The devil went down to Georgia…

Genuinely thinking is far rarer than you’d think at first… (Snicker)

What’s the dictionary meaning of the word parable because according to the Cambridge Online Dictionary (Free-plug) it means (Quote) “A short simple story teaching or explaining an idea, especially a moral or religious idea” (Unquote) but here’s two slightly silly parables with no single name meant to imply a dark meaning to anything or anyone with a negative purpose & again it’s two apparently useless meaningless parables of totally separate abstract absolute idiocy underneath an obvious abstract idiocy on the surface containing no lies but rather only as much truth as you might wish to “HONESTLY” read into them if indeed your soul needed to do so for un-stated & hopefully honest reasons…

There’s this song by the Charlie Daniel’s band called “THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA” (Kinky Huh?) & in the song the devil wants a fiddle playing contest with young Johnny (Kinky again Huh) but instead of really wanting a fiddle playing contest what the devil was sneakily trying to get was a game of “STRIP JACK (Johnny) NAKED POKER” with a marked deck (Dick) where instead of four Aces in the 52 card pack the devil had four Jokers two Queens & a perpetually loaded Dick with a gun in hand up his sleave for the purpose of keeping young Johnny politically powerless…

But anyway young “JOHNNY” was rumoured to be completely freaking crazy so he took the devil on but asked some imaginary figure he called “RAINMAKER” to shuffle the cards for him & this pointless bloody pursuit is still going on today with everybody losing except the devil himself…

In another completely unrelated thoroughly meaningless story there was a professional narc of the lawfully legislated authority who once went to a Texas Ranger’s Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll slumber party which was full of real world crims prostitutes dealers addicts hard men hard women & wimps of either or neither sex so he’d put his best presentation face on & pulled up his shirt sleeves to show off his tattoos to ego with the underage girls just to try to mix in with the in crowd & one young prison lag (Man) didn’t want to actually play Marquis of Queensbury rules within the usual kind of “I’LL SHOW YOU MINE IF YOU’LL SHOW ME YOUR’S” thing so he turned to the agent of apparently lawful superior moral stability & purity & simply said “I’VE SEEN GUYS WITH TATS DUCK SICK IN GAOL” & then when the penny dropped the narc quietly left the building with Elvis…

Pretty bloody silly parables unless you think you understand Huh…?

ROBBY DANIEL…              ®            26/8/11



About spacelizardlaw

Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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