called me Satanist, & when pressed I’d called them ‘BOTH’ idiots & total anti-intellectual R-souls.
I’ve no belief in omnipotent cosmic-magicians only cause they don’t exist, tho I’m reasonably certain 400,000 y\o deceased Lucifer Anunnaki presences rule the Christian paradise pretending to be ‘GOD’ & his angels, but I’m really not interested in serving them, or bowing to them.

It’s holy-kabala buttocks if you’re a Mason, a holy-kabala god-penis if you’re a Knight of Malta, it’s only bollocks if you’re a Pommy who still thinks one should never try to think about things above one’s station in life.
Of course without the Pommies & their ‘BOLLOCKS’ it’s pretty unlikely that the New World would have ever been cleared of all of those animist religions of the indigenous tribes & no WW1 & WW2, no Korea, no Cuban Missile Crisis, no Apollo moon landings, no, we needed bollocks.

Is it really so hard for you to think laterally, to understand that translators of the bible & other scripture were just like politicians, as in they were occasionally honest, mostly not, but nearly always belonged to a secret society, in the vein of a Masonic Lodge which descends from as far back as Solomon.

When Christ told religious Jews “Your father could make children for Abraham out of these stones” was he referring to a non existent cosmic magician using hocus pocus god-magic, or a science more advanced than monkey alchemy?
Was he referring 2 a high-tech galactic boss who caused his conception via IVF science, & was soon to resurrect him with a cloned body?
If it was the cosmic magi he was referring to then obviously Jeeze-arse contradicts science, but if it was the latter, where’s the problem?

Yeah I-feel you with your righteous politically correct position there. Hitler had that idea as a political concept too but it soon became no more popular than farting in a crowded lift. So once again will you vote for the Republican religion, or the Democrat religion come November when the political gods come down from Olympus to Washington, & our highly paid media priests officiate in the ritual?

Which religion will ‘YOU’ all be voting for in the US in November?
It’s fated to either be an economic cosmic-magi socialist Democrat Satan or just an angry righteous Republican god who hates you & loves you religion.
Again you get 2 choose between your left handed demonic socialist Democrat religion or your right handed Republican patriotic guns & god party religion.
As a bonus you get to pretend you choose who the president is.
Ah the mystery of old time religion, is there nothing it can’t do?

Science confirms science, religion confirms religion, creationism confirms creation, atheists confirm atheism, paedophiles confirm paedophilia, hells bells even the US Fed confirms the US Fed, for that matter the Republicans confirm the GOP & the Democrats confirm President Obama or simply someone who sure looks a lot like him, so are we overstating the obvious here that some truths really are self evident.
(All except the constitution, after all the Patriot Act refuses to confirm it)

Just chant ‘OM US-Fed DEFICIT & OM-911’ 2-2 see if it enlightens Ur outlook, & if you still can’t see the light try ‘OM-TITTY TA-TA’ as you kiss the religious statue of the lady on Liberty Island in New York good bye-bye.
Hell in a hand-basket just chant ‘OM-OBAMA’ or ‘OM-MITT’ but there’s no guarantee it’ll work if the cosmic magician won’t support it.
But your humour is superior to mine, so that said, who ‘YOU’ voting for?
Also look up the comment a person comments on, it’d be a bit funnier.

How come everyone on these atheist shows is always continuously bitching bitching bitching & bitching on Jeeze-arse & not bitching on Lucifer too.
Of a truth Lucifer & his other Pagan Satan self are just angry psycho gods like all the others, according to some of the high Masons of the late 19th century Lucifer is the Masonic Judeo Christian god period, & thus he single-handedly plays humanity like a ping pong ball between 2 bats held by the same hand like in US politics every 4 years about now.

We’re all mortal dude, again, we’re ‘ALL’ mortal, even the Christ was.
But B4 we die I’ve got some of Bernie Madeoff’s shares in the Brooklyn Bridge for sale if you’re likely to be interested, they’re counter-signed by his illegitimate cousin & half brother Benny Hinn so they’re all gilt edge gold standard 100% legal certificates backed by god himself, so if you give me back my tube account I’ll trade you my Brooklyn Bridge shares.
(Reply to “Benny Hinn Inc” @ ‘SAN-TA’ PO Box 666 Anaheim Ca)

Oh, OK, you’re like a “Lord of the flies” thing but instead you’re into something more tribal like a “LORD OF THE SHEEP” trip young girlie?
Everything you know about life is what everyone else thinks?
You probably believe in magic bullets, & Osama Bin-Langley?
Maybe your uncle really ‘WAS’ Napoleon BP in a previous life?
Think of the ‘WOW’ factor in being Napoleon’s niece little girl?
(Keep on submitting to your group-mind mantra-thing sweetie)

BWTF just in-case you’re only dead stupid, & not Troll-atheist stupid.
Lucifer really is ‘God of this world’ & it’s a far bigger scam than anything Yanks came up with since Boss Tweed’s $100 million dollar civil war profits bearer bond rort in the 1860’s, cause back then Masons had long understood creating two separate groups & getting them to fight just like their god Lucifer does was trick, as he acts as both ‘GOD’ & as ‘SATAN’ too, so aren’t theists ‘AND’ you atheists in for a shock?

Yes little girl, your uncle was whoever you say he was, sure thing.
While you’re not frigging your magic-button (If-ever) hop on the net & look up the works of 33rd degree Masons like Eliphaz Levi & Albert Pike, & try to understand every US president including Obama is a Mason, Masons control every religion on the planet, including Catholicism & the Pagan thing, & when boss Masons claim in writing ‘THE MASONIC GOD IS LUCIFER’ & they also control Xtianity, then something smells bad big time girl.

Like my first comment stated, unfortunately I’m directly related to some of the Illuminati Jews (Yes I’m of Jewish descent too, wanna go kike hunting?) & indirectly related to more than a few of the others, thus growing up in a hardcore Pagan Satanist Luciferin thing was one ‘HELL’ of an education for me, & as for calling you a little girl, little girl, well either you are, or you’re a dork & I’d merely insulted your manhood for being such a puss, but anyway don’t forget, both sides get played.

But the same Illuminati-Jews run both Pagan & Xtian sides of the whole idiotic ‘US’ verses ‘THEM’ charade, so sooner or later the laughter must get pretty one sided, especially when hooded men who under the hood are Catholic Knights of Malta which are wrongly claimed to by just another kooky Masonic thing, get to tell their Satanist coven leaders where to go & when to do it, & whether to use a shtick of butter or not.

What’s this all got to do with ‘FAKE’ anything?
(Well it brought you out of the cupboard again)
A central part of the Nibiru story CIA pushed on the internet said it would drag a whole bunch of debris along by it’s gravity, the way these things go it’s that very illusion or myth that later provides the basis for claiming a few 1000 cities & thick areas of rural settlement or industry which suffer from terrible so called ‘METEOR’ impacts will give the establishment the cover story it seeks after.

In Oz I-personally saw ex US President George Herbert Walker Bush shoot dead a sweet little Catholic girl Monika (No last name yet) in 1964 & also literally butt-fcuk an 8 y\o girl called ‘ANNA BEAUMONT’ in Adelaide again in 1967, in the process of using US taxes to set up a paedophilia prostitution & blackmail ring for CIA, after which the girl’s older sister was raped & all 3 shot dead with his gun, but I’m ‘NOT’ expecting to convince you of this, the goal is merely to multiply your hypocrisy.

The real history of world capitalism has only ever been a mask for the Masonic feudal pomposity which Illuminati Jews & toe-rag Jew serfs have used since the days of the Norman Conquerors & then the Magna Carta arrangement for their special privileges.
Masons are much older than they pretend & can be traced back to 4th century Comacines & their goal is to control subvert & subdue, if you’ve been educated by the good people at CNN it’s probably too late already for me to give you history lessons.

I’ve no need to accept Xtian deception to understand the soul, I’ve held animist belief since the first ppl were killed in front of me as a boy in a US Govt Satanic cult thing, I’ve no need to buy Lucifer’s omnipotent angry-god bluff either, Saul of Tarsus was a jerk & a Judas Goat dog.
I’m under no illusions at all, Lucifer is ‘GOD’ but not Christ’s high tech galactic father, Christ rocks, Xtians are bigger fools than atheists, & you can shtick your fake paradise where your kabala usually goes.

I’d dressed like a hippy once, but apart from the flower shirts long hair & hashish there wasn’t too much too it, the man who’d raised me was a WW2 sergeant, a bit of a boozy hard cnut, & my bio-dad was even freakier than that, with a “Hail the fatherland & the fuehrer” & all that Nazi crap, but he was a Mason, & a Jew, & a Nazi SS fuji Lord of the Ratlines too.
My life is pretty-well over already, I’m just disseminating info & perspective for those who already understand parts of the bigger scam.

Ppl wanting 2 understand WTF happened to the US need to accept the US Fed financed the Nazi WW2 war build-up, Rudi Hess sailed a Tunguska nuke up the Thames 2 weeks B4 the Scotland crash landing cover story, understand “Big Benito” Faked death) did the same in Manhattan 3 weeks B4 Roosevelt’s death, then everything was like a whirlpool of lies, with the US Fed getting the Treasury Agent driver to deliver the final kill shot 2 JFK & with Angleton Helms & LBJ pulling the strings for Fed shareholders.

Nature has neutron bombs & high energy impact weapons. (Snicker)
Nature has space lasers, bio-weapons, destroyers, & F22 Raptors etc.
If you ask me, nature is a real cnut, & the sooner the angry cosmic magician destroys it all with some cosmic wrath the better off we’ll be.
As for that soul stuff don’t be too surprised if ‘GOD’ is merely 400,000 yrs of dead souls hanging like leaches on the arse of humanity, while Christ’s ‘ENLIL’ father physically exists as a high tech moral presence in nature.

Atheism demands you submit to ‘UBER-LOGIC’ cause “Ve haf Vays” to make you submit, but I’d buy you a beer or ten for playing devil’s advocate (Snicker) & trying to get them to free think outside of the stricture of atheist doctrine, thank the god of ‘FCUK’ they’re not running for congress yet.
Can you imagine it, running on a platform of “If you can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist” which might just work on the Fed deficit maybe?
“I-can’t see the Patriot Act.”
(Good, it doesn’t exist then)

If you join the Masonic lodge & pursue their esoteric kabala teachings, you might one day learn that ‘GOD IS A DCIK’ & to be more precise, he’s a dead kabala god-dcik that still manages to find it’s way into humanity’s R-Soul so man can reach the higher realms of cosmic crapiness.
Of course, other than looking at the world the way it is, & accepting by faith the cosmic magician is omnipotent, & his will can’t be opposed, there’s no way for me to ‘PROVE’ god is a dcik, unless you join the Masons?

Looking at evolution logically, did half-apes & half-Neanderthals ever really get ‘JIGGY’ with it & kind of share some spit over a banana or two, or to put it another way was their ever any real world inter-species breeding, where a lonely ape & a promiscuous Neanderthal got together to create racial half breeds?
It might explain our Neanderthal humanity, & all of it’s idiocies a little better.
(Things were going great until they back-engineered things & had ape-sex?)

What a fcuking wanker, I’ll never join atheists because they’re deluded, but ‘NOT’ as deluded as you, as for your ‘TRUTH’ I’m at a complete loss to know where 2 start 2 properly mock you, perhaps a good place would be to state any of you bible basher types, or you fake bible basher Troll types, wouldn’t be able to write down more than 15-20% of what the Christ personally taught & would only truly understand less than 10% of that, your ‘GOD’ is only ‘LUCY (Fer) pretending to be a cosmic magician.

I’ve been a spiritual man inclined to animist belief since early childhood, & run into plenty of fake angels that were merely deceased human & other souls looking for relevance to the living by faking them out + at least 3 separate shining god souls (sic) all claiming to be a ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ part of a mythical magical triune omnipotent cosmic magician lie, but the real Christ stated he was ‘GOING AWAY’ & I’ve zero doubt that meant 100’s or 1000’s of light yrs away, you’ve got demons indeed, wanker.

Is a definition of an atheist someone who’s ‘PROVEN’ that anything we don’t believe or accept can’t be ‘PROVED’ to exist outside of our unbelief?
Questioning atheist dogma another way, if “Reality is subject to the mind of the one who perceives it” & we perceive things outside of our ability to prove them thus can’t exist, does that mean unless the Smithsonian wheels out it’s giant skeletons, or atheists take a trip to Peru to view their Cone Head skulls, they can’t exist because it isn’t proven?

Giant skeletons are a hoax, someone on the internet told me so.
(So where’s all of the photos of giant Cone Head skeletons ppl?)
If the average Joe Sixpack were to ever learn just how much he’s been lied to about just about every single modern day archaeological fact since a Mason first stated that according to his math the bible stated the world was only 6000 yrs old, we’d bust Bernie Madeoff out of gaol cause he wasn’t such a lousy lying greedy thieving prick after all.
(But he was, wasn’t he)

Atheists don’t believe in angry omnipotent ‘COSMIC MAGICIANS’ nor in the ‘AA & ET’ high tech physical deities, as the former can be proven to be totally ridiculous with the right amount of skilful mockery, while the latter is not so easy to disprove, especially when abiogenesis & evolution, by default imply similar rules for species are occurring across the universe right now, & it would be naive at best to try to imply an ‘ET-AA’ didn’t have a 3 to 4 billion yr head start on homo monkey-saurus.

Actually I-could do with some pure diamorphine for pain right now.
As for the booze, I’ll give-up the booze when you give-up being a pompous twit with a religious superiority complex, as to whether I’m ‘MEAN’ or not, how come both atheist Trolls & their religious fruitcake counterparts each ignore the brilliance of Christ’s mind, in favour of either rejecting or accepting the magic god-blood waffle of Saul of Tarsus?
How does it feel typing with an Amazonian rainforest in your eye?

Pompous religious fcuks like you give Christ a bad name.
So back to the subject of the vid, why not quote the Christ?
“Immediately after those days (WW3) the sun shall not give it’s light, & the moon shall not shine, & the very powers of the heavens shall be shaken” or as one translator put it “The stars will change course” implying that, you guessed it, simple Pole Shift + the star “Scorching earth with great heat” as it goes into a decades long pre supernova stage. (2-Pet Ch3 dudes)

Good luck with the US Presidential elections in November, Pal.
That’s a good joke, Masons get you to think you got a choice between the Mason Republican & the Democrat Republican.
It’s like choosing which rapist you want for the statue on Liberty Island, the one that wears a condom, or the other one.
Anyway my life goals are simply get justice or get dead trying.
America’s goal seems 2B 2 restore her patriotic anal virginity.
(Some should tell the faded old hooker it’s never coming back)

Ever since a ‘MAGIC BULLET’ whacked Kennedy & a ‘MAGIC’ Apollo Moon Landing scam whacked the budget for NASA while waiting for ex CIA man & future Prez GHW Bush to magically whack the S&L’s for $500 billion in the 70’s then asset strip America with the ‘MAGIC’ of his Reagan-omics plan in the 80’s, most yanks, & especially atheist Yanks have dumped on the idea of there being any form of conspiracy behind it all, even when he & his son pulled 911?
(Conspiratorially America ‘EVOLVED’ to be stupid?)

Actually dude, you’re doing just what you yourself said the majority of ppl do, as in get it all dead wrong & the exact opposite of accurate.
Christ said the majority were headed for destruction, not eternal torment, that would be in what he himself called the ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ which his fave student Peter implied in Ch3 of his 2nd book would be a post supernova solar system.
It was the descendents of Solomon’s 1200 descendents, called the ‘CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM’ (Govt) who’d be eternally damned.

WTF I’m answering a Troll computer program?
Anyway Christ didn’t consign the majority to eternal hellfire, he merely implied they’d be too stupid to seek a rescue from the Gehenna.
What Christ did warn offspring of Solomon’s 1200 offspring in govt about, whom he called “The children of the kingdom,” was to be forever thrown (Out of this universe) into ‘OUTER DARKNESS’ in what mirror’s Enoch’s prophecy of the black hole at the centre of the galaxy.
Once again the ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ is post supernova.

“One bourbon, one Scotch, & one Beer please, waitress.”
(Me ordering a liquid lunch in the restaurant at Congress)
“Oh, git my friend the president anything he wants, on me.”
Once the waitress left I’d say something like “Mr President, you’ve just gotta do something about Ron Paul, he’s still going thru male underage R-souls quicker than nature can make them, can’t we take him to a vet or something” at which stage the President frowns, looks extremely wise, then says “I’ll ask Joe” & so it goes.

I’d only been an angry 7 y\o when I’d learnt paradise was a Ponzi-scheme in the sky run by Lucifer, heavily reliant on fresh deluded soul energy 2 fall for a pitch from Bernie Madeoff’s old Wall St accountant.
For a while I’d wondered whether the non-Luciferin non-god darkness was better, now I’m 100% sure, paradise (Hades) is a scam, darkness is merely a prison, & those with real faith can break out of the god-lie, & choose a 3rd option outside of both to await the supernova & Christ’s rescue.

Looks to me like Osama Bin-Vanstone got there ahead of the Patriot Act.
Yup, it definitely looks like the work of Al-Queada, just like their 911 was.
It was probably a 2000 ft tall skyscraper once, but then some rangy illiterate Australian arse called ‘VANSTONE” pretending 2B a long since dead Saudi prince called ‘BIN-LADEN’ arranged from a cave in Afghanistan for 4 jets to attack the fcuker, & maybe that’s all that’s left?
(Did they find the $100’s of Billions of dollars in gold underneath it?)

On a recent TV Show Benny Hinn was heard to say “The Lord told me that if you don’t send a $20,000 cheque to the Benny Hinn Memorial Foundation @ PO Box 666 Anaheim Ca, he’s going to sweep the West Coast with massive tidal waves, & all hope will be lost.”
Later in a private conversation, Benny admitted tidal waves would come whether you sent money or not, then admitted was currently trying to dump beach front property in Malibu, cause ‘THE LORD’ had told him he was moving to Twin Falls Idaho.

Seeing as you give-up, you won’t need to reply to this, so just look up the cannibalistic Molech worship of Solomon, think what really happened to the bodies of Moses, Elijah, Isaiah’s bottom half, Baptist’s real torso, Christ’s body, Stephen’s body, & Peter’s body, then look up the writings of Masons Eliphaz Levi & Albert Pike on Lucifer being the Masonic god, then study some real world church history including the martyrs burnt at the stake & who burnt them, & understand Masonry runs Xtianity.

You’ll need to write to Masonic preachers Benny Hinn, Jessie Duplantis, Ken Copeland & Billy Graham for the answer to that question, you might also try Masonic Jewish comedian Bob Hope as well.

I’m fully aware the last two are dead, but so is god too, so if you just address your letter to Mister ‘GOD’ & address that C\O “Satan Claus” at the North Pole & ask them to pass it on you should get your answer around about sundown or sunrise on one of the days that hasn’t happened yet, or you might not.

Whichever way you look at it the ape-gene seems to be gaining ground.

We’re ‘NOT’ evolving, we’re devolving, & are all too devolved to notice.

It’s just as well scientists at ‘AREA-51’ are experimenting with human DNA to combine it with higher life forms, like mice lizards, fish, porcupines, possums, pigeons, snakes, wombats, kangaroos, dry biscuits, & bread mould, otherwise we’ll all keep devolving until we can manage to commit genocide on everyone left.

(Save us from ourselves America, save-us)

The number of idiots who either can’t or won’t understand a simple answer is growing, in direct proportion to America’s denial of a world conspiracy, based around it’s New American Century, where the rubber hiot the road with Ozwald performing Mission Impossible with an old bolt action rifle.
I-wasn’t answering you Yankee-Spankee, I-was mocking you.
If you want an answer for Pole Shift, get off your fat arse & research it yourself you fool, these are just 500 char comment spaces, what a Moroni.

According to Matt it’s ‘VERBOTEN’ to do so, unless you can prove it.
As most ppl don’t have an ‘ET’ in their cupboard except for Ron Paul, whom I’ve heard favours the younger male ones who’ve been genetically altered to have a male human anus, we’ll all have to suffer the slings & arrows of the unbelievers until ‘RP’ finally comes clean.
(Show us the alien ‘ET’ in your closet Ron Paul, full disclosure now)

But seriously these Molech stories are in the bible, & their historic perspectives lead on to what truly happened to the physical human flesh of the Christ you religious farts claim to love so much, to the exclusion of all reality, so memorise Christ’s words in Mathew & John, study some serious church history, & stop playing the role of a real estate salesman or a car salesman or an insurance salesman for religion, try saving your own soul B4 your sprout self righteous religious crap to others.

I’m almost at a loss to explain the near total lack of logic in theists, & the near total lack of humour in atheists, I’m blaming the monkey-gene.
There we were 2,000,000 yrs ago all happily evolving, & some stupid promiscuous Neanderthal bitch just couldn’t leave the old ape-sex alone.
That’s just gotta be the reason the world is still as fcuked-up as it is.
Maybe the giant skeletons had a sense of humour, but it was fatal?

Why can’t ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ save you from being a bigoted pompous twit?
Your judgement of me is mildly inaccurate, but you can just repeat your assertions in person in front of Christ ‘IF’ you make it out of the fake paradise, & ‘IF’ you can get anyone to rescue you from Hades, & ‘IF’ your gods can rescue you from the post supernova ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ the Christ prophesied, & ‘IF’ so, you can repeat your crap in front of the man himself & prove to him your assessment was correct.
(Until then, spin-on-it)

Presuming you’re for real & not just a Troll it’ll be a hell of a shock for you to learn Saul of Tarsus was a demonic occultist Judas Goat who never repented, but merely faked it to politically control Christ’s church for the ‘GWB’ & to corrupt it with secret occultist Baal & Molech worship, & learn Stephen’s witness of rampant Molech worship with it’s accompanying ritual human cannibalism (The food ‘Offered to idols’ Saul had to talk about when he got busted) in Judaism was why he was murdered.

I’m not a theist, but I’m easily able to understand their bigotry, it comes under the old ‘TA’ (Transactional Analysis) line of “I’m ‘OK’ cause you’re not.”

Sometimes it makes me sad for the damage they do to the Christ’s reputation, he was one hell of an articulate arse-kicker to the “NWO” of his day.

If anyone tried to point out to the theists that the Christ had a political empowerment as well as spiritual awareness side to his thinking they’d want to check their pockets for 9 inch nails 1st.

There was a global flood 400,000 yrs ago at the time of Atlantis, & as for where the water came from, there used to be a 1000 mile water vapor canopy surrounding earth which not only kept the world as a greenhouse, but also did two extra things.

First, it filtered 100% of the high energy particles from old supernova elsewhere in the universe which knocks out DNA big time, it’s why life spans dropped so dramatically after, but it also created massive atmospheric pressure, which created gigantism.

So we don’t believe in omnipotent cosmic magicians with split personalities & anger management problems, who used god-magic to become his own son so he could get humans to kill him so he could forgive us for being such whack-toid murderous hateful shits?

Okaaaay, we obviously don’t believe in Rudolph (Santa’s reindeer) either?

But seriously (Only for a moment) I’m wondering if the Xtians will ever see a high tech ‘ET’ type ‘ENLIL’ galactic ruler doing the whole thing?

(Have we missed the point?)

Bloody omnipotent cosmic magicians are just trouble-makers, they’re always making something from nothing without using ‘ANY’ kind of science at all, if you ask me they’re only trying to confuse us poor little evolved apes by not telling us how they did it, if they try that bat-shit stuff now we’ll get the Patriot Act on them.

(I’m nominating this post for the stupidest post on this video today)

So Xtians believe an omnipotent cosmic magician with a split personality & anger management problems used god-magic to become his own son so he could get us to kill him so he could forgive us for being such whack-toid murderous hateful shits?

Okaaaaay, they obviously believe in Rudolph (Santa’s reindeer) too then?

But seriously (Only for a moment) I’m wondering if the Xtians will ever see a high tech ‘ET’ type ‘ENLIL’ galactic ruler doing the whole thing?

(Have they completely missed the point?)

Will Mr Catholicism Bill O’Reilly invoke ‘GOD’ to explain the US Fed deficit?

(Tee-Hee Hee) “Debt goes-up, debt goes-up, debt goes-up, debt goes-up.”

“There’s never a mis-communication here, everything works as it should.”

Atheist cosmology is waiting for an “X = Y squared x the US Fed deficit” moment, at which time all your idiotic questions will be answered by Ron Paul & Bernie Madeoff as they share a cell in San Quentin for selling fake future’s scams to underage male voters.

(I’m really not sure why I’ve said that, or perhaps I’m just not saying)

It was self-righteous religious fcuk-wits like you that crucified the Christ.

(In the event you’re only a Troll, wankers like you stood back & cheered)

Once again, with Ur attitude of superiority U turn many away from Christ.

You learn at your own pace, in your own time, & on your own too, fool.

My stockbroker (If I-had one) would advise me to decline to invest whatever value my soul’s virtue has in the Grand Ponzi Scheme in the Sky rort.
Instead of that crap, I’ll attempt to understand why the Christ said the things he said, & screw the leaches who’d try to turn my soul into merchandise.
(Must be a whole mess of Wall St accountants in paradise methinks)

Maybe the Giant Skeletons were all the old gods, but not until they died?
(Obviously if they were cosmic magicians, they wouldn’t have even died)
It takes a long time for people to wake-up to all the lies in every direction?

Maybe theists would crucify-me for saying that, & atheists say it’s un proven?

Excuse my sarcasm here, it’s not directed at you, but that said maybe ‘WE’ could all always run for congress, then just make-it up?
It seems to work equally well in Washington Whitehall Windsor & Wall St, where you just don’t get ahead unless you play ball. (sic)
I’d quote some great writer if I-knew one, but as I-don’t I’ll only say that most of the time ‘TRUTH’ is what you got when you’re not lying.
(Lying often seems to be the major play of the day in every field now)

Soyounoamericanagringohey? Wellthentakeitasaninsultenglaise?
Atheist Trolls always give yourselves away by following a scripted response which most times someone else taught you (Conspiracy theory?) (sic) & demanding what amounts to empirical ‘EVIDENCE OR PROOF’ in 500 chars, all the while never acknowledging real world questions relevant to whatever question you pretend to be asking, thus the idea of proving Pole Shift occurs every 3600 yrs or that it’s due again, or why, is outside your grasp.

Some ppl who actually know WTF they’re talking about, would claim that Satan or AKA the “Lucifer Anunnaki” physically existed as giant hominid earthly kings & priests over us human hobbits they created as semi intelligent slave labour & reasonably dumb food, until around 400,000 yrs ago, when most if not all died in an escape attempt from this planet, at which time they became the gods of Olympus & Valhalla & the Judeo Christian deception, but were ‘NOT’ the galactic rulers Christ called father.

There’s your so-called witness for Christ, that of a two faced overly condescending hypocritical prick who wants to suave in their all too shallow example of what the Lord ‘JEEZE-ARSE’ has done for your soul’s salvation.
If atheists watching asked him, would your Jeeze-arse do for them what he’s done for you, IE: turn an R-Soul into a shallow religious prick?
(Back to choir practice with you, quick, B4 the new boys escape)

BWTF ‘Brother’ (sic)  if we were related, it’s a good reason for me to eventually repay ‘FATHER’ (sic) & his fascist demonic-Jew god buddies big time, until then we’re one day closer to the Jewish god murdering all the Goyim.
This righteous Judeo-Christian monstrosity is as fake as you are.
(But it has nothing to do with the Jewish carpenter, it’s all a fake)

I’m unable to say as I-wasn’t there, but it’s the only theory that fits all of the facts, one of which obviously isn’t angry magic omnipotent sky fairies who cram all of the sentient & lower vertebrae animals onto a crowed leaky boat.
The physics behind such a concept work too, but like I’ve said, it was long B4 my time so I’m only able to postulate a workable theory.

It’s often true that most experts are just drips under pressure.
Most wouldn’t have enough experience in the scarier dumb deceptions over last 8 decades of black-op lies since the US Fed financed the Nazi war build-up, to truly understand that in the culture of black-ops the more truth you’ll use in a lie the stronger it is, thus ‘NIBIRU’ & it’s red dwarf star will indeed cross near our solar system, & they will ‘FLIP’ the magnetic poles, but ‘NOT’ do a close flyby, that’s the lie part.

There’s one perspective you keep leaving out, you’re an idiot & a twit.
Proving a Pole Shift in 500 chars would be like proving to a twit they’re a twit in a 180 char twitter post, it would be Reductio Ad-Absudium to everyone but the twit, as everyone else but the twit would get it, so Troll on Girlie & sniff those Harley Davidson seats, cause even if I’ve proved Ur a twit at the end of the day you’re still an idiot & a twit.
Go do your own Pole Shift research, perhaps while sniffing those seats?

The real victors of WW2 were basically the Illuminati Jew financiers & to a far lessor degree the offspring of those financier families.
You’d be surprised just how many Rockefella & Rothschild offspring are indeed in positions of power now, with a phalanx of literal Eichmann & Hess descendents acting as their Brownshirt pawns in worldwide fascist control & media disinfo, & these sad greedy brainwashed fools are all confidant that they’re prepared for Pole Shift, so the rest of you don’t matter.

The proof of massive Pole Shift is in the geology of huge uplifts & downturns in the crust as well as in writings of ancient peoples on Atlantis, & even in the bible. where 3600 yrs ago in the book of Joshua a day of milder Pole Shift is described where Joshua looks great (sic) by his foreknowledge of the event which he plays to the max by ‘ORDERING’ the sun not to go down & the moon to stand still, but earth didn’t stop turning, it just wobbled it’s axis 2B like the arctic in summer you morons.

Before disinfo-Jew Trolls pounce, consider the true spirit of the prophets who wrote dissenting historical & what today would be scientific perspective in scripture, as in the light (sic) of the sun staying in the sky for 3 months in the Arctic & Antarctic every summer.
It’s not too hard to grasp that tho there’s too much inertia for the earth’s magnetic iron core to stop rotation when it responds to either Nibiru or it’s star way outside our solar system, it could still easily affect the axis.

The man is fibbing, he left out the science behind the moon itself being a solar anomaly, with it’s orbit & lack of rotation implying it was once ‘CAUGHT’ by earth in the same huge solar catastrophe that created the asteroid belt, & likely removed life from Mars, but even tho this time round it’s only a quick Pole Shift, according to Christ it’s a biggie.
He’s been tasked to dumb you down, so that those who’ve prepared underground bunkers can get away with saying ‘FCUK YOU’ to the rest of earth.

Glad you noticed it, now do some real research for a few months & just check out the experiments made 35 yrs ago, where various animals with short life spans were placed in a hyperbaric chamber under 5 times our atmospheric pressure, & the not very surprising surprise is that they grew 70% larger than they normally would have.
(Giant skeletons, terrible lizards)
Try to break out of the ‘THEIST VERSES ATHEIST’ mindset, because truth be told, to put it mildly they’re both retarded freaking idiots.

Do you know what ‘NLP’ or rather “Neuro-Linguistic Science” is dude?
It’s the science of using as few words as possible to either plant an idea, derail an idea, or suppress an idea with simplistic plausible mini-phrases which are meant to be held dear by any particular set of ‘GROUP-THINK’ thoughts, such as those currently in vogue in atheist (Debunked long ago) & theist (The bible says) circles, to the detriment of both.
(To answer Ur question, atheists are idiots, theists R even bigger idiots)

Maybe both the theists & their atheist opponents should all join forces in an illogical moment of truthful rational anarchic humility.
Then try to break out of the entire intellectual kindergarten mentality of that never ending ‘US VERSES THEM’ mentality which Killuminati have placed them in, or at least do what young “Maggie Simpson” did in that show where the babies joined forces, & worked together to get their dummy’s back?
Of-course I-jest, I’m jesting cause I-jest, I’m just jesting. (Babies)

I’d challenge you to an internet debate on Yahoo Messenger or Skype, on any damn subject you want pussy, whether it be the idiotic Masonic run religion of Xtianity (I’m ‘NOT’ a theist) or the idiotic Masonic controlled Pagan run group-think quasi religion of net atheism (Not one of them either) & you’ll soon get yourself beat down bad with rational logic, it’d be such a burden for you having to express yourself in more than 180 or 500 chars.
(You’re all such damn conformists, facile worker-ants)

Funny thing here is I’ll cop an equal amount of crap from the theists as well as the atheists, & seeing as I’d consider them both to be ten cents short of a dime when it comes to being able to think outside the square (Box) then being roundly insulted & put down by both comes almost as a compliment.
That dynamic dogged Christ with Pharisees (Theists) & Sadducees (Atheists) both joining forces in irrational opposition to ridicule him.
(But there the comparison ends as he had bigger balls than me)

Sure thing, it’s your right to be in possession of superior logic & therefore to claim an unprovable position of superior sanity, it’s protected by the US constitution, except for the parts the Patriot Act suspended Wally.
I’ll just (Rightly) presume you declined to debate any point you make because when the debate started you’d have no weapons to debate with.

God said he wanted you 2 send $10,000 to Oral Roberts Hospital, & said if you didn’t he’d kill Oral Roberts & now he’s stone cold dead isn’t he.
I-hope unbelievers show a little more concern for Benny Hinn, if you send him $10,000 maybe we can at least save ‘HIS’ low preacher-god life.
On the other hand you could just get drunk & score some good blow, hire an entire brothel for an hour & fcuk Benny Hinn & his fake preacher god.
(But watch out for Pole Shift either way, cause ‘THAT’ shit is real)

“I’m here to show others how people like you react when you run out of argument. Thank you for your cooperation?”
But then “Keep the insults coming” he naively says?
Okaaaay, did mom teach you to sniff Harley seats?
You look up the sites yourself, I’d learnt most of this stuff B4 an internet existed, so again you go do your own research there Nimrod.
(But please don’t let the bad-boy bikers catch you)
(They just might not understand your sic addiction)

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make an evolved atheist monkey think, unless of course you place it on the horse & tell it it’s in charge.
(But then it only ‘THINKS’ it’s in charge of things when it really isn’t is it)
That pretty-well describes the crossover on the internet with the atheists now fighting a ‘NO NIBIRU’ as well as the ‘NO GIANT SKELETONS’ battle.
(The poor little evolved atheist-monkey doesn’t know yet it’s being used)

Well ‘Soitently’ as Curly-Joe of the “Three Stooges” was want to say.
Nobody that’s rational has doubts about Ron Paul’s religious conviction of giving the people of the ‘US’ his boner for the constitution.
Un ‘FOITUNATELY’ as Curly-Joe would put it, the problem is with him always wanting to put it in the anus of underage male voters, it’s cause of a very slutty Neanderthal Astor grandmother of ours 2,000,000 yrs ago, who just couldn’t leave the ape-sex & electric bananas alone, even for 2 minutes.

“First, ve-deal with da-comedians, zen, ve-deal with thosse who tink they can just haff an easy laff in impunity at al-za funnies zeeze Catholic Jewish comedians make venever day vish at da-fuhrer’s master-plan, und-zen ve-vill deal viss siss ‘POLE SHIFT GOY’ und after making example off him, create a new verld vich knows nothing of anything what makes with the funnies on za tings dey haff ze-dare to call ze-real ish-shooss.”
(Obviously Der ‘NWO’ fuhrer has sprecken ze-911 Deutsche on you Goys)

Shouldn’t we crucify all the kooky religious pseudo-atheists?
Been done already Huh? How about feeding them to lions?
Done to death already? Well what about flailing, drawing & quartering, splicing, dicing, or simply dissecting them, then basting & roasting with toasting, then shallots onions garlic & white wine sauté, followed by religious sour grapes with some Molech semen-sauce + dill pickle fascist politics for intellectual balance?
No-good still? Damn-it, it’s already been done to death B4?

Lucifer thinks the universe revolves around the anus of those who allow the Illuminati to practice the Jewish kabala-occult in their R-Souls.
But that’s only because just as the bible says, the Lucifer aspires to be the head cosmic magician throughout the entire known universe.
So obviously god’s thoughts (Or Lucifer’s) are higher than our thoughts.
(These ideas are ‘NOT’ bought to you by the pope or the US president)

If you’d spent your life getting crapped on by big money political fascists who’d all mask the bigger plays in either occult, ancient wisdom, or a simple sham of good order & peaceful function in the biggest head-fcuk in human history, then lost enough of your loved ones to keep it real + faced death enough times to know you weren’t faking it, & also even sought to understand Christ’s human political & spiritual thoughts thru his words in Mathew & John, then you’d have your answer in triplicate.

Here’s the problem, creationists demand you accept an insane lying god trip by faith, & atheists demand you show ‘SCIENTIFIC PROOF’ for every single thing you personally choose to disagree with them on, cause on balance you’d choose to accept how little humans really know about shit they don’t know.

So what you’d claim is not faith in atheism, rather a blind acceptance of atheist doctrine, but fascists make everything much simpler, eventually they’ll point a gun at you & give you no real choice.

Are you really gonna imply they’re both intellectual proctologists…?

What if them Texas gay-boy theists carry guns like in the movies…?

It’s a wonder some new faith based government initiative doesn’t pop up in the Deep South of the US somewhere near Washington soon.
Something which claims that you have to believe the Australian born pseudo Saudi Sheik Osama Bin-Vanstone destroyed the Twin Towers from a cave in Afghanistan after selling magic bullets to Lee Harvey Ozwald.
But you burn in neutron bomb hell for eternity if you don’t believe, it’s in section 666 of the secret parts of the new  US Patriot Act bible.

Soo again it seems you’re implying life started as pond slime, presumably by the process of abiogenesis, & then you say it took a billion yrs to move on from pond slime to higher life forms like amoeba & jellyfish by random chance, then onto fish amphibians lizards apes & Neanderthals by random mutations of jellyfish DNA, & as it was all with no god or ‘ET’ involved it was a case of ‘SHAZZAM’ & the pond slime became congressmen?
(Well mate maybe that all makes much more sense than you think)

WTF you’re too-much dude, I-didn’t learn of Pole Shift on the internet.
For other atheist losers, I’m not a theist or a ‘CT’ nut either you boobs.
I-can hear Benny Hinn saying ‘MAGIC SKY-DADDY, HEAL THE TWIT’ or something similar like that in their immediate atheist future.

Great, it’s an evolved-monkey’s point of view on giant hominid skeletons.
(No wonder Greenspan, Madeoff, & Benobo Benanki had it all so easy)

Looks like the last thing those giant skeletons did before they died & went to paradise with the all powerful all-seeing all knowing Great Angry Smithsonian Institute in the sky God, was to lay a large dump on evolved monkeys & their thought process.

Does that mean fundamental atheism has also taken root?
Everyone knows you don’t believe in cosmic magicians, & were prepared to fight rather than switch your beliefs to theist fundamentalism.
Where did everything go so far off the rails towards your brand new pseudo idiotic intellectual cult thing where you’d feel a need to oppose anything at all like ‘GIANT SKELETONS’ as well the ‘ET’ thing plus Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & that fat gay paedophile fcuk in the red suit called Satan Claus?

Well I-spy with my little eye, something beginning with eye witness.

(When Masonic devils who protect him & each other claim it can’t be proved, & they will always claim that, what they really mean is no such eye witness evidence will ever be listened to by Masonic police, Masonic prosecutors, or even Masonic judges, it’s just the way it is)

In addition there’s been much info from others, quadruple checked.

(But now it’s almost all ‘OK’ except for kids in any US state he’s in)

How do atheist intellectuals feel about a “TWILIGHT ZONE?”

I’m not referring to a TV series, movie or Stephen King book.

(Theists call it Hades, but really it’s only a prison for dumb souls)

Some of us accept it exists as an alter-ego of Lucifer’s deceptive god-light soul & tho we can’t actually ‘PROVE’ it exists it doesn’t matter, cause if it exists we’ll break out, like we’ll do from ‘LUCY’ (Fer’s) god-light paradise, as there’s a 3rd state of being where both god & Satan can go screw himself.

How do atheist intellectuals feel about a “TWILIGHT ZONE?”

I’m not referring to a TV series, movie or Stephen King book.

(Theists call it Hades, but really it’s only a prison 4 dumb souls)

Some of us accept it exists as an alter-ego of Lucifer’s deceptive god-light soul & tho we can’t actually ‘PROVE’ it exists, it doesn’t matter, cause if it exists we’ll break out, like we’ll do from ‘LUCY’ (Fer’s) god-light paradise, but there’s a 3rd state of being where both god & Satan can go screw himself.

I’m not an atheist or theist & I’m very certain sentient ‘LIFE’ of a mostly intelligent kind (Including both good & evil) (AKA Stupid) developed elsewhere in this massive universe we’re in a few billion yrs ago, but I’d hesitate to use the word ‘EVOLVED’ which is why I’m unable to join atheists in your delusion.

I’m also unable to join the theists in theirs, cause the cosmic magician trip is ridiculous, but why does a ‘DADDY ET’ as well as an ‘ET D-EVIL’ have to be so poorly reacted to, by both?

As for the Pole Shift thing, tho I’d nearly always found GHW Bush to be both victim & victimiser in my developing yrs, when I’d unwillingly spent time with him as he ran the start up of the ‘FAMILY’ (Cult) in Australia as a paedophile brothel for political blackmail, he was often one ‘HELL’ of a resource for shit you’d never learn elsewhere, it was him who’d 1st told me of Pole Shift, & back then he’d claimed a rogue sun & a Nibiru orbiting near our solar system flips our poles every 3600 yrs.

Over the past four decades, I’ve carefully confirmed Pole Shift was true.

I’d never once trusted Bush after 1964 & didn’t trust anyone else either for that matter, so it eventually took me four full decades of piece by piece corroboration from around 20 different unrelated sources (None on the internet) in ‘ALL’ scientific literary & ancient history fields B4 I’d finally conceded that he’d told the truth about it.

(I-was more surprised than Bernie Madeoff’s accountant was too) (Snicker)

One day soon evolved monkeys will scientifically create time machines 2 go back to the future & change the past so everything will be better.
At that time atheists will no longer find theists arrogant, often spiteful, egotistical know it all’s, cause theists will be bred right out of existence.
(Mankind will then be finally free of a Luciferin god deception)
(Then they’ll build another one to remove all of the politicians)
(Satan Claus himself will be in their sights, his days are over)

You atheist thought-priests & your sceptic thought-popes are too much.
You’re gonna squeeze reality into your perception of it one way or the other, heaven forbid (Snicker) we can easily acknowledge theists are indeed deluded but how the ‘HELL IN HADES’ (Snicker) does that make you atheists right (?) just because your assessment of everything is based on the Austin Atheist Community getting into an anti intellectual daisy-chain with the American Sceptic’s Union?
(Alien pope-gods verboten?) (Snicker)

You’re a pinhead, the comment was spell-checked & re-posted.
I’m trying to find a flow of logic to understand your protestations & atheist papal fiats, did the Austin Atheist Community get into bed with the Pagans & then someone in Homeland Security force them all to do a dirty little threesome with the American Sceptic’s Union cause once again how the fcuk can you be stating ‘NO ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS & NO POLE SHIFT (This year) & NO COSMIC MAGI’ (sic) with such certainty when you’ve got no proof?

While it’s true the earth faces far more danger from lying treasonous fascist psychos in charge of Washington Whitehall & Windsor & their determination to cull the human herd back to 500 million, first killing 2 billion ppl using high energy impact weapons masked as meteorites then neutron bombs within 4 yrs of that, it’s also true magnetic Pole Shift is unlikely to occur this year, but it wouldn’t matter anyway as your govt has left you 100% unprepared.

I-think all ppl who makes jokes about atheists & theists having no humour should be hung by the neck, til they finally stop laughing.
It’s kind of sad how it’s all gone, cause everything atheist was going so well, Xtians had no answer to defend the cosmic magician, but then atheists went & became a broader church (sic) that banned ‘CT’ as well as ‘ET’ & even banged the evolution drum when they’ve got no proof & they know it, it’s only a theory.
(Hung by the neck til we stop laughing) (Tee-Hee)

That’s what Al Gore thinks every time he’s in Florida & some moron complains about vote rigging or “Inconvenient Truths’ cause he thinks “White coats with lots of buckles” if you step past the ‘CT’ stage to finally understand how much you’ve ‘BEEN’ screwed over & lied to, how much you ‘ARE’ screwed over & lied to, & how much you ‘WILL BE’ screwed over & lied to, so whatever you do fool, be damn careful you don’t make too much sense.
(Well on 2nd thoughts, that’s never going to happen now is-it?)

Watch list? When I’d published the fact the US Fed Treasury Agent driver shot JFK & the senator, & that Angleton Helms, & LBJ himself ran the whole show, & stated the US has been gutted by the state treason of it’s own leaders, & mocked America that every form of black-op they allowed CIA top do in the 60’s & 70’s overseas is now endemic in the good old US of A dude? Well hell no, I’m on the president’s preferred ‘PARTEE’ guest list you wanker, but what does that have to do with your Pole Shift?

Mom? Dad? Is that you? (Tee-Hee) Well who else could ever know?
BWTF voting down my comment really sucks Mom, it’s all true isn’t it?
And what about you Dad? You always said grandma Astor had way too much ape sex to have a healthy line of descent didn’t you?
But again WTF cause I’m pretty sure the scientists are working on a cure for ape DNA polluting our Neanderthal heritage right now.
Will we ever wake-up to giant skeletons being our gods?
Meaning, that if god is indeed dead, why do we bother?

Personal preference affects most opinions, but Manhattan Transfer’s Twilight Zone is in the top 20 best songs ever, cause it’s a thinker’s song, & not too many people actually ‘THINK’ of anything original, let alone think for themselves, as GHW Bush once infamously put it as he tried to explain heaven was fake, hell was a myth, god & Satan were only Lucifer faking everyone, Hades & paradise depended on whether Lucifer liked you, & Nazis + CIA & their Illuminati US Fed & British Banker lords were our secret kings queens & popes.

Adult? Moi? Hell-no twit, I’m the eternal-child, & I ‘LIKE’ it that way.
You want me to tell you what I-believe right? Well I-believe you’re an idiot who tries to appear witty by typing shit, & I’ve gotta admit dude, you’re pretty damn good at it, if I-wasn’t so busy trying to be childish, I’d be an agnostic atheist idiot typing shit like you, & seriously fool, there’s no ‘COSMIC MAGICIAN’ & there never was either, so what now?
Your atheist agnostic thing makes ‘CT & ET’ look seriously sane.

Back to reality, can ‘EVOLUTION’ explain why the various examples of “Cone Head” skull humans died out even tho they’d ‘EVOLVED’ to have brains twice the size of ours, & exactly when will we ‘EVOLVE’ to stop fcuking children in serial paedophilia, & forcing women into sexual slavery & prostitution, & using other humans in secret slave labour secretly supported (Protected) by the NWO, & when will ruling Illuminati stop creating wars in the Middle East to distract from treason in the US? Answer?

Well you need to find out exactly who your ‘DADDY’ really was, even if your mother won’t tell you & her husband doesn’t really know.
But that aside, how many ppl think your Troll ‘BS’ has any meaning towards whether or not the establishment didn’t plan for the consequences of ‘POLE SHIFT’ every 3600 yrs or thereabouts, simply because of what ‘AJ’ & many others from the “Prison Planet” program claim is a soon to be executed plan to cull earth’s population back to 500 million, you’re screwed fool.

Yeah, copious amounts of diamorphine would certainly be of help.
But in the meantime, try to get your mother to let on who your biological father really was, & stop trying to distract ppl from the Pole Shift subject of the vid, what a fcuking intellectual cesspit you Troll atheist (Agnostic) theist (sic) morons have made out of Youtube, at the moment it does ‘PROVE’ the concept that humans evolved from apes, but somehow along the way, CIA started a conspiracy (sic) to send us back the other way.

The funniest thing I-can think of, apart from watching all of the Jewish Illuminati slowly eat each other silly, after 1st eating Jim Carrey in his funniest Molech comedy moment after he himself also ate John Candy (Satire?) & old Prince William the 1st, is watching the US eat it’s own kosher anus, while copulating with all of the ‘ENEMA’ terrorists outside of America, merely to protect the safety & security of the American ppl.
Now whatever else I’ve said B4 ‘THAT’ is truly crazy right? (EYHOJ)

Christ, the ‘ENLIL’ high-tech IVF conception of Joseph’s seed.
In union with Mary’s egg, conceived outside of Lucifer’s kabala groin god, crucified, dead, buried basted roasted & eaten in true Jewish Molech worship, then given his new resurrection body via ‘ENLIL’ cloning of the flesh of his ‘ENLIL’ father.
So really Nimrods, is that any harder to accept than the angry psycho cosmic magician, just as soon as you lose the evolved-monkey ‘Nothing happened B4 we did it’ delusion of our modern mind?

So you’re saying “God is a river” right?
But fishes fcuk in water, isn’t that true?
Is this where a Jewish kabala comes into the hidden part of secret Knight of Malta x Templar Xtian Middle Ages Pagan Papal religious doctrine?
Well I’m all ears & half R-Soul Pal, meaning both you atheists & theists can each ejaculate your delusion onto my back or in my face if that’s your pansy homo fancy, & I’ll just “Praise the Lord” & bow to the king or obey the pope?
(As soon as your Stargate is functional?)

Somewhere in the Deep South of La-La land in bible belt America, someone made schooling in the proper use of the dictionary meanings of words compulsory until the age of four, or thereabouts?
Ever since then, in between Masonic Christian presidents, Masonic presidents, & atheist Masonic presidents who believed they were ‘GOD’ something got seriously bent?
Don’t hop on the internet for your info, grab a dictionary from 35 yrs ago, then look up the meaning of the word fundamental?
(Speak English)

Thank the god of ‘FCUK’ America & it’s British Illuminati-Jew Christian Masonic masters are always there to guide the world thru it’s deepest, darkest, depressing, deluded & clinically insane moments of total Satanic negligence?
(Cause if anyone knows WTF is going on, it’s those who really did-it)
Basically what they’re saying is that the world won’t end in 2012 but might highly likely exist for far longer than sane ppl can make sense of it?
(Well that makes sense to me, but then I’m still sane)

Oh-dear dear-dear, did that evil Satanic ‘FUNDIE’ atheist devil bite you very hard on your ‘WEE’ atheist arse while you were thinking?
Now you “Strictly adhere to a set of basic (Atheist) ideas & principles” no matter who tries to talk evolved-ape sense to you, or ask why?
If being an evolved fundamentally atheist ape obviously works so well for you why not stick at it til the rest of your old species catches up?
How did you make it out of the trees?
Let alone eventually stand upright?

Well the answer to your three questions or statements is that even tho I’d been given a literal surgical lobotomy in some Satanic (Adversarial) American Illuminati Jew politics which my own country of ‘OZ’ bowed to like Stalin’s Jewish “Pavlov’s Dogs”  by licking their master’s fllthy fascist boots, I’m still unable to believe in cosmic magicians simply because it’s an idiot idea, just as I’m unable to become a card carrying atheist, nor even an agnostic, cause I’m not searching for jack-shit.

PS: Run along to your group-mind & grovel, atheist.

Both you & the theists are idiots, only them more-so.

WTF is-it with you mono-brains? WTF do I-care what you think about the bible, or the Jolly Green Giant in a Disney cartoon?
So 100’s of 1000,000’s of theists believe in the bible as being the literal word of the non existent “COSMIC MAGICIAN” while to me it’s like a reference book, with the added bonus that Mathew & John (Only) contain a reasonably accurate record of the words of the world’s greatest righteous activist & shit stirrer.
So you don’t believe that? Who fcuking cares Nimrod Chimpanzanos?

Indeed they should read my posts, & especially my 83 ‘Spacelizardlaw’ posts on the MS ‘WordPress’ Dotty Commie site too, cause not only do I-know who whacked both the Kennedy’s & why, as well as who pulled the ‘Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Luther King, Air America heroin, Cambodia, the Sunday Bloody Sunday murders, the S&L’s & Iranian Embassy rescue sabotage’ I’m aware of almost every other single US CIA black-op ever since, & I’m not the least bit of a weiner conformist, I’m not intimidated.

“I-love my country & it’s president, Prime Minister, Pope, or executive officers & war cabinet, I-believe Osama (Bin-Vanstone) did 911 not long after bombing Pearl Harbour, if aliens ever attack Washington NBC ABC & Fox News will save me, I-believe all of the three monotheistic religion are OK except for Islam of course, & the whack job Xtians, & any trouble making Jews who don’t practice the holy kabala, I-will obey the Masons because they’re smarter than me, & accept an RFID chip in my arse cause I’m a patriot.”

For the sake of good order Masons teach that everybody needs to conform to whatever group-think their group runs with, whether it’s atheist theist or Pagan atheist, it’s the same spin feudalists ran thru the Dark Ages & Middle Ages & reformation.
In the enlightenment everyone was free to think their own thoughts, but only if the state let them live long enough to do so, now atheists have taken to bagging ‘ET’ & Giant Skeletons & Pole Shift it’s obvious the state has a very special role for them.

Jeeze-arse put air in my car’s flat tire, & I-don’t even own a vehicle.
How can Pagan atheist science even begin to explain that miracle.
It’s the hand of god, now I’m trying to decide whether I’m meant to send money to Benny Hinn, Jessie Duplantis, or Kenny Copeland, but it’ll be another miracle if & when I’ve finally made that choice cause I-don’t ‘HAVE’ any money, but they says on TV that if only I’ll send them some, god will give me more.
Why doesn’t he just send it straight to them instead?

The 500 y\o Pagan root-word ‘GOD’ simply means “SPIRIT OR SOUL OF A DECEASED EARTHLY PRIEST OR KING” & has never meant the “GREAT (Angry) COSMIC MAGICIAN IN THE SKY” in the real world, matter of fact the only miraculous things that ever happened was old priests using a basic knowledge of astronomy to trick people, Moses being used to perform scientific miracles in Egypt, & the real Christ doing the same thing B4 he was murdered.

Last time I’d checked, not only was Jesus a Jew but it was Jews who started the whole modern day god thing in the first place, but only after the old pre-Mayan Aztec Minatoan Babylonian & Assyrian & Cretan cults had their Great White Brotherhood god thing going on after the Egyptians, then Egyptians & Romans had the great idea of claiming their head of state was a living god & presumably still god when he was dead, now all the dead gods wait in paradise expecting you all to pay taxes don‘t they?

It would be sooo-easy for the establishment to look good telling the truth about the real facts behind human & pre-human earth history, but someone, or perhaps some ‘THING’ doesn’t want to wake any of us evolved monkeys up, & I’m easily able to think of ten reasons why they wouldn’t want that, plus a few 1000 reasons why they should, whether that’s from the point of view of the ‘ET’ life forms stranded underground like the Book of Jude claims, or simply for the sake of our human sanity & safety.

That’s an astute reply, I’d often hinted to the powers that be I’d not be overly interested in starting revolution, occasionally I’d get near a Mason at a tram stop (It’s a religion) & I’d say something profound like “An intelligent revolution is the only solution” yet all they’d ‘HEAR’ was a keyword ‘REVOLUTION’ & they’d almost go white with rage or fear. Honestly, if the pompous patriarchal feudal fcuks with all these old secrets would just let me go, I’d let them let me go & leave them alone.

In bible prophecy there’s obviously geology as in earthquakes tidal waves floods & droughts, as well as solar geology which can also affect the world thru solar flares, star pole shift & stuff outside our solar system affecting our magnetic core like a wayward compass needle & the supernova Peter predicted & Christ implied. You can’t reason with them, but when it comes to the human dangers such as high energy impact weapons & nukes, they’re run by Illuminati, & you can’t reason with them either.

Unless earth’s magnetic field is wandering already, & it’s affecting your evolved atheist monkey brain, I-believe the vid subject was Pole Shift.
Seeing as you take such licence to Troll, you remind me of that old Pommy TV show about “ROBIN HOOD” where the intro has men in tights singing “Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding thru the ‘GLEN,’ Robin Hood-Robin Hood, with his band of men” & again tho that’s wandering off subject, so are you Troll, slime like you & your Troll friends have ruined the Tube.

Actually, my fascist Jewish forefathers take after the ‘GIANT SKELETON’ side of the Neanderthal-ape family, while my mother’s fascist Jewish ancestors tend to take after the Ape-Neanderthal side of humanity, so claiming we’re all apes while denying the other DNA in our heritage is kind of like claiming we’re all pond slime, but it’s already been scientifically proven pond slime rises to the top of the sewer in Washington Whitehall & Windsor, but the ape side is only seen in presidential chimps.

Fcuk Ur atheism, fcuk Ur theism, fcuk Ur agnosticism, & fcuk you too…
For those who take such delight in Trolling, I’m hoping your envelope stretches oine day soon when you’re on the freeway in LA & run out of gas.
Maybe while you’re sitting there with no gas cause Pole Shift caused the electronics of the refinery to shut down, & the chip in the petrol tankers to burn out, you’ll be able to sit there hungry thirsty scared & in control like an evolved ape’s DNA gives them the right to be. (sic)

Hansel & Gretal Huh? Well, rather than leaving a trail of bread crumbs, I’d rather leave a trail of armour piecing reactive cyanide rounds.
That’s a little bit better than bread crumbs are, cause from what I’ve heard the old snake-god devil things like a munch on human flesh & blood (Really) & as GHW Bush once privately said to me “It’s the cyanide, stupid” (What kills snake-gods) & an armour piecing round delivery system the only sure fire (sic) way to defend humans when the king sells us out.

Nope, I’m unable to accept the idiocy of atheist evolution dogma, simply because it’s anti-intellectual garbage & isn’t fully or even partially proven, I’m also unable to accept an angry cosmic magician was being as psycho around 13 billion light yrs away at the other side of the universe right now, as he was supposedly being here by creating an eternal hellfire with ‘GOD MAGIC’ to punish ppl who never even heard of him, but really there’s the point, atheists & theists are ‘BOTH’ kinda stupid.

Yes Professor Murgatroyd, we believe in atheism, we salute the flag, we trust our govt, & we would rather trust the Patriot Act than believe in what our constitution guaranteed us, or to put it another way for older ones who’ve read a book or 2 “Thank you for the lobotomies” which empower us to say with all our hearts minds & souls “Gee Mr Murgatroyd, you’re wonderful” & indeed you’re so wonderful that obviously don’t we all wish we were as evolved as you so we could all be as wonderful as you?

Obviously Langley hires meth-heads like you to sit on a computer & read from a book of Troll phrases, it don’t matter, your hypocrisy will soon enough be it’s own fascist reward, so whether you’re a Yankee-Spanky & a tit-Brit or a damn fool Aussie or a Metro-sexual European, pretty soon (Within the decade) you’ll get caught with no fuel plus no road or rail transport & thus no food, you’ll have no water, no electricity, but govt will have ensured continuity by preparing for themselves. (sic)

How come NWO Pagan Trolls like “Glen-(Charlton)-Heston” from the Planet of the Apes Jew Hollywood shtick script movie don’t get shouted down by the real world ppl within the evolved-monkey Youtube community? Because meanwhile average peeps are 100% unprepared for Pole Shift.
(Whether they’re atheist, theist, or Sten-Gun Jewish resistance fighters)
(The answer might turn out 2B the CIA at Langley, & the American dream)
(It was all ‘MAGIC-BULLETS’ what done these last 49-years of lying crap?)

America, the land of the “Long-white kabala god-dcik,” or so it seems?
It’s more than a little-bit scary that the US of A literally possesses the WMD weapons to fulfil 2\3rds of almost every idiot prophecy in the bible.
So, the mythical A-political cartoon character “SNUGGLEPUS” is still wondering how the “HELL IN HADES” to get away from Zionist Loonies?
(As-in “SNUGGLEPUS STAGE-LEFT” & magic-bullets can’t catch-me?)

If I-answer “SHLOMO-SCIENTIFIC BOB” sarcastically, will he still read it?
There’s no ‘COSMIC MAGICIAN’ period, & even if there was, which there isn’t, he’s a total fruitcake, & should be ignored by atheists & theists alike, unless they’ve studied Christ’s words in Mathew & John & decided that it wasn’t his ‘ENLIL’ father that he’d referred to as the “GOD OF THIS WORLD” & furthermore, please, whether you’re a Pagan atheist Troll, or Masonic Christian Troll, use a rubber when you fcuk your mother!




ROBBY (Ben-Astor Via-Eichmann) (Nee-Hass) (Hess) DANIEL…

© ® 24/8/12




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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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