On witchcraft, lying, & voting Republican &\or Democrat…



Absurdity comes in all flavours, some are claiming to have love for me while denying me all justice, legal representation, grief closure, pain relief from two tumours, as well as proper medical care under my own control, while seeking to manipulate ‘ANY‘  female who genuinely cares, & cause the others who merely think they do, to emote positive feelings & good-vibes towards me, instead of literally cleaning my flat, & warming my bed…

As you’ll see, despite the lobotomy, I’m easily able to defend myself in real time…

But in this society, under these dishonest lying dynamics, I’ll need a lawyer first…

Another flavour of absurdity is described through the direct quotes underneath…

I’ve got no inbuilt bitch with the establishment, ‘cept when they pee in my pool…




The following quote is taken from “Paul Christian”.[1] pp. 402–403, History and Practice of Magic by Paul Christian. 1963: quoted from the Wikipedia pages. Before you pass any erroneous judgement & accuse me of exagerating, read the Wikipedia page yourselves, with it’s referrences to ejaculating in the dirt to play god with the occult forces of nature…

Then really try to understand that these clowns have been making the ‘ANCIENT WISDOM’  claim very recently, & have made their ‘SECRET KNOWLEDGE’  claim throughout all of antiquity, so surely they’re not lying & disseminating about anything relevant now?




“Would you like to make a Mandragora, as powerful as the homunculus (Little man in a bottle) so praised by Paracelsus? Then find a root of the plant called bryony. Take it out of the ground on a Monday (The day of the moon), a little time after the vernal equinox.

Cut off the ends of the root and bury it at night in some country churchyard in a dead man’s grave. For thirty days water it with cow’s milk in which three bats have been drowned.

When the thirty-first day arrives, take out the root in the middle of the night and dry it in an oven heated with branches of verbena; then wrap it up in a piece of a dead man’s winding-sheet and carry it with you everywhere.”

(Obviously Masonic wisdom has evolved exponentially since the bad old days)




Bout says-it all about this whole thing doesn’t it…?

Here’s a little poem I’d put together in the early 90’s…


“Step on down inside my whole…

I’m not real-safe out in the open…

My-friends all want-to fix my soul…

But the fcuking things not broken.”





ROBBY (Ben-Astor) (Via-Eichmann) (Nee-Hass) (Hess) DANIEL…

© ® #




PS: In-case you don’t get the point about Jewish Masons & Illuminati claiming I’m crazy, please consider the following literal quote from a famous 33 rd degree Freemason Jew…

Extract from Chapter XVI, Witchcraft and Spells: Transcendental Magic its Doctrine and Ritual by “Eliphas Levi.”  A Complete Translation of Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie by Arthur Edward Waite. 1896, quoted verbatim from the Wikkipedia article on Mandrakes…

(It’s obvious old Levi-junior was making a metaphor, but should have done-it sober)

(The bits with parenthesis are the direct quotes, the italic-brackets, my comments)



“We will add a few words about mandragores (Mandrakes) and kandroids, which several writers on magic confound with the waxen image; serving the purposes of bewitchment. The natural mandragore is a filamentous root which, more or less, presents as a whole either the figure of a man, or that of the virile members. It is slightly narcotic, and an aphrodisiacal virtue was ascribed to it by the ancients, who represented it as being sought by Thessalian sorcerers for the composition of philtres.”

“Is this root the umbilical vestige of our terrestrial origin ?”

(Fcuk the evolved monkey, according to old Eli, we were rooted right from the start)

“We dare not seriously affirm it, but all the same it is certain that man came out of the slime of the earth, and his first appearance must have been in the form of a rough sketch. The analogies of nature make this notion necessarily admissible, at least as a possibility.”

“The first men were, in this case, a family of gigantic, sensitive mandragores, animated by the sun, who rooted themselves up from the earth.”

(This will encourage creationists, & get a passionate gardener ejaculating into dirt)

“This assumption not only does not exclude, but, on the contrary, positively supposes, creative will and the providential co-operation of a first cause, which we have reason to call God. Some alchemists, impressed by this idea, speculated on the culture of the mandragore, and experimented in the artificial reproduction of a soil sufficiently fruitful and a sun sufficiently active to humanise the said root, and thus create men without the concurrence of the female. (See: Homunculus) Others, who regarded humanity as the synthesis of animals, despaired about vitalising the mandragore, but they crossed monstrous pairs and projected human seed into animal earth, (Fcuked dirt?) only for the production of shameful crimes and barren deformities.”

(Now in the light of reality, why do I-not find that Malarky all too hard to believe?)

“The third method of making the android was by galvanic machinery. One of these almost intelligent automata was attributed to Albertus Magnus, and it is said that St Thomas (Thomas Aquinas) destroyed it with one blow from a stick because he was perplexed by its answers. This story is an allegory; the android was primitive scholasticism, which was broken by the Summa of St Thomas, the daring innovator who first substituted the absolute law of reason for arbitrary divinity, by formulating that axiom which we cannot repeat too often, since it comes from such a master: ‘A thing is not just because God wills it, but God wills it because it is just’. “

(Actually it’s all in the mind, said a Masonic kabala-penis to the temple prostitute)

“The real and serious android of the ancients was a secret which they kept hidden from all eyes, and Mesmer was the first who dared to divulge it; it was the extension of the will of the magus into another body, (Ka-Baal-a)  organised and served by an elementary spirit; in more modern and intelligible terms, it was a magnetic subject.”


Need I-say more…?





PPS: The bowel-tumour is getting worse, the left-lung hurts, & everybody loves-me…




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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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