Where’s my lawful legal representation Jews…?

Where’s my legal-representation Jews…

(That’s the socio-political spin)

It’s easy to see where the latest Zionist controlled CIA run ‘FAMILY-CULT’ spin is but where’s it going & where’s the legal representation Jews & in that context this is a very short whinge NOT inspired but still mildly motivated by the 107-17 kilo well trained (In-his head) egotistical wanker in the supermarket who’s name I’m unaware of because I‘ve never met him & don‘t even know his reasons even if he thinks he knows mine & thus he ‘THINKS’ he actually knows me yet his wife\girlfriend (Thankfully) kept him on a short leash both times (Woof-woof buddy) but does this idiot game secretly run by Jews ever end before I’m beaten-up or semi-accidentally critically injure some poor clown who didn’t know that some old men like me can throw a very-very professional final punch even when we’re mortally hurt & NOT in the dojo or in the f***ing ring…???

(That’s the real-world reality of kosher-spin)

Here’s the rub or the REAL story that won’t go away even when (If) I’m beaten to a pulp or arrested for manslaughter or simply f***ing dead & yeah I‘m angry but I‘ve kept it to myself & my own lounge room & I‘ve never once brought it to a public place because someone told me too & I‘d never bring it there merely because I‘d felt the freaking a primal Prima-Donna bloody urge to show off just because some fool had drugged-me up & bent me over as has happened hundred‘s of times when I‘d been younger & at 25 could take out four 110-kilo clowns without breathing heavy when not drugged… (!!!)

(That’s the egotistical 14-year old that beat a skinhead who beat-up three coppers talking)

(Tell-me your story another day big-fella as I’ve been around far longer than you)

(Sometimes being old really sucks)

In 1971 when only 14-years old after the literal torture-murders of five mature-age black children & nine little black skinned babies in front of me by Zionist-mule males receiving their pay check from CIA & thus from the US Taxpayer I’d managed to hold a little ‘DEEP-THOUGHT’ & use a little Machiavellian magic to gain the irrevocable ‘WORD OF HONOUR’ of the Jews from the very same WW2 Zionist (Norman-descended) Jewish Illuminati people who often if not always controlled the Masonic establishment that they all bowed to back then & whom are those they still do bow to now & the promise or rather word of honour that I’d extracted from them while they pretended that terrorised meant dumb & cowardly was that I’d have simple honest 100% justice if I’d take the secret black-op blame for the Zionist US-FED masters of the USA CIA for the political responsibility for the (Then) soon to come so-called 2,000,000 Cambodian genocide deaths (They‘d literally directly threatened my birth family with horrible deaths if I‘d refused) & it’s been their major play for decades now in the biggest head-fook on the planet while I’m still surrounded with the promise of basically useless so-called JEWISH-LOVE & yet I’m without ANY form of legal (Lawful response) representation whatsoever…

Where’s the justice…??? (??????????)

Because if my face RED isn’t red then that means the freaking justice is not up my arse where the Jewish kabala digital penetration was always trying to create itself in my 2 ½ year old anus & where their kabala penis love from ’61 onwards was always trying to place itself or find itself & that was where their promise of butt-love was from ‘59 onwards & all up that was & still is all it seems to be in the promise of ‘JEWISH-JUSTICE‘ & it has remained thus until now…

In all truth & veritas the word of honour of the Jews is still NOT worth the toilet paper it’s been written on since 1971 & furthermore it never has been (A 14-year old boy taking the blame for 2,000,000-million conspiratorial black-op kosher murders or disappearances) but of course according to them the pretend reality is they were just about to make everything right which is the exact same pre-neutron bomb false promise shill that their Zionist leaders are still selling them & all of you normal people right now (They’d never repeat the holocaust again) (sic) Again) (SIC) & the fake amoral political reality which they‘re then on-selling now to everyone else & it‘s not too dissimilar to the housing market except it‘s completely free of the radical morality we all know used car Charis-maniac television preachers hit-men real-estate salesmen & egotistical wankers of ALL persuasions are all doomed to be born & die with…

ROBBY (Ben-Astor) DANIEL… ® 2011…


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Hmmm... Christ implied prophetical people like me get monuments built for them once they're dead so Ye-Hah & Whoopee & don't spare the embalming cream...
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