American comedians AWOL for the 2012 elections…?


(Questions to people making jokes about the Diebold US computer voting system)


To funny people of the world & especially you dear retarded American comedians…


You’ve been dead silent for so long now while the idiocy of American fascism just gets stupider & stupider so I’d wondered if something was really wrong (?) but never fear because yes I’ve had another message from god & a vision from Israel’s very angry mighty one (Plus some pretty good blow) & the Lord Fraud Almighty himself told me you should immediately vote either Republican or Democrat & use your laughter as a weapon…

Really you’ve all been so silent for so long that for a minute I-thought WW3 had already happened & you were all already either raptured internally ruptured or roasted then fried toasted fricasseed flambéed & then finally frozen after global warming lost the 2008 elections to a new political party called ’REALITY R-US’ which was Bill Gates first new business venture after he bought out Time Warner Apple IBM FOX & Texas Instruments…


Anyway if the Diebold program is as good as they say ‘AI’ is I‘ve got some questions…


1/ If you had the secret access codes could you get that Diebold program to predict when the shyster Bernie Madeoff gets paroled & will his illegitimate cousin the preacher Benny Hinn be right there at the prison gates to greet him or will he be tearfully saying goodbye by then as Bernie leaves & Benny still has another 99 years to go on his sentence…?


2/ Also do you think the Diebold program (Aren’t computers amazing?) could ever rightly predict who will win the current US verses Iran grey conflict or is that all on a different database down at the Rand Institute for the “Study of Muslim Terror Things that go Bump in the Night” & also please I’ve another two rather bizarre yet topical questions…


3/ Will Bill Gates ever be rich enough to build a workable time machine & use that to be able to go back in time to the night before GHW Bush was conceived & beg cajole hire or buy Preston Bush to have gay sex with the butler instead of George‘s mother…?


4/ Last but not least does the Diebold ‘AI’ Oracle think anyone is working on cloning JFK & Marylyn Monroe as the President & First Lady for 2044 yet because they’d make a wonderful couple & America really needs some real world integrity + some highly recognisable kick-arse pussy in the White House to go along with the monotonous drone of all of the hope & change we’ve got with the world the way it is right now…


Your’s in true cringing filial loyalty & grovelling feudal respect…

(Grovel-Grovel Genuflect Whimper Grovel & Fearful Cringe)



Mister RD-RRR Astor Ben-Eichmann Daniel Esq… (MBE)


© ® 11/4/12


PS: I’ve secretly sought the advice of various wise old sages from the lost Jewish tribe of Solomon to try to find a viable way out of never voting again without first asking a state approved computer terminal what it thinks I’m supposed to do & every one of these wise sages whose names were Bush, Windsor, Heston, Redstone, Cheney, Rumsfeld & a weirdo named Mitt La-Toosh who are all said to be 3rd to 33rd cousins from a Civil War village in the backwoods of Tennessee all spoke as one with the gift of their Ancient Wisdom…

I-sware they all literally said I-should go & fcuk myself for the greater glory of Pharaoh & Solomon & as both these last two are dead I’d thought that was a rather strange thing to say so of course I-asked every one of these Jewish kissing cousins from the tribe of Solomon to please advise me as to what the hell they meant but they merely quietly nodded at the awsome practicality of their previous advice & as an afterthought said it really didn’t matter anymore whether I-chose to do so with a Mac or a PC because it was all under control…

I-wonder what they really meant…?

Does this mean I-still have to vote…?

Would the Diebold Oracle know…?



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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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